Nosh Cafè and Restaurant

1341 Main St, Springfield
(413) 237-1822

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Numbers Madrid

I am a regular visitor here and just love taking time out during a break from working nearby. So today I had a very long dental appointment to restore implants and as a result my mouth was still sore but I needed lunch! I usually choose a superfood salad which is amazing but I didn’t have much time and the effort of chewing was just too much. The lovely staff (Jill &co) actually made me amazing tuna sandwiches minus the (usually tasty) crusts! Great customer care today. Thank you so much

Elaine Dukakis-Berardi

I have been to this place three times and look forward to going back this week for lunch. The menu is totally creative and I enjoy that they use locally grown food as much as is possible in this area in developing their menu. Each time that I have been there, the service has been spot on and the consistency of food quality is the same each time. Reasonable prices. You will not be disappointed!

Drew F

Great meal this afternoon - I got a veggie sandwich and a fresh glass of kombucha which was on tap. The waitress was kind and patient and helped adjust the entree for our preferences. They even brought out a small snack for my dog! Quiet patio off of the main drag yet close to 91. Highly recommend if you’re in Springfield!

Nathan North

Nosh has fresh, delicious options you can feel good about. Their pricing is reasonable and the portions generous. Every bit of flavor profile in my sandwich from the bread to the ample contents was fantastic. I had the Colorado Cruiser this time and we will surely be back again soon!!! My only regret about Nosh is they don’t yet have a second location in the Boston Rd/Parker St area so we can visit more often (everyday lunch?!? SO MUCH YES)

Mandie Huerta

I recommend everything! we ordered a bunch of food the other night along with the oatie cream pies. the oatie cream pies weren't available when we picked up our order, so they delivered them! they were PHENOMENAL!!! I need more!!

Kiara Morales

Funny how the news puts vegan options. I didn’t know having a slice of cheese and calling it vegetarian was vegan now. Watching the owner correct people’s grammar when they’re complimenting the food looks absolutely childish.

Dominique Rheault

Absolutely amazing and quality food!!!

Claire Vershon Wales

Teri is a great cook. Have known her for years. Breads are fantastic!

Alina C.

Thank you for sending lunch to the Baystate COVID ICU, I'm one of the nurses working there today. Everything is delicious!!

Stephanie M.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover this place, but I have to say the Green Monstah sandwich was absolutely life altering, mind blowing, and I am still day dreaming about it 3 days later. I can not wait to go back and try everything on the menu. Even if my waist line, and wallet, would heavily disagree.

Veronica Arabudzki

I was SO happy to find a place with healthy food! I had the Hot Friggin Goat sandwich with their gluten free bread and I left fat and happy! Very filling and tasty.

Arlene Correa

Nice place a little small but good customer service.

Gregory Pasternak

the atmosphere was very good, staff are super friendly and funny to..they make pretty much everything in-house. The food is delicious and would recommend them to anyone and cant wait for my next visit there.

Shaun Fay

excellent customer service, great atmosphere, clean, friendly as well as a healthy mix of food and beverages...Absolutely a Diamond in the Rough...

Ladesha B.

Food is really good and nice customer service. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because of prices. Again the food is good and no complaints about that...but 8, 9, 10 dollars for a sandwich is a bit much.. and didn't come with free baked chips or a drink, well mines didn't...

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