1003 St James Ave, Springfield
(413) 276-0604

Recent Reviews

Robyn Kosowski

Great food, good price

Myra Carrasquillo

I ordered a pernil sandwich and what I got was a mayonnaise sandwich. Very, very little meat. .Never again

Jay Montanez

food is trash taste like gringos cooked it never again

reggae regeamix

Awful service. soggy sandwiches never again! Don't bother .waste of time !

George Dupre

so glad you stayed open during this pandemic. always friendly and the food is excellent!

Katherine Ortiz

The food here is always good!

Joel Reyes

Too pricey($$)

julio feliciano

Good food at great prices

Alyahna Arce

Every time I come here the food is cold, and rice taste funny never coming here again

Aileen Santana

Owner rude expects all americans to know what the food is. I'd never go there again. Theres no soap in bathrooms and no paper towels. The food looked dried amd cooked the day before.

Aj Kimbel

It's really nice that theres a place like this around

Kevin Bradley

The best Spanish food, just like homemade

Wanda Torres

Good customer service.good parking space food not good at all. Portions are too small. Soups whit bones no meat. Never again. SHM

Andrea Jackson

DELICIOUS mix of Puerto Rican, Equadorian foods! Not only was the food AMAZING!!!! But the staff was SUPER personable and friendly! Will DEFINITELY be eating there again!!

Mojo Mojo

Never again just bought from there five minutes ago got the large plate that comes in rice meat beans the rice is so Moshi and then they don’t wanna give me the beans the size of a plate is like a small first time there never again please people don’t waste your time and your money they’re the Reviews says it all

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