Cal Mare Springfield

One MGM Way, Springfield
(413) 273-5000

Recent Reviews

Allie D.

This place is insanely good!! I came here for dinner with my friend and was instantly impressed by the vibe. We didn't have to wait at all to be seated even though it looked pretty crowded. I love the decor in here and the way they decorated the tables. They give you bread to start, but it's not much so you'll probably need to ask for a few seconds like we did! I ordered the linguine vongole, which was a delicious dish with littleneck clams and a spinach/basil-based sauce. It also had pine nuts over the top. The flavor was amazing and I'd definitely order this again! My friend ordered the lobster spaghetti, which I was also considering. He loved it as well! The lobster was tough but I personally like it like that. What I really loved the most was the pizza we got to start. The waitress was understanding of my dietary restrictions (can't have cheese) and she made us a margherita pizza with half cheese half without, and was able to put mushrooms over all of it, which we both loved!! It was delicious and so flavorful. I would definitely recommend the pizza here to anyone! UPDATE: came here for brunch as well!! Cocktails are expensive but the food is pretty reasonable. I ordered the Americano breakfast with egg whites and it was delicious - portions look small but they are extremely filling! Their potatoes are great and super flavorful! My friend ordered the sausage tortellini which was also extremely filling, but looked fantastic!

Kylie Kenyon God. The food , the service is excellent! We both had the lasagna and it was very very good . Presented in a different way to traditional lasagna . I would suggest this restaurant to all my friends and family if they’re ever up this way . Thanks to Tasia and Juan for the friendly table service .

Andrew Bloom

Came in for a quick pizza took almost 40 minutes to get our pie. They didn't bring us any bread while tables around us continue to get bread. The pizza was okay, however not worth the wait. Changed my 2 star to 1 after bringing my displeasure to the attention of the floor mgr. She said "lunch crowd". The place was not that busy. There were plenty of empty tables. Poor service is what happened. It was the server who failed epically.

Airin Martinez

The Italian food is closest to the Italian food I have eaten in Southern Italy. The shrimp chickpea pancake, oysters, octopus, brick-pressed chicken, and agrodolce Brussels sprouts are delicious. They have a gluten-free pasta and pizza option and have many more interesting gluten-free options. I always order a Negroni, which is always on point. The service, however, could be more consistent.

Ellen C.

Wait staff was amazing! Food was good but a bit over priced. The shrimp and chickpea pancake was absolutely amazing.

Lindsay K.

Brick oven chicken and the branzino are both delicious, so is the zeppoli appetizer. Wait staff was great and very friendly! Have visited several times and will continue to dine in again!

Craig Schacher

Absolutely delicious Caesar done with a flare. Lobster pasta off the special menu with Russian caviar delicious. Oysters and drinks outstanding. Great New Years dinner!

Ilio C.

Made a reservation for my birthday and showed up on time (5-10 min early). When I checked in my table wasn't ready so I sat at the bar and had a cocktail.. it took about 45 min before I was able to sit and dine - definitely not a good start... ok, well the decor is good, but ambience is pretty loud (I get it, it's in a casinò). I enjoyed the food, but here is my honest review: They are not serving the most authentic Italian cuisine for an Italian (this is reinforced by some items misspelled in the menu and throughout the restaurant - Google Translate anyone?), but for an average American or Italian-American this is very good food. Zeppole? Ehm, Google that and you'll discover they're basically Italian doughnuts with sprinkled sugar on top. My waitress was nice and she offered me a dessert at the end of the dinner. So in the end, this is a solid restaurant, although it could be one of the best Italian restaurants in the area if only they could hire an authentic Italian (I mean born and raised, not 4th generation Italian American) to correct the dishes' names, and the execution of some of them. Price is high, but if you want to stuff your belly you could cook at home, right?!

Lost Hollywood

Had dinner here and was impressed with the service - very attentive and nice. Location was good - comfortable and clean. Food was good, but felt it was just a tad pricey. Would go again. 4 stars.

Shenna Singh

Amazing service the best food in Massachusetts by far. If you want the best freshly made pasta please choose Cal Mare

Laura Kulig

My husband and I went on a whim and we really enjoyed it. The service was great and our server (can’t remember her name!) was excellent. She brought bread twice to the table because she could tell my husband enjoyed it and our water was always full. The drinks were delicious and so was the food. I saw another review about the pizza not being good, but we really enjoyed it. My dish was great (oxtail bucatini?) and the potatoes were simple but really good. And yes, it is a little more expensive but this is to be expected. I would go back again.

Giancarlo Tosi

Appetisers were the best. Great place for a business meeting.

Jen M.

My in-laws treated us to dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday at Cal Mare last night and it was 5 stars all around! Our server, Amanda, was outstanding....knowledgable, personable, attentive without hovering. Four of us shared two apps....clams casino were tasty but small and they were missing the bacon we love. The grilled octopus with beans and root vegetables was outstanding!! Might have been my favorite bite of the night! We all really enjoyed our meals....oxtail buccatini, squash ravioli, clams with parsley spaghetti and tuna tartare (actually an app). Knowing it was my husband's birthday, Amanda brought him a cannoli at the end of our meal....nice gesture and delicious. While some items are pricey, others are very reasonable....will be back, for sure!!

Aureliz Gonzalez

Food was pricey but delicious, fast service, and we had an awesome sever - Sonya. Will definitely be coming back.

Marjorie Stradinger

I think all restaurant managers should have been chefs if Cal Mare's, Peter Oakes, Assistant General Manager, is an example of how that benefits patrons. This was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner at MGM Springfield's fine dining venue.

Marjorie S.

I think all restaurant managers should have been chefs if Cal Mare's, Peter Oakes, Assistant General Manager, is an example of how that benefits patrons. This was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner at MGM Springfield's fine dining venue. Not only is the management of Cal Mare superior, so is the thoughtful menu, the excellent ingredients (NO CANOLA!) and the selection of classic and upscale Italian dishes that provide something for everyone--even pizza. I sampled Nana's meatballs, which seemed like the the kitchen must have been hiding an Italian grandmother to direct things like using grilled semolina bread for the binder. These meatballs were so delightful and delicious, you will want them every visit. And the portions--well let's say two people could share this appetizer portion and be quite satisfied. I also ordered the Brussels sprouts Agrodulce, which if you are unfamiliar with "dolce" will be a sweet surprise in an expertly prepared cabbage. Again, ample portion for two. I also enjoyed one of Peter's amazing pumpkincello, his autumn version of a classic limoncello type after-dinner liquid confection. This was so good. Can't wait to see what he designs for Christmas, both food and drink specials. Be sure to stop in, even is only for appetizers or drinks, but the entrees, salads and pizzas will also please. The atmosphere is a respite from casino frenzy, and has a modern ambiance.


The carpaccio was too much salt ! Not good. The oysters were good but with too much sweet sauce. The chocolate gelato not very good.


Pleasantly Surprised. We had apps and pizzas for 8 on a Friday night. All was very good, service was good. Bill came to $65 per couple which included drinks. Would go back.

Alison L S

Ate here after an early evening event downtown. No wait; very knowledgeable & capable server. The restaurant is mostly tile and right next to the casino slots, so pretty loud. Delicious bread.

Mat Nelson

Good food albeit a bit pricey. Much better option than Chandlers which is wayyyy overpriced


I had eggplant Parmesan. Excellent. Unbreaded! Beautiful place… Good place to eat in the winter because the casino is out of the cold. A bit pricey but not too much.

Andrew B.

I can see why Cal Mare's other reviews are a bit bi-polar. Our experience was quite good. The main courses didn't jump out at us, so we had the butcher pizza (so so), aroncini (small portion, but good), meatballs (excellent), the zeppole thing (excellent), etc. Waitress was attentive, as was the rest of the staff. This is an above average casino restaurant that serves Italian-inspired food. But if you ask me, everyone involved with this casino, including the mighty MGM, has no clue what they're doing. They're trying to run the casino, and its restaurants, as if they're in Boston or in NYC. They have no feel for the "soul" of Springfield. Yes, even Springfield has one. The prices in this restaurant were fair, but far too high for families and regular folks. For two people, without alcohol, we walked out with a $100 bill.


Great choices for Italian Lovers. Pizza's are good. I used to order the Eggplant Parmesan sandwich that was delicious but I don't see it on the menu anymore. Otherwise the food is good !!!

JoAnn Biederman

The venue is half restaurant and half cafeteria stand. The restaurant is very loud trending conversations into a shouting match. The food and drinks are over priced for what you receive. Getting attention for refills requires excellent timing to see and catch the attention of the overly divided waitstaff.

Carol V.

I cannot say enough about this incredible gem inside of MGM Casino. My husband and I came to the jewel, with no expectations. We typically do not go to casinos or casino restaurants. Well, this will change since our visit to Cal Mare. It started with the most hospitable GM, Gary Evangelista. Gary was a professional, personable presence and I felt an immediate connection, which lead me to believe this would not be a "casino" experience. I was right. Gary introduced us to our server Brit Cox, who was beyond amazing. Brit was knowledgeable, sweet, exceptionally perceptive and a breath of fresh air. The food, ambiance and service was exceptional. Thank you all. I plan on returning with some friends and sharing this dining experience. Kudos to the Chef and all those that made this a surprisingly wonderful experience.


Cal Mare is a great Italian restaurant inside MGM Springfield. The server was very attentive and she took extra care to make sure my 11 and 9 year olds had everything they needed. The dishes were large and very tasty.

Jamie Johnson

Food was solid. Far too pricey for what you get though. Ordered the squid ink pasta with lobster. Had to get out my magnifying glass to find the lobster. Also had to ask for bread 20 minutes after sitting down. Decent spot but prices should be slashed in half.

Obed Almeyda

Excellent food. Great service. Nice location.

Nicholas Z.

I had a great experience at Cal Mare, the service was top notch and the food was great. I had the oysters and beef carpaccio! The Beef carpaccio was out of this world! I've never had anything like it. I travel all over and visit all the little Italian neighborhoods all the time and this was ranked up there with the best! If your in Springfield Ma go give them a try!

Jessie Paskiewicz

Loved it! The decor was gorgeous. Our waitress was timely, helpful, and friendly. There was some standard Italian dishes, plus a few unique ones, like the chickpea shrimp pancake appetizer. Overall, it was pricey, but we enjoyed everything, so it was worth it for a night out. I would go back if we visited the casino again.

Evelyn Akough-Weir

Lovely atmosphere. Server was very nice and we got a lot of attention. The food was lovely! Would definitely visit again!

Michele White

The atmosphere is lovely and the food is pretty good... But absolutly not worth the expensive price tag.. Especially with the the long wait terrible service that will inevitably accompany your meal. My reccomendation? Go to red rose 👌

Nicole C.

The pizza here is embarrassing. We ordered a slice and it was completely raw. The shredded cheese wasn't even melted after the girl at the counter put it in the "brick oven" for about 30 seconds.

Susan R.

Unable to review as website erroneously states that there is a Happy Hour on Saturday and Sunday when they do not have Happy Hour on Saturday. This error sent our poor host in a crazy spin trying to come up with a plan b for 16 guests this Saturday. Guests wandering around not knowing where to go, while he was unable to call people to not spoil the surprise party. I hope Cal Mare offers them a gift card.

Eric W.

This review isn't to trash the restaurant or anyone involved with it. It's merely to detail my experience there. Moving on. Backstory: My fiancée's birthday was Saturday, August 3rd and I had been planning a surprise party for her here. According to Cal Mare's website they're SUPPOSED to have happy hour from 3:00pm to 5:00 on Saturday AND Sunday. So now I've organized a group of 16 people to come for happy hour then I was able to make a reservation for 16 for 5:00pm.. here's what happened... Atmosphere/Appearance: Right inside Springfield's MGM Casino is this Italian gem. It's referred to as "Coastal Italian", but I don't know the differences in Italian dishes since Italy is a pretty big country. The ceilings are high, the space is wide open, the brick oven is easily visible and there's plenty of light with decent music. It's right off of the casino floor so there's easy access to here along with another entrance right off Main Street. In the very back of the restaurant there's a gigantic round table with a rotatable serving platter in the middle. I thought it was SO COOL and we were honored to be seated in this special room. Service: Here's where it's hit or miss... Rachel was our actual server and she was absolutely perfect. She was sweet, fast, efficient, bright and made our experience a decent one. So... backtracking to 3:00pm, 1 by 1 the party started showing up here like I instructed them to for happy hour. I had been planning this for a month. As they show up they're being told there is no Saturday happy hour. I'm like, what do you mean? Their website says it loud and clear. I call and they tell me the same thing. So now what am I supposed to do with a group of 16 people waiting for my fiancée and I to show up? Cal Mare wouldn't even honor their website nor did they show ANY empathy or sympathy. THE ONLY reason I kept my reservation for 5:00pm was because I had no idea where else I could make a reservation that big inside the casino 2 hours before I was supposed to have it. Moving on... so we went to TAP and they took care of us. We came back for dinner and again, Rachel made it a pleasurable experience. Now, I had one of my friends bring an ice cream cake for my fiancée and when it was time to bring it out they wanted to charge us $4.00 per person to cut and serve the cake. Are you kidding me? So I spoke to the manager Bobby/Bobbi (I'm unsure of how to spell her name) in an effort to get that fee waived since I brought them so much business, plus the happy hour issue, which I had to prove was still on their website. I had to NEGOTIATE the cake cutting price down to $2.00 a person. Seriously man? As many bottles of wine and as much food as we had, y'all had to nickel and dime us on CAKE CUTTING? She tried to say it was "the cost of using the plates, utensils and labor for bringing the cake out". WOW. Alright. Again, no empathy or sympathy for curving us on happy hour and making us go somewhere else and now on cake cutting. Cool. Food: Absolutely fantastic. I was able to taste Nana's Meatballs and they were delicious. They were big, juicy and full of flavor. For my entree I went with the Dry-Aged Creekstone NY Strip. It was cooked perfectly, rare as I'd asked, well-seasoned and came with a lardo wrapped scallion (basically bacon). It's served a la carte so I ordered the asparagus polenta as a side, also very good. The food was excellent. Value: A bit pricy, but it's a fine-dining Italian restaurant so there's that. You won't get a bottle of wine cheaper than $44.00. They just go up from there. Any wine that's listed by the glass can be purchased in bottle form by quadrupling the glass price, which makes sense. Bottle = 4.5 servings. Nana's Meatballs were $13.00 for 4 decent-size meatballs and a side of crispy toast. My steak was $50.00 on its own an

Delpha B.

There are not enough stars to rate this plate. The BEST carpaccio. Black pasta with lobster, best pork chop ever, best of everything plus a great wine list and a great liquor list. We had a private room, 15 people and late comers. They never missed a best. Very reasonable prices for home made high quality pasta. Will be back every time I'm in the area.


Great food. Great price. Fast service. Great cannolis too. Look forward to going back for my birthday

Tatiana Rodrigues

Do not bother getting a slice of pizza. I’ve tried every one and my god it is disgusting you would think looking at this place it looks so nice they must have good pizza and it’s just awful awful after taste and it’s always cold even though they heat it up in the oven.

Cathia Marc

After reading so many negative reviews we didn’t know what to do, but my husband said we should just go and take a chance and we did.

Maria Ferrigno

Great food great service!! Definitely try the mozzarella service!!