Pearl House Restaurant

459 Main St, Indian Orchard
(413) 543-3394

Recent Reviews

Nelly R

I've been ordering from here for about 5+ years I usually have my food delivered until today... (Due to the pandemic there is no delivery so you have to pick up your order) and I'm so glad I did. As soon as I walked in I noticed how clean the front desk was, once I walked up to pay I looked around the kitchen and I was so pleased to see the cleanliness of the kitchen counters and floors where the chef was cooking. They even had sanitizer wipes to wipe the counters. The food was hot and fresh like always.

Venessa Closser

Best chicken and broccoli in Springfield. Hands down.

Amy M.

Disappointed. In an entire quart of pepper steak, there were only a handful of SMALL pieces of meat. The rest of the container was onion and a little green pepper. The sauce was super watery. The egg rolls were done nicely but had a weird peppery taste. The wonton soup was pretty good. I wouldn't go out of my way to order from here again.


Photos of the menu in case anybody needs them

Mikayla Lozada

I’ve been going here for years and years I love them and they cook it so fast there’s barely any wait. I would definitely recommend!

Anthony Rodrigues

This is the best place for Chinese food, the staff is great and will go out of their way to change something for you. I will never go anywhere else for Chinese food. You will love it when you eat there. Try it you'll love it.

she is Bear

I’ve been waiting here for years the place used to be so good and the people were always friendly. I don’t know what happened but the rice taste very bland and the other stuff meh ? If you fix this I would order again.

Kevin J. Moyer-Wilkes

Good food but no atmosphere

Kaylie Rebecca

Definitely one of my favorite Chinese places around, been going here for many years. They have the absolute BEST crab Rangoon, and they always make your food fresh.

Araeya Sunshyne

Best chinese ever. I've lived around here my entire life I never knew it existed until a few weeks ago I missed out best food ever!

trini rosa

I order food for first time and the boneless spare ribs was definitely old was not fresh the rice taste burnt won’t be going back ?

Keishla Ortiz

They stole my money and didn’t bring me what I wanted never again!

Steve B

My go to spot for Chinese. Mmmm mmm mm

Stephen Westerling

Great Chinese takeout. Reasonably priced, large portions, and the quality of food is great. General Tso's chicken has the perfect amount of heat to it.

Nicole Frazier

This is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Springfield. The food is great, the price is right and the service is excellent. We always order from Pearl House and have never been disappointed.

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