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Luis Ovalle

I give the food a 6.5/10. I had a burrito, birria tacos and carnitas. So yeah food was okay but the reason I give it 2 stars is because of the wait. I dined in on a Thursday night and had to wait 40 minutes for my food. Way too long for a dine in , in a little restaurant.

Vanessa Rios

I was going to leave a review here regarding your horrible customer service and the experience I had but by the looks of the other reviews and lack of professionalism on y'alls end by your replies to them lol it speaks for itself that y'all DON'T care what the people who pay you have to say

Jazzie Rosado

I waited for a door dash for here for over 20 minutes. Came back inside and they just dropped a empanada and fries. A extra 10 minutes. It’s sad because I have to miss out on other orders because I have to wait here. Door dash gives a pick up time and for every order. Every order I gotten here is never ready. I won’t be picking up from here any more. I’m not saying they aren’t working hard in here but if you can’t make the pick up time. Then don’t accept door dash orders. Or get more workers during lunch time.EDIT & reply to the owner -as a long time dasher, the app provides US with a pick up time as to when the food should be ready or on a pick up shelf. This store is the longest wait I EVER EXPERIENCED. There’s NO REASON AS TO WHY any dasher has to wait past 20 minutes after the pick up provided time. 5 minutes is more reasonable. But I’m not here to say nobody isn’t working hard back there. Just adjust ur staff when needed. or don’t accept ALL door dash orders if ya can’t make them on time. Is not as simple as declining an order WHEN THERES a PROVIDED PICK UP TIME. But no worries I’m not returning to this store. SIMPLE. Good luck fellow dashers who pick up here.

Everardo Reyes

Had the nachos with steak and the birra tacos. Nachos were good. The consome that came with the birra tacos was really good! The tacos could have used a bit more cheese but still were very tasty.

David Nieves Jr.

The food was delicious. Service was prompt and helpful. We spent more than we wanted to, but we found it was worth the money after we dug into the food.

Javier Davila

Awesome food ? don't forget to ask for the FAMOUS LIMBERS all kinds of flavors

mildred simmons

I didn't order food, I door dash but I'll tell you I wont even order food from here because every time I come to pick up they won't even acknowledge you. Its rare that I wait less than 10 minutes, after not even being asked if I've been serviced I just leave. So its time wasted I get being busy but at least let me know you're busy instead of just walking by me multiple times

Vanessa “Vane” Aguirre

They were at the Holyoke Fiesta Patronales and we waited 60 minutes for two alcapurrias.

Colleen Serre

Thank you Emma for providing our dinner last night at the WBOA Social Media Boot Camp. It was delicious! Always fresh and full of flavor.

sandra vazquez

Great food. We got the chicken patacon and the tostones and carne frita with salad. All of it was awesome. And the staff is always nice.

Laz Giles

Definitely would recommend, I've had several things on the menu, all delicious!

Eugene Thurston

I find that this place has very good Mexican and Spanish food I enjoyed my burrito very much. I also had potato balls they were all so delicious. Recommend you get a smoothie with that meal they are also good. This is why I gave this place a high rating because the food is hot and fresh and delicious.

Desyre Z

First & LAST time coming hereI wanna start off by saying this place is very unprofessional. I ordered a fried chimichanga and the lady who took the order claimed she told us it’s basically a pool of sauces when she didn’tWhich doesn’t make the order fried, it’s more like soggy chimichanga.The chef came and asked if we wanted red or green tomato sauce.Mind u I order this to go.When I left, I tried this soggy “fried chimichanga”The chimichanga is awful the and the presentation was very dull, very soggy and tasted like a lot of vinegar . So I went inside and they tried to disrespect and tell me that they wasn’t redoingMy order and that I had toRepay so I kept statingHow I wasn’t asking for a refund, I just wanted the order redidThe female cook had the nerve to go back and forth with me being disrespectfulwhen clearly I paid for my foodThe older women which I believe is the owner, had to tell her to redo it because they were tired of me.Mind u when I came in there I came humble. They gave me an attitude. I gave the same energy backIf you want professionalism and good tasting real Mexican food DO NOT COME HERE !!!Very unprofessional The female chef in the back got to much mouth Makes the business look bad. Not even the owner couldn't make her shut up.What employee argues with a customer ????If you're gonna run a business, stop hiring family that doesn’t care about your business. If you don’t like something,Make sure you put up a signNo refundsNo exchangeso that a customer thinks twice before ordering nasty food and taking orders,Then after she redid it, all she gave me was the fried chimichanga and didn’t put the sauces on the side like I asked for originally and didn’t put the side salad either.Picture posted.

jessica Martinez

The food is kind of pricey i had this plate that came with chicken n steak n shrimp i tell u that was awful nothing Mexican about that place i order my steak medium rare it was completely raw also they supposedly mexirico has no Puerto Rican food at all

Daniel Lozada

I didn’t know what to think about this place at first, Me being Mexican from out of state decided to give it a try and it definitely wasn’t bad. I tried the quesabirria and it was really good, next time hopefully I would like to try some of their Puertorican food.

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MexiRico Restaurant and Food Shop

64 Hancock St, Springfield, MA 01109
(413) 317-7142