Bella Milano Pizza

29 St James Blvd, Springfield
(413) 746-4700

Recent Reviews

Kiara Morales

Disgusting location, answered a craigslist offer for a pizza girl. They were having me work for free pretty much. Well actually yes because they notified me after the fact that they dont pay training. I saw bugs flying in and out from the doors being left open. And trying to pay me under the table when I ask to have a document for proof of employment and having me work 3 hours without pay and calling it training. I can?t believe people eat here it?s disgusting. Nobody washes their hands.

Julian Pica

Ordered bacon egg and cheese grinder, I could've slapped together three fried eggs with sqaure cheese and a couple slices of bacon at home and save $10. Not scrambled and left the comment to do so, spared me on bacon... 1 star


4 days ago. I ate pizzas inside for lunch and I got In Love with it. But, Today what a difference...I picked up.....would like to post a picture...over baked or 5th time reheated look..F+...and taste..

Boryckua .

4 days ago. I ate pizzas inside for lunch and I got In Love with it. But, Today what a difference...I picked up.....would like to post a picture...over baked or 5th time reheated look..F+...and taste..


My family and I were new to the area and we discovered this place online, read reviews and took a chance. Ordered once and haven't stopped ordering from here. Good food. Pizza is always fresh and tasty. Quick delivery. The delivery guy is very nice and professional. One time I had placed an online order and there was an issue with the order so I called the store and the manager eventually worked with us regarding the concern. And by EVENTUALLY helping us, I mean that they could do way, way better in their customer service area.. as a customer service supervisor, myself, the customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT guys! No matter the situation.. Even if you don't agree with the customer, THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. A simple "I apologize for the inconvenience" and resolving the issue, rather than going back and forth with the customer, arguing over whether they are right or wrong regarding the concern, it could make it so much easier on the customer and yourself, if you don't try arguing, and work on listening to your customers concern and resolving it for them. Every concern, big or small, should be valid, taken seriously and handled in a professional and accordingly manner. After all, your customers are the reason you get business. So you should be more concerned with your customers concerns. As I can see from other reviews, other customers agree that the service from this restaurant is poor. No matter how good your food is, poor customer service, even 1 bad experience can kill the whole vibe from ever ordering with this restaurant again. Just saying. No issues with the food so far. Just work on your customer service please. The delivery guy apologized. He's amazing, my family and I love him. He knocks instead of ringing the door bell because he knows our toddlers take naps. Take notes on customer service from him.. he's really the only reason we keep coming back!

Rock Thibeault

I have ordered from here for 10 years with what was great food. Tonight I picked up an online order and didnâ??t recognize anyone on site and noticed signage was changed in house. I asked if they were new owners and was told â??no we've been her 2 yearsâ?.

Erica Dejesus

Had ordered once before the food was great however today I tried to place an order and the response I got was ughh "omg" are you done, it wasnt a hard order at that, I couldn't even finish because she kept saying are you done are you done so I said to her I'm sorry did I catch you at a bad time and again rudely I was asked if i was done,so I told her yeah I'm good and hung up with that being said you need to find better employees that respect,and not make a bad name for your establishment...

Daniel Robertson

My food was late, and I ordered a plain pie that came with what I'm sure was rat droppingâ??s. Pizza used to be my favorite food, now every time i think about it i throw up a little in my mouth. Donâ??t waste your time coming here.

Yislen Polanco

I thought I was going in for pizza, walked out feeling attacked & hungry. I felt as if I was being made fun of because Iâ??m over weight & had a big order... not only that I wish I wouldâ??ve read the reviews about the place smelling like cigarettes, it was honestly more than that. I had to yell out to the person out back whom came in and served me my slice with out washing their hands after their cigarette break. I complained that the cheese tasted as if it was stale & I was told I had to pay for a new one & was laughed at. I will never be returning to this place even if I was told the food was free. Iâ??m highly disappointed & offended by the poor service provided to me.

Tessa Devins

I was in the market for some pizza & had tried calling two other pizza places, when one suggested Bella's because I had wanted delivery. I placed my order online & within the time given my pizza arrived. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Pizza & it was amazing! Just the right amount of cheese for an extra cheese order & the crust was perfect! I will definitely order from here again & would recommend to anyone who is in the area.

Elina Edition

Food doesnâ??t taste good. Iâ??ll take liberty pizza over this !!!

Modelina Millian

I picked up a pizza there the day before yesterday. It was beyond devastating that i had to witness a rat run by, as I picked up my pizza. I paid it for it; however I wouldn't dare to it, as I was afraid to catch something. Never again! Waste of my money.

Neutral Observer

Great experience altogether. Service is efficient and expeditious. Quality of the pizza has few rivals in the region. Staff is receptive and responds positively to all the requests, no matter how demanding. Great find, will clearly come back again.

Marisol Amaro

Had sn amazing time enjoy the ð??? delicious pizza and good wings .with fam.will definitely visit againâ?º

Aida Abure

Mind you the dinning area look horrible and observing the staff for almost an hour one was picking his nose several time's and going back and forth from the kitchen to the dinning room and all the staff eating pizza and no one even washed they hand's filthy place!! I'll make sure no one i know goes there.

Sam S.

Worst of the worst , two times ordered delivery and each of the were completely a nightmare, still waiting hungry me and my friend till after 12:40 Am then customer service told me actually the restaurant is closed and we are sorry to tell you that your order have been cancelled. Nobody to take the order or the driver lost his way nobody knows , after they charged my card twice and iam end up pissed off and sleeping hungry as well as my friends , bullshits , terrible management, i regret try to order again after first time . Me and my friends will never put ourselves in that situation again , i mean we are also sorry that we will not order from you guys again , if you dont do how to work , shut your place down or at least dont claim that you are doing delivery in 30 minutes.

Todd T.

This is one of my favorite spots in Springfield to go. It may not be a Shiny chain establishment but what it is is a nice friendly environment with good food. Staff is always friendly and willing to help their boneless chicken tenders are made fresh and are awsome and the cinnamon sticks are to die for

Wilkin Velazquez

Went there had me sitting for almost an hour to tell me that they made an "error" that my food hadn't even started. Mind you the dinning area look horrible and observing the staff for almost an hour one was picking his nose several time's and going back and forth from the kitchen to the dinning room and all the staff eating pizza and no one even washed they hand's filthy place!! I'll make sure no one i know goes there.

Joshua Robinson

Amazing pizza, great service . Friendly from the phone girl to the cooks in the back.

Nick Falardeau

I am picky when it comes to bone in wings and this place has the best wings around hands down.

Tim P

Been getting this place for a week. Unfortunately my relationships of pizza places always end horribly usually based on service. The pie here is hand tossed, good sauce, fresh ingredients. Every other dish I've ordered is delicious. Most importantly, the service. Outstanding, my new go too.

Nathanial Ramos

DISTGUSTING !! Ordered cheese ravioli first order was wrong they delivered the second order in what is suppose to be alfredo sauce and this looks like a thick gunky cottage cheese the raviolis were dry and stuck to the bottom of the foil pan. just horrible wish i knew how to share this picture right now. I thencalled a third time to speak to the manager, i got someone with a vwry rude attitude like im at fault and not his cook . i asked if he can just replace it with chicken alfredo and get the sauce right and he said he canâ??t do that he would make it over and fix the sauce hmmmm wonder how he is going to that!! ð???ð???ð???

Cristina Torres

I placed an order online at 5:30pm. It said that it should arrive from 6:30-6:40pm. At around 6:55pm I decided to call because I have not received my order yet. When I called no one answered. I tried searching for another number on google and it came up with 2 other numbers, those gave me no luck either. I called grubhub and asked them to see if they can get in contact with Bella Milano and they too tried calling 3 different numbers they have on file with no luck so they ended up canceling my order. After that I ordered from another pizza place and at 7:37pm I get a call from Bella Milano saying they are outside. 1 whole hour after it was supposed to be delivered to me. I let him know that I canceled the order and the reason why, he said okay and hung up. I wish I wouldâ??ve been able to try the food, considering all the good reviews.

Eddie Morales

Good pizza. Great grinders. Fries are great.

Lee F.

Pizza is ok. Service is bad. Definitely not a place to go if you don't have time to spare. They'll charge you, tell you it'll be a couple minutes, 20-25 minutes later you'll get your food. Food definitely isn't worth the wait.

Jana Allen

My food was okay but the delivery driver is a liar and he sat outside my house and honked like I was supposed to come out and get my food. claimed he called twice that was lie and when I checked him on it he shrugged it off with a side wave like what I had to say didn't matter. because off his piss poor behavior I am good won't order delivery again from Bella Milano Pizza. it is important to hire the right people as they can and will effect your business. I didn't have to spend my money with them and I won't again.

Deja Wallace

Friendly staff, food is hot and fresh, took 25 min or less for delivery. Fried dough is incredible!

Kimberly B.

Very good food.i was surprised to have everything made perfect my first time ordering, the food was delivered in good time. The pizza was great wings just like I wanted cheesy bread very cheesy . I like this place and will continue to order from hereeverything I have ordered so far has been good. Keep up the good work

Jennifer Negron

We just placed an order for delivery and I must've forgotten to click a box. They called right away and verified our order!!! We REALLY appreciate the accuracy of orders!! Thank you!!! Very professional!!

Kim Kusyk

Best Pesto Pizza in the Industry!! My new go to place for Pesto!! Got Chef Boy R' Zac slayin it in the kitchen!! Get ready to make those pizzas guys cuz I'm hooked! LoL ??

Sue A.

The white pizza is excellent. Got the ricotta base with spinach, feta and mushroom- great! Haven't tried anything else because when I feel like pizza, this is the place I go. Service was friendly, too.

Mark V.

Never going to this place again for their false support for law enforcement and military. when i asked to use their advertised 10% law enforcement/military discount they refused to give it to me. Right in the front of their take out menu it shows the discount. which is nice and it shows their support. Food is average, nothing spectacular. what i am writing about is false advertising for military/law enforcement discount

Lynna C.

Pizza was ok, the pesto one. Terrible service on the phone, a lady took my order an was way rude. She randomly put my on the phone a nice guy. The order took 1 hrs to get home... With a cold pizza. I called again and again the rude lady answer.