It's Just Wings

1175 Riverdale St W, Springfield
(469) 788-8130

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Very sloppy.

Brian O.

I rate this restaurant a 2 star because of how rude a waiter was, and we got our food insanely late, when we heard them laughing and goofing around in the kitchen

M P.

We walked in and the first sign we saw was we are short staff. We were immediately sat down and about three mins later the waiter came over and took our drink order. We then waiting 15 mins before we got up and left. Hey completely understand what short staffed is but he only had two tables. There was zero reason to wait 15 mins for two iced teas. Zero starts from me.

Walter B.

Chilis is a classic lunch go to for us! I've been coming to this specific location since I was 4 years old. Today we went again for lunch and I decided to support this location with a good review after having a great lunch here! I ordered the Old Timer burger with a black bean patty and no onions. It came with onions but it's such an easy thing to fix myself and they even asked if we wanted them to comp my meal or send it back. Like who the hell requests that much of a refund for such a small fix?! Our server was super friendly and we made some conversation with him. I wish I caught his name and I would give him a shoutout. The only thing is that there is a sign in the waiting area and on the door that says PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK TO PROTECT THE EMPLOYEES, OTHER DINERS, AND YOURSELF. Literally me and two other people were the only ones wearing masks. All of the other diners were not. The employees were though and it made us feel more comfortable. The chips and salsa is great! The chips came out hot and super crispy! The salsa has a tiny bit of a smoky kick (which is great) and a mild spicy taste! My burger was amazing and it tastes and looks exactly like the Morning Star black bean burgers which ARE amazing and the fries are seasoned well. The food came out at the exact right time and we left happy and full!

Tamika A.

Terrible service today we waited a hour to be served then we good half ass food the customer service sucks some of the waitresses were slow we had to get a new one and we had five hungry kids today wasn't a good day at Chili's

Paradox King

No sauce

Abigail G.

let me start by saying that our server was great. however, the restaurant as a whole appeared to be severely understaffed. right from the get the host was not personable and standoffish. we were told we couldn't sit at the bar area because that one waitress was too busy. it took us about 15 minutes just to get a drink after being seated, and my chicken tasted like perdue coated in cajun seasoning with school lunch spanish rice. i don't expect much from chains but no amount of Tapatio could salvage this trip. would've liked to have seen some sort of management presence to help with the struggling staff.

Walt S.

Always a great experience! Even with Covid restrictions the service and food are always awesome. Although it's inconvenient to have to wait in your car, it's worth it. From the host to the server, to the manager a positive experience. Food is always tasty and plentiful. In the slim chance you have a problem during your visit the managers will do their best to keep you satisfied.

Heather S

Good boneless wings with good sauce. Although the wings could be tossed better.. felt like they just pour the sauce on top of the chicken and called it good


for a place that is just wings.... they have no idea how to make wings ... just get The Hangar... sad

Chrissy H.

I've never been so disappointed as I was today. Salad was in a small to go container with the dressing container in it, barely any actual salad. Four pieces of broccoli and the bowl of soup was in a cup of soup container. All done with this Chili's for good.

Reen K.

I ordered DoorDash and the food was horrible. I ordered $65 work of food. I ordered the steak and shrimp fajita trio. My son and husband ordered the 10 ounce steak, baked potato and broccoli. This was really a waste of money. I know, with the Coronavirus floating, we still ordered to help the local restaurants. But sad part, my son has the virus, and this is the first time in two weeks he's been really feeling well and wanted steak. The flour tortilla was stale, I asked for corn on the cob and they sent sweet corn. They sent fries instead of baked potatoes and the broccoli wasn't fresh. I understand that things do occur, but if you don't have everything, just cancel the entire order. The steak wasn't even great. This doesn't seem like the same Chili's I ordered my husband's food a few months ago and gave a great review. They need to try again. No seasoning on the food and not worth the money.

Melissa T.

This used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I am not sure if it's just this location or a company trying to cut corners but we had an awful experience here tonight. The pictures advertised in their menu resemble absolutely NOTHING you actually get. The portion sizes have significantly decreased. My son literally had about 10 fries on his plate when it came out. Our food was mediocre. We never got chips and salsa like every other table. We were never offered drink refills. Our waitress then came to us and told us that there was a party of 16 coming in and if she wasn't around much that was why. I understand that a large party requires a lot of assistance but I am paying the same price for my food as they are. As soon as they came in we failed to exist. I had to call the manager over to get us our check after waiting 45 minutes after we were finished eating to leave. The manager was kind and apologized, but then proceeded to say to me "well since your in a hurry, I'll check on your bill". Um, no. After 45 minutes of waiting, I want my check or I'm going to leave without paying. I definitely won't be back. Chili's is nothing more than a glorified friendlys. Ugh. Don't waste your money. Go elsewhere.

Karen D.

I have been to this Chili's location countless times. And while it's not the greatest restaurant, it's usually at least okay. When I visited February 3rd ,a Monday evening with my daughter it was terrible. Like I won't be back terrible. I ordered the ranchero taco meal. Which when it arrived I noticed there was no spicy sauce, the girl responded they were out. Something the waitress failed to mention. So she brought me some other sauce I chose. Then as I'm eating the taco I realize it's also missing the cilantro and the queso fresca. The chicken was dried and cold and the tortIlla was hard on the edges like it was old. I didn't want to send it back I was with my toddler and didn't want to take the time but thought I I'd wait to eat the last one and let the waitress know. She never came back so I couldn't tell her. Good thing I didn't intend to send it back. No refill on my empty beverage was ever offered. Rice and beans came on the side and the rice was legit completely uncooked. The restaurant was mostly empty so I don't know what the problem was. I probably could have left without paying the bill and nobody would let have even noticed. I tried to go on Chili's website and contact them directly but didn't find any obvious spot to do so. So here I am. Oh and to top it off I signed into my rewards to get my beverage free, which it shows I used that reward but it failed to take it off the bill. Again waitress was still not back at this point, I was so irritated I just left.


Stopped in for a bite after driving around New England for hours. We were seated right away. Our server, Rebekah Tr, was friendly and helpful. We ordered drinks and an appetizer. She came back a little while later and took our orders. Her friendliness and smile were a pleasure especially since it was dinner time on a Saturday. We were served the appetizer and the meal came out a few minutes after we finished. She came back to check on us multiple times during dinner. As we were nearing the end of our meals, she returned and asked if we needed to-go containers and brought them quickly. This is one of the best experiences that we have had in a while at Chili's. Great job Rebekah!!

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