Chmura's Bakery

14 Pulaski St, Indian Orchard
(413) 543-2521

Recent Reviews

Kyle Scott

Really enjoy the great jelly donuts, breads, cakes everything is excellent i have had.

Mark Critelli

This place is amazing, it's a very great bakery and everything tastes amazing

MaryAnn Huffer

From childhood I have always loved Chmura's bakery. The rye bread is amazing. Fig squares are the best anywhere! Whatever you choose is mouth watering deliciousness.

Aura Geoffroy

Yummy. Busy but worth it. Definitely a step or a few above Dunkin quality

Karen Dodd

Omg .... Chmura's Bakery is heaven!!! I travel an hour to go there. Prices are great and staff is friendly!

Susan LaForest

They have the best bismarck's in the area. All of their food is awesome. And all of the workers are nice & sweet and kind. I would recommend everyone to go there. Also in the fall they have the best pumpkin muffins. Yummy! ð???I can't wait to sink my teeth in those in the fall.


Great baked goods. Love the seeded rye and onion rolls. Always fresh. Beautiful danish,baked sweet goods, ton of variety. Milk,kielbasa, horseradish in refrigerated showcase. Place has been here for years. Place is crazy around the holidays. Line out the door. Give it a try,and you'll be back. Norm.


Where all your bakery goods are fresh.

Erick Feuerstein

Best rye bread in Western Ma.

Brian J. R.

Best Polish Bakery in Western MA! Delicious Rye Bread and pastries. Cakes are incredible and donuts especially the Boston Cream donut outstanding ! The Basket Cake is so beautiful and cake quality is moist and delicious. You can not best their prices or quality!

Donna Groncki

Love the donuts,the eye bread everything is always very fresh. Remember going there since I was in my early teens. 59 yrs old now. Been going lot of years.

Marisa Graziano

Best cheese danishes ever!! And extremely fresh ciabatta rolls.


We love Chmuras ciabatta. Their pastries are difficult to turn down too! Definitely our go-to bakery!

Alyssa F.

Chmura's Bakery reminds me of being a kid. I judge every donut shop by their jelly donuts, and each and every jelly donut is compared to the jelly donuts at Chmura's. These donuts are covered in powdered sugar (the way a jelly donut should be!) and HUGE. The jelly to donut ratio is perfect. Just enough jelly but not too much. In addition to their jelly donuts, I also love the custard cups. They look burnt, but they aren't! These are unique and a bit less sweet than other pastries. They're also perfect for groups of people- small enough for individual servings and easy to transport. Chmura's is always fabulous. I don't think that you can go wrong with any selection at this bakery!

Monica Mazur

Weekly trips to this bakery has grown from a favorite childhood memory with my dad to a delightful errand to run. The fresh loaves of rye bread are my all time favorite and a staple in my home

Edwa Vince

This place is awesome serious the taste of the donuts the atmosphere and staff great

toby fontanez

I love, love, love this place. I just wish they made bagels. Good food.

nathan dumont

They have doughnuts the size of soft balls and the meat bread is the best.

Anne brown

Chmuraâ??s is a time trip back to when most small towns had their own bakery. Great Polish bakeries were never far away.

little black butterfly

Amazing selection & service amazing cakes for birthday's or wedding's the donuts are delicious & the bread is great

Alex Trzasko

Amazing food, and ridiculously affordable. Polish hospitality, like nothing else.

Sergio Delgado

Some of the best people,breads and pastry around!

Hey its Cthulhu

Very tasty pastries and desserts. Their Apple fritters are amazing. Didn't know they had canoli too. Staff is quick and professional.

Nicholas Hamel

Very tasty pastries and desserts. Their Apple fritters are amazing. Didn't know they had canoli too. Staff is quick and professional.

Natalie Shaw

Best danishes and donuts in the city. Courteous staff. Great baked items for all occasions and holidays.

Sam Helm

Two words: apple danishes. Everything else is fantastic, but the apple danishes are outstanding.

Anthony Gregory

Always the best. I have to stop in for donuts whenever on that side of town.

Ellen Kemp

We love the ciabatta bread and rolls.

Tina Urban

Love the bakery there. I have been going there with my family since I was born. Used to go ever Sunday after church. The best bread ever.... especially their seeded rye, Vienna, folar, ciabatta, and Portuguese rolls ate my favorites. Try their pasteis de nata or custard cups in English....

Sharon V.

Best pastries I have had in a looonnnnng time! Try their cheese Danish!

Natasha B.

Blast from my past!!! My grandparents used to get cupcakes, fruit squares, bizmarks etc here many years ago. I recently stopped by and everything looked and tasted exactly the same as it did 25 years ago. I loved stocking up and sharing these beloved sweets with my family. I spent a lot of money here. :)

Kim Sheldon

Love their baked goods. It was a great visit to buy hermits and babka! I would love to have some sent out here to Wisconsin! My parents would especially appreciate it. A little taste of home for my mother.

John S.

Best seeded rye ever! Stale grinder rolls. Pretty disappointed in that was why I tried this bakery. Will definitely be back for the rye bread.

Prat Law

The best bakery in Springfield. The service is great, the selection is always fresh and the donuts are worth an hour or more drive.

Karla Dawson

Staple in history you have a sweet tooth all handmade this is the spot family owned pleasant must see

Mary blaxland

If you have only ever had donuts from dunkins stop that and try Chmura's they are the best.

Nate Contois

I love Chmura's. Rye bread is delicious and fresh, apple fritters are wonderful. I stop by every weekend, make sure to go early. They tend to run low on popular items.

Jonathan Rymasz

Pleasant service and delicious pastries and desserts. Need to stop in and grab a loaf of bread next time I'm in the area.

Cari S.

I've always been told to try their donuts, especially the apple fritters, but I was disappointed with both. The variety of donuts were average, the boston cream donut was undercooked and I was grossed out by the doughy taste so I didn't finish it. However, the inside custard pudding was delicious. My friend noted the chocolate glazed had a wierd taste to it, kinda like dish soap. The apple fritters I was told by several people was the one to get for sure and I felt it was just a sub-par. Also splurged on a ham and cheese croissant and it was MEH. I expect flaky buttery goodness and for the ham and cheese to just be full and melty but I honestly couldn't even tell it was in there. The employees I have to say were SUPER helpful and friendly, so that was cool and really the only reason I'll give them another shot to try some fresh bread, but not for their donuts.


Fantastic bakery. I've been going there for years. They make the best cakes. Good donuts too.