Husky Pizza

565 Main St, Indian Orchard
(413) 543-5088

Recent Reviews

Gabrielle Hernandez

Never once disappointed with any pizza or grinder I have ordered. Best quality food I have ever tasted. Definitely a place I will recommend to a friend.

am grabo

Great food and staff, food was hot and delicious, will be ordering again!!

Happy Yo

Husky pizza is the best restaurant I have ever Been to. Food is delicious, on time and affordable. Staff is great.???????

Said Arslan

Awesome pizza and service. Friendly staff. Will order again. Thanks guys!


Came to my job on break with half off the order. Then come back with the other part and left it on the table. On top of that my grinder is made without lettuce that I requested. Both grinder and pizza all bread. Very disrespectful and I paid with cash. Plus a tip. They are done

Raj singh

Best food ever i had service was so nice ? Thanku for everything

Jaime Hernandez

Love Husky tasting pizza and grinders in the area...they are always happy to see you and the food is always on time...

Ai Nguyen

favorite pizza place around! staff is always super friendly and food never disappoints.

Brenda Prieto

I’m a person that don’t like pizza at all bc of the sauce(never liked pizza sause), I’ve tried them all you name it it tried it and this one was so good I will definitely will be buying more pizzas from this place. It was light sauce, very cheesy and this sauce was actually good ? I also order a Cheeseburger grinder with fries and a sour cream to dip my fries ? omg and that Garlic butter was so amazing ? with the pizza ?.The Calzone was also good. Everything was so Hot & Fresh even the Fries. I loved the good service and how they welcome you. Thank you Guys for your amazing job. I forgot to take pictures Of the rest.

Karen Gutkowski

First time we ordered there was today. I ordered a chicken parm grinder, picked it up got it home ,no sauce. My husband ordered a pizza worst stuff you ever ate he said.

Anne Decker

Skip the wings. The skin was dry and discolored and had an "off" texture. Were they hoping to put enough sauce on them that no one would notice? Come on, guys, why would you serve this?

Kate Gordon

Fantastic customer service. The staff are all friendly and genuinely nice people. The food is always great.

Joseph Roberts

This place has excellent pizza. We've been there probably a dozen times since they opened and have always had a good experience.

Emily Schools

We haven't gone to another pizza place since finding this gem. They're super friendly and the pizza is amazing. Also best fries like ever.

Laurie M

Had a problem with order manager called me back asap. Impressive on its own. Correcting error. So happy we've been ordering from them on a regular basis. Thank you

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