Hanna's Diner & Deli Shoppe

186 Main St, Indian Orchard
(413) 342-4367

Recent Reviews

Violet Rose

Ms Hanna Is Amazing.Good Food,Special Place ❤️Kid-friendliness: Wonderful Family Atmosphere ?


Service was real good and food was awesome. I will be going back to deli for take home.

Chris Provost

Good food. Good people. Kept my coffee mug full.


First time there. Place was clean but empty. I had takeout due to just getting out of hospital a week ago. I ordered Golumkis. I asked for 6 frozen. Was told "only 8 frozen". I got those and 4 hot. Rounded off it came to $49.00. I was told"it would be extra for sauce"! I should of walked out. Coming from a Polish family I'm ashamed I gave her my money. I miss the old days. Sharky's in Chicopee and Pulaski Hall. That was real Polish food. There was something"off"with flavor of mixture in cabbage. I won't be going back.

Amanda Kupiec

Super friendly staff. Awesome to get Polish food! It was mostly delicious. I just wish the golumki had more meat and less rice. The balance was way off this time.

Bernie O'Donnell

Absolutely The Best!! My grandson summed it up well: “This looks like the big breakfast I had at Disney World, but this is way better! This is the best breakfast I ever had!” The nicest people, great service, delicious food - The only problem is deciding between the awesome Polish cooking or fantastic breakfast!!

Colleen G.

Really nice little breakfast or lunch spot. The food is delicious!! and the coffee is very good! It's very easy to eat solo at the breakfast bar that has a tv to watch the morning news. Service was fast, professional and courteous. Sounded like a lot of people in the dining room were gathering and enjoying each others company. Had a great ambience and also has a little grocery/ deli attached where you can buy some polish staples to take home. Parking is across the street but has drop off capability and ramps for easy entrance for a walker or wheelchair. The prices were fair as well. Really liked it & definitely want to go back soon to try lunch. I got pancakes with bacon that were PERFECTION.

Denise- Marie

Home cooking with a European/ Polish influence, it's like visiting your grandma's kitchen welcoming, clean everything has a place. The food is scrumptious and flavorable with generous servings.

B-Ry King

Been here a few times over the past 5 or so years. Always a pleasant experience. Very nice atmosphere and staff. Food is yummy and good portions. Definitely stop in with the family.

Julie Comtois

I absolutely love this place. Hannah is so friendly and helpful. My whole family likes coming here and the food is always great! Easy handicapped access and comfortable diner atmosphere ?

Damian Cherry

Pancakes are delicious. My favorite breakfast spot.

Maria S.

This is a very good breakfast place, the only thing that deterrs me from going there more often is that the cheese they used square imitation American Cheese on anything that requires cheese and I don't like that cheese. Overall it is good and friendly staff

Aili Alechnowicz

Fast service, fair prices. I got the "polish plate" and now I'm so full I wish I could take a nap instead of going back to work!! I will come here again

Bob O.

Good place to meet for breakfast. Good food, friendly staff. Omelets were .really tasty

Diane Czerwiecki

I don’t normally write reviews, but the service our party received at Hanna’s, from the owner no less, was so rude that I decided I had to share my experience in the hope that she will read it and understand that customers should be treated with dignity and respect and not sarcasm and mockery. I had been to Hannah’s twice before and always had a very nice experience, so I decided to take my granddaughter there for the first time. This time, for the first time, I had the owner as our waitress and the nightmare began. When I asked if they had any honey to go with my hot tea, which I thought was just a simple yes or no answer, the owner proceeded mockingly to say we only have what’s on the menu. If you want honey then you can buy honey out of the deli that I have. She then proceeded to go over to the deli and grab two jars of honey, differing sizes, and asked me which one I wanted to buy. Seriously?!! Maybe she doesn’t know that there are restaurants that offer honey, usually in small packets, to go with hot tea. It is provided for the tea drinkers just like cream is provided for the coffee drinkers. Maybe this is a completely new concept for her. In any case, I had simply asked a yes or no question. I certainly didn’t need the whole show that she put on. After our meal was served, my granddaughter wanted to add on an order for a slice of garlic bread, which was listed on the menu. The owner proceeded to say that she could not do that because they don’t have a slice of garlic bread. When I pointed out to her that it was listed on the menu and showed her where, she then sarcastically said, “Well, I can do that for you then”; like she was doing us a favor!! Finally when the bill came, I was absolutely shocked at the total price because we had gotten what were supposed to be specials for the day. I used the calculator on my cell phone to make sure that the bill had been calculated correctly. She noticed that I was using a calculator to double check her figures and when I was done, she sarcastically said, “ So I added it up right?” and then made a noise as if she was totally disgusted. I eat most of my meals out and thought that I had found another spot that was going to be one of my favorites, but I will never go back to Hanna’s again.

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