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1000 W Columbus Ave, Springfield
(413) 285-8296

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D Richard H.

First off you you have burger in your name you better have a good one.....they don't. The nachos are actually some soggy house made potato chips and the chili was spicy with no taste.......shoestring French fries wer great

Hanna K.

Disappointed to say the very least. Went out with my girls for a nice night out and some burgers... and what I received was unsatisfying. My chicken burger was inferior to one I'd receive at my local McDonald's on the corner. Reminded me of a traumatizing high school lunch chicken patty. The lettuce? Soggy. The bread? Old and atrocious. The bacon? Oscar Meyer. Will not be returning any time soon. I only gave it two stars, because the nachos were delicious.

Mako A.

DO NOT EAT FROM HERE IF YOU ARE GLUTEN SENSITIVE, GLUTEN INTOLERANT, ETC. They may claim that this menu item and that menu item is gluten free, but that's truly not the case. You know how I know? My partner has a gluten allergy. Whenever she has more than a tablespoon of gluten, she gets very sick. After eating from Plan B tonight, she became gravely ill. I'm talking more ill than I've ever seen her get from having gluten. This means one of two things. 1) The food had a whole lot of gluten, and/or 2) The food was contaminated or cooked improperly and caused food poisoning. Either way, both are serious enough that we plan to take recourse against the restaurant. We will be reporting them to the local health department and any other authority that may be able to take the proper actions to ensure this never happens to anyone ever again. I, too, have not been feeling well after eating from Plan B tonight, so I expect it has more to do with foodborne illness over anything else. DO NOT EAT FROM HERE!As for other problems... Plan B suffers from "failure-to-get-things-right-itis". My partner and I are both immunocompromized, so we asked if they would do curbside pickup. The guy we spoke with, Tim or something like that, said he could do it for us. Yet, when we arrived, he didn't answer the phone, and whoever did answer would only walk out to meet one of us and not bring it to our car. Because we had already paid for the food, we had no other choice but to get out of the car. If either or both of us get COVID, we'll know it happened because of Plan B because we don't go anywhere else. Furthermore, prior to COVID, I used to order delivery from Plan B, only to have them mess it up in one way or another. They'd forget something, cook something poorly, ignore my allergies, and the list goes on. I and other family and close friends have all gotten sick from Plan B at one point or another. Tonight's debacle ensured we would never return, and I caution anyone reading this to avoid this place.

Renee C.

I'd love to to give them a better review, but I got food poisoning from an undercooked Turkey burger to the point where I had a temp, hot and cold chills, had a bucket while on the toilet & dehydrated and came very close to passing out. What's worse is that we were staying in a hotel so I wasn't even in the comfort of my own home.This was our 1st visit, we got a plain burger well done with bacon and regular French fries for my husband. I got the BLT burger no avocado ( highly allergic) with truffle fries. We got back to the hotel ( 6min) and started eating because we just had a 2hr ride. I took 3 bites of my sandwich and put it down. The texture was off and when I looked, it was still pink. For anyone that doesn't know turkey has to be cooked well done. Our food took 10 minutes which should have been the first sign, they were busy and only had a very nice girl working the front. When she asked a waiter to help her for a minute he actually refused and I was pretty surprised. The French fries were good, but my husband was not impressed with his burger either. When we come back to the area, I don't think I'll be making a stop here, though our friend who live nearby say we should go and sit down if we come back. I feel like if you can't cook a burger correctly , I'm not sure I should try again. I'm sure it doesn't happen often, but it happened and someone got extremely sick because of it. If it wasn't for the fact that my friend is a nurse, I'd be in a hospital right now.

Maryann M.

Service was good, food was so so and the bathrooms were horrendous. Three stalls and only one working. The working stall was filthy and gross. This was at 630 on a Friday night. I won't go back

Alexia Basile

I would like to just give a huge thank you to the server Ashley, she was phenomenal! Ashley was NOT our waiter, but she noticed how long our food was taking and went to get it for us! When we received the food it was cold, and overall not good. Knowing how hard times are we didn’t want to complain. Ashley came to check on us (reminding you she was not our waiter) she saw on our faces something was wrong. She immediately said “don’t be silly I will exchange this food and get

Luis Rattia

very nice place, friendly staff and easy access

Sharon Johnson

I gave this place 2 stars only because the half sour pickles are FANTASTIC, however the rest of our meals and appetizers were salty salty salty salty. Parmesan Wings were cooked to perfection but the outside coating was very salty. Homemade chips that were served with the lobster dip were over cooked. All three burgers soggy and barely warm. Sweet potato fries probably the best I've ever had!! Ceasar salad very good except for the salty crouton on top. Service was okay we were seated at a booth with no flatware and then served our appetizers with no plates.

Jay K Holiday

Very good burgers at an economical price friendly staff. Brisket burger nearly put me to sleep at the table. Something about the place screams I like sports a whole lot

Tina Collins

Our server was great. Sat a large party fairly quickly. Food was good.

Sandie P.

We decided to come to PlanB after the first 2 restaurants we tried both had hour long waits. We called Plan B and they said they could immediately seat our group of 10. We arrived at 5:20 in to relatively empty restaurant and were seated right away. Our drinks came fairly quickly but we were very surprised that the food itself did not come out until 6:20. That's one hour for burgers and salads. We were also seated in the upper section of the restaurant which seemed perfect at first- but not one of us took our coats off the entire time we were there. We were told that the Basketball Hall of Fame controls the temperature. Not sure what you can do about that but considering we were there for well over an hour and a half with our coats on- I can say that the environment alone would not be welcoming me back any time soon. The server was nice but not all that attentive to our large group and there was no explanation for why our food was taking so long... and she never came up to see if we needed anything else in the meantimThe food was just okay- when paying $11.59 for a salad (if you wanted to add protein it was $4.99 extra for chicken and only went up from there) and burgers starting at 11.99 but most in the $13-14 range - we should have LOVED our food. But, it was mediocre at best. I can't say that any one of us in our group will be making a return visit. I hate writing negative reviews, but we thought we should share this not so great experience.

Turtle S.

I've been coming here for quite sometime and each time is a great experience. The food is always delicious and fresh! The bartenders are really good as well. Some of my favorites are the cauliflower, lobster dip and sliders... their Happy Hour is a great deal as well!

Ruth B

The turkey burger was best yet. Whenever you’re in Springfield Massachusetts area please stop by plan b burger bar food is delicious and the staff are terrific with a great sense of humor.

Michael Hague

Great bacon cheeseburger. Cauliflower bites for an appetizer are very tasty.

Jennifer S.

Best bloody mary ever! The burgers were great and service was excellent! I wish we had a restaurant like this in long island!!!!

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