Ciro's "A Tradition"

904 Main St, Springfield
(413) 732-4767

Recent Reviews

Tony Diaz

Great place to bring your family. Food is amazing especially the sword fish. Wow. It made me feel like I was in Italy. And I've been to quite a few restaurants but this one take the cake when it comes to Italian cuisine 5 star all day what a great place to be if u love Italian cuisine.

mike talbot

Nice and good atmosphere. Had the antipasto for an app, steak for dinner and mini cannolis and espresso for dessert. Service was very good. Will definitely go again. Just a small issue with no tiramisu for dessert, they were all out.

Jeremy Dugan

My name is not Karen... But I did speak to the manager tonight. Let me first say that the food and ingredients are great. They use local businesses for their meat, pasta (Milanos), and desserts (La Fiorintina). Beyond that, the experience was terrible. The management was even worse.

Calvin K.

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Food was outstanding! Anthony described all the dishes and stressed how fresh all the food was and was not kidding!

Linda D.

So. Where do I start. First we came in at 6:28 for a 6:30 reservation. We waited for at least 5 minutes before anyone spoke to us and when they did they apologized for "giving our table to the wrong party". Ok. Move on. We started with an order of the house wine to be told they were all out but they were not willing to give us the next wine at the same price!!! Oh and while the house wine is listed in print for 6.00 the owner/manager said it is really 7.00!!! What??? And really, out of house wine on a Saturday night at 6:30!! Next let's move to orders. Soup arrives cold and salad order arrives wrong!! By the time we receive our meal it is 8:30!! We are t talking complicated here folks. 3 orders of spaghetti and meatballs, veal parm, 2 manicotti and pasta primavera. While the food was delicious the service and management were horrendous! The owner actually argued with us and tried to push the blame on others. He even suggested we visit his friends's restaurant. Once we left the restaurant and thinking we were in the clear of this man he followed us out!!! Enough. My advice is to find another place. There are plenty out there

Ingrid DelValle

Food is delicious and service is the best! I would give them 10 stars if I could. Highly recommend if you want quality, made with love Italian food.

Jeremy D.

My name is not Karen... But I did speak to the manager tonight. Let me first say that the food and ingredients are great. They use local businesses for their meat, pasta (Milanos), and desserts (La Fiorintina). Beyond that, the experience was terrible. The management was even worse. I called for reservations for a table of 9 and asked if they would be ok with kids to celebrate my birthday. The manager (or owner) said it was fine. We showed up just before our reservation time and were told that our table was given to another party (the restaurant was not full so we only waited a few minutes). We tried ordering the house red, but they were out (at 6:30 on a Saturday) and they offered us another Malbec. Except not at the $6/glass price (actually $7/glass but I guess the menu is wrong) took 25 minutes to get the drinks. Next, it took 25 minutes to order an appetizer and another 20 minutes to order our main. We did not get our main course until 1 hour and 50 minutes after sitting down. My wife's soup was cold, my mother's salad did not come with dressing on the side (both were corrected). At this point, I went to speak to the manager and he tried to explain away the mistakes on the server ("she's only worked here 3 days) -- who leaves a new waitress alone, without help? (Again the restaurant has 7 tables of 20 full.) My mother's main came with the wrong pasta and she ordered another Malbec that was replaced with a red table wine. I tried leaving... But my wife had ordered canolis and 2 coffees... This took another 15 minutes to get to the table. The hostess came up as we were paying the bill to ask if everything was fine and we were honest that we were not satisfied... The manager came over again and insisted that it was not his fault... And then said "it's hard getting out with kids" ...eye roll. We said the food was great but service was not and walked out the door. He followed us out and suggested we try another Italian restaurant like Red Rose. Here's the thing, we've been here before and had good results and wanted Ciro's, not Red Rose. But this guy couldn't own up to his own and staffs faults. So, like he recommended to us, I pass to you: go to another Italian restaurant in the South End of Springfield. We will pass from now on and not recommend this place any more.

Randy Swank

Awesome spot. Food was excellent and has an awesome atmosphere. Highly recommend

Erik H.

I want to start by saying in this world of urgency, cell phones, pre prepared everything and cookie cutter service assembly lines, my wife and I often look for a break from the norm. I should also mention we are both from NYC and we've found that "made from scratch" often refers to someone winning big in the lottery, up here in central New England. For giggles I wanted to check some of the other reviews after our wonderful experience and for the most part they were as positive as this one will be. For the negative ones I highly suggest people looking for super fast, shove your food down your throat, precooked processed food with no social interaction, to go to Olive Garden or Cheesecake Factory. They serve their purpose, they are not this and in my opinion NOT A DINING EXPERIENCE! So, now for my review ;-). Anthony is a restauranteur in every sense of the word. During our experience he was supporting the bar the wait staff the kitchen and the host. He told us he started working in the restaurant business at 12. He personally picks out his product, he sets the prices, he develops the marketing and from what we gathered he built his restaurant by hand. In other words he really really really cares! Not easy if you ask me. The food was out of this world. He offered us a sample of the eggplant rotini with made from scratch sauce and all I can say is, every bite was out of this world and that was just the complimentary appetizer! The rest of the meal just got better from there. Meatballs that are flash fried so they are crispy on the outside and scrumptious on the inside, pizza made from super fresh dough again crispy on the outside and delicious throughout. Even my salad was delectable, amazing dressing, every vegetable fresh and flavorful with blue cheese that just came from a farm. For desert we had a perfect and I really mean perfect cannoli. The whip cream alone would have made a great desert but the ricotta cream filling and shell should be boxed and sold in volume. I suspect they close on Sunday so that Anthony can rest and prepare his wonderful meals for his loved ones. Monday through Saturday you too can experience his passion and become loved ones yourself. I can't tell you how happy my wife and I are that we found this place. You will find us there anytime we need a dining experience. The attached photo was taken right after we ate our meal. The smiles on our face speak more than pictures of the food!

Knox Coggan

I live about 20 minutes away from our local Carrabba's (West Springfield, Mass) I paid for the meals, but I didn't check the bags to make sure that the orders were correct (and they weren't) and I discovered the wrong order after I got home. I called the manager and he insisted on making it right. I drove back to the restaurant, he brought the correct order to me and apologized for the mistake.

Marci W.

Magical- where in 2019 can u go anywhere let alone to a restaurant in a busy downtown and be personally greated, have your every whim catered to without having to say a word, and to be encouraged to take your time and really experience the ambiance, the food, and great company. My husband and I both work from home so we go out to share a meal once a day. We are no strangers to the Springfield restaurant scene. I have to say Ciro's is my favorite restaurant in every category: food quality, presentation, and service.

Marci Webber

Ciro's is the Cheers of Italian restaurants!


We defaulted to this restaurant due to all of the casino places being booked. After the fact, I'm glad it worked out that way, but we got great food at a good price.. . We skipped cocktails, knowing we'd drink at the concert we were headed to (and we had a couple at the casino) and ordered the Gorgonzola Bread (EXCELLENT), the eggplant rollatini (excellent), the antipasti (had I known there was not cheese involved, I would have skipped it. It was good, but after looking at the menu description there was a whole lot missing - only prosciutto was on the plate, no other meats and no cheese), and my husband got meatball rigatoni. It came with little dollops of ricotta (which you don't really see anymore!) and a caeser salad (small but tasty). . Other tables around us were pretty irate because of how long things were taking, and with a mixup on their bill. The waitress made it VERY clear several times that she does NOT work there (which I thought was extremely tacky) and she was only filling in. She didn't even say it nicely, it was said as if she were annoyed by the situation. . . Our food took a while longer than we thought, but they didn't know we were going to a concert (and we did get there later than we should have) I believe it was the owner that came up to us and ended up giving us the gorgonzola bread and the salad for free. The bill came to about $50, which was a steal for the quality of the food. (My husband was raised in an Italian household where cooking/food was emphasized, and he was impressed). . Nice find overall, and we'd go back.


Where in 2019 can u go anywhere let alone to a restaurant in a busy downtown and be personally greated, have your every whim catered to without having to say a word, and to be encouraged to take your time and really experience the ambiance, the food, and great company? My husband and I both work from home so we go out to share a meal once a day. We are no strangers to the Springfield restaurant scene. I have to say Ciro's is my favorite restaurant in every category: food quality, presentation, and service.

Joanne E.

We had one of the best dinners here at Ciro's. The food is outstanding. For apps we had the eggplant and calamari. For dinner we had primavera, pork special, swordfish and manicotti. Everything is homemade and fresh. The dressings were fabulous. The red sauce was so fresh you could taste the garden tomatoes. No canned tomatoes here. The owner Anthony stopped by our table and went over the specials with us in detail then went in the kitchen and cooked everything to order. Meeting him made the meal even better. We live 2 hours away and are already talking about our next trip out to Springfield just to have dinner at Ciro's!

Jerry Vien Jr

Place was awesome, service was spectacular! Thank you Anthony for your kindness and hospitality! Food was very Good!

Donna Gundersen

Excellent food, excellent service. Ambiance was very nice. A nice find.

Ryan P.

First time here I had a great experience with a friendly bartender and great staff. Food was absolutely excellent. Second time here and the food was even better. I had the Manicotti which was phenomenal. Tomato sauce is made from real tomatoes and the manicotti were stuffed with meat. The owner sent out several samples while I was here and everything was delicious. This place is a true gem in Springfield, MA.

Billy K.

In town from Los Angeles We wanted to find a legit Authentic lItalian food and we found it at Ciro's !!!! Where should I start ..we walked in and were greeted by The owner Anthony and his wait staff. The appetizers were to die for The baked ziti was amazing and was a big size great for a family. The chicken parmesan was incredible We had the freshest Swordfish u can buy as well as the biggest mussel And linguini dinner I've ever seen ...All Around great conversations with the owner Anthony the freshest seafood we've had all trip and the prices are amazing. Can't wait to visit Massachusetts again to stop in at Ciro's...A must visit when in town!!!

Meghan R.

This will be my new favorite Italian restaurant. Everything was absolutely delicious, and I love garlic. Anthony is the owner and just customer oriented, and proud of what his restaurant produces! Our dinners were nothing short of awesome!!! The restaurant has an accordion player who tries his hardest to add to your dining experience, and he delivers!- he's not intrusive and quite good!! Just do yourself a favor when going for Italian, and give Ciro's a try. We WILL BE BACK!! THANK YOU ANTHONY!!!

Nicole B.

My family had my college graduation dinner there and it was AMAZING!! The inside is beautiful, the service is excellent, and the food is to die for!!! I loved their fried mozzarella and marinated meat dish!! I would definitely recommend Ciro's to anyone looking for a classy Italian restaurant!

Steve F.

Always amazing, only get to town every couple months, but this is the only place I go when I'm in town, got the swordfish this time, it was perfect, and the eggplant true authentic Italian food, nothing like it anywhere that I've found. And also the staff is always extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about the beer list and food items. Love it here. If I lived anywhere close I'd be here probably twice a week, or maybe even every night, and P.S. try the bruschetta

William Miller

I go here once a week or so, and everything I have ordered has always been fresh, and good, the owner usually surprises me with a free appetizer (of his choosing & usually not even on the menu)all of which are excellent. On the weekends they usually have some kind of live music, which is nice too. So I like to come on Friday or Saturday for the music (which is a added bonus)

Jane Rosso

Always enjoy coming to Ciroâ??s! The food is phenomenal and the owner, Anthony is so gracious and hospitable every time weâ??re there.

Jane R.

Wish I had taken a pic of the appetizer before diving in! The eggplant rollatini appetizer is hearty enough to be an entree.. If you haven't yet been to Ciro's, you don't know what you're missing. Definitely a hidden Italian gem in Springfield!

Anne O.

My work trip to Springfield had me looking for restaurants and I chose this based on proximity -and I'm really glad I did!! The food was excellent. Service was fantastic and the owner was there and very hospitable ! I thoroughly enjoyed the my meal -the salad, as well as a taste of calamari salad, but the best was the swordfish- grilled to perfection! and so tasty -best fish I ever had (along with a side of pasta that was perfect in a delicious fra diavolo sauce) ... I will definitely be back here next time I'm in Springfield !!

morgan jenkins

Excellent authentic Italian restaurant with made to order dishes. The atmosphere is romantic and clean. The staff are more than accomadating and attentive. Just delicious and we'll well worth the visit.

Melanie Mann

Very tasty. Very good server. Had an enjoyable experience.


Two of us were in town for work and really wanted to have a good Italian dinner so we headed to Ciros because friends had told us they loved it. Boy, they understated everything! The sauces, the pasta (aldente, of course!) were so reminiscent of our trips to Italy, it was hard to NOT to try as many different treats as we could. The risotto ball, the meatball, the rollatini got us off to a nice start and then came the stuffed pork chop and the gnocchi..omg, my grandmother could never make her's as light and fluffy as these was a treat like we hadn't had in a very long time. We did have to pass up the dessert menu because, well, to be honest, the WW police were breathing down my neck since I had totally destroyed my point bank for the week by that time! Do yourself a favor...get here as soon as you can; you're going to thank me!

Scott B.

Amazing food. Personalized service and care and concern for the happiness of the customer. Anthony is always there to say " what do you want tonight"? He is always making great recommendations. There is always something he whips up out of the blue as a free app to "nibble on" . This man knows how to treat people. As a result we will be lifetime customers. Kudos to you Anthony for making our experience pleasurable and priceless each and every time.

Phyllis B.

Ciro's is, hands down, the best Italian restaurant around. When we want Italian, this is our #1 choice!

John Wessig

Great food. Great service. Worth the price.

Jessica R.

We should have known to leave from the beginning. After meeting our waitress and ordering our drinks, we noticed a table near us get up and leave. The hostess followed them out apologizing, so I assume they never even got their food. Then our waitress was changed, no a big deal, but the way they did it made it seem like there was some issue with the other waitress. They had the hostess come over and explain that we were changing waitresses. Seemed excessive. I ordered a dirty martini w/ Titos. It came 20 minutes later and was bottom of the barrel vodka, STRAIGHT. There was absolutely nothing dirty about it. I had to send it back, which I've never done before. They brought another which was slightly better. Drinkable at least. We witnessed what seemed like an argument in the kitchen. An open kitchen, so we could see and hear into it. Quick and not too distracting, but still odd. The food was mediocre. Not good, not bad. My partner didn't enjoy his meal but I chalk that up to him being a picky eater. They noticed and brought mashed potatoes on the house, which he loved. All around, not a good experience and I would not go back. I gave two stars because they certainly tried to make up for their shortcomings, but there were too many of them to overlook.

Andrew W.

Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. It took 2 hours for what should have been a 45 min meal. We only ordered entrees and beverages, no apps or desserts. From the time we ordered drinks, it took 20 mins for them to come to the table and almost an hour for the salad that came with the entree. The salad situation is another story as they char the small piece of romaine lettuce they provide which one person in our party sent back since it looked bad. The chef / owner came to our table and began to argue with us and keep pressuring to come into the kitchen to see his lettuce which he keeps soaking in a water bucket. This was extremely unprofessional! I ordered a veal parm and it was not good. The veal was tough and the breading was not even attached to the veal. I heard the same about the chicken picatta and chicken parm. Food and service is the reflection of the 1 star review. This meal upset me as a customer and someone with over 20 years of F&B experience.

Truckindalocks 36

Ciro's was absolutely amazing! I can't begin to explain how delicious the food is here. Everything tastes exactly how you expect authentic Italian food to taste. My wife and I had a great time. The staff was fun and friendly, very professional and inviting people. You will love the atmosphere here, feeling like family is cooking for you. This was our first time and will most definitely not be our last.

Lucy P

I ate dinner there last night with 2 friends and I can state without question it was the worst meal and worst service I have ever experienced! All three of us agreed.

T B.

Really horrible experience. With three tables in the whole place full (the other two were equally unhappy), it took us 45 minutes to get salads. Meals were horrible. One pasta dish seemed like it had been precooked and left to dry into a solid glob. Another was not cooked and sent back. Came back still uncooked. Manager(owner?) said that's just how pasta is supposed to be. Waitress took drink orders long after meal orders. Never did bring a check, and we watched the other two tables struggle to get food, drinks, waitress's attention too. It seemed like maybe they were missing a cook or something. I would have been sympathetic if they didn't tell us it was our fault the experience was bad.

john D

Met our friends here for a Saturday night dinner. Drinks at the bar was fine, but things went down hill from there. I believe Trip Advisor should be a help to people and not ruin a restaurant, that being said this was perhaps the WORST dinning experience we have EVER HAD! Two hours we sat there and all we had was three average salads and a not so good bowl of soup. When we asked where our food was they kept saying 5 to 10 minutes longer and trying to give us free appies, We told the hostess we just want our meals! Other groups were waiting longer then us. While we were arguing over only paying for the wine we drank, two other tables walked out after hearing what was going on. The menu is over priced, but I wouldn't mind if the food was good, which we never got to eat and never will! to many other great Italian restaurants in this area to deal with that CRAP!

Jane R.

Wish I had taken a pic of the scrumptious food before diving in! The eggplant rollatini appetizer is hearty enough to be an entree...the sausage & broccolirabe w pasta (fresh made) was perfect! If you haven't yet been to Ciro's, you don't know what you're missing. Definitely a hidden Italian gem in Springfield!

Heidi Kinney

Excellent! Great, friendly service, delicious FRESH food! Planned a quick bite before attending a comedy show at MGM ROAR at Red Rose, over an hour wait at 5:15 PM, prompted us to explore other options in the area. So glad we did! We did not have a reservation but were seated immediately and received superior service the entire time we were there. We will definitely return.