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K Tyree

Very nice hotel! Spacious and comfortable room. Clean bathroom linens and towels are very nice. Large open atrium in lobby open all the way to top floor. Within walking distance of many restaurants, shops, museums, and the MGM Casino.

Thomas Rooney

Been to a few safety meetings here in there banquet facilities! Nice clean facility! Sometimes the food has been kinda bland! Love the Indian motorcycle in the main lobby! Tribute to Springfield(Home of the Indian)!

Zaida Hoyt

It?s unfortunate that I can?t review solely on the comfort and cleanliness of this room. But I was charged twice for one of the two nights spent here, left a message on the accounting voicemail as directed, and have been given no response. I?ve just left a second message. This experience has negated Some of the good feeling I had about the stay. If you stay here watch your credit card statement for any unpleasant surprises!

jeraldo Vega

Nice hotel, even though right in the heart of Springfield, very easy access from 91south right into hotel parking and hotel, 12 stories. Big rooms, fair prices, next to MGM casino

Rich H.

This hotel is located in the downtown area. It's a decent hotel with very friendly and attentive front desk staff. There are a couple of restaurants on site, a typical gym (the pool was closed) and well-maintained rooms. If you haven't been to Springfield before, this area is DEAD at night. Although there's a CVS right across the street, it closes at 7pm. That should tell you everything. That being said, the Sheraton has pretty much what you need on site. It's also walking distance from the casino, so if you need something to do...there's always that.

Jada Ficarra

I stayed for two nights at the Sheraton with some friends. I was greeted at the front desk by Noah, who was working the front desk by himself. His customer service was excellent and instantly made me feel welcome. However, it was clear that he needed help as he was the only one checking people in. Because of the service, I will look into staying there the next time I travel to Springfield.

Areerat T

The Sheraton was a very large and nice hotel. The shower was very clean and the beds were very comfortable. We had a nice view of the Connecticut River and the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame from our room. The reason why we gave it a 4 star and not a 5 is because they charged us for everything. A bottle of water costs $2, unlike Hilton who gives 4 bottles and free cookies to every room. They also charge for parking which usually comes with the room. But overall the hotel was very nice.

Jd C.

Enjoyed our stay here. The hotel is close to the casino and other activities in downtown. There's a park along the river to go running in. Best part was the bed- it was fantastic!

Tyler Bergeron

I stayed at the Sheraton in February for a job interview. The hotel was booked by the company I was interviewing with. Despite having a receipt from the company that booked the hotel I was charged the full amount for the room. After at least 10 phone calls and speaking with Nina in billing I still have yet to receive my refund of $194. She stated twice that she would refund my card. This still has yet to happen. I requested authorization for charging my card $194 and of course it was not received. It is my view that an error in their computer system should not cost me $194. I have receipts from the booking but they have taken 6 months to provide a reason, or issue a refund. My first stay at a Sheraton and my last.

Barbara Eber-Schmid

It's a nice hotel in a good location. However, the lighting in the rooms are poor. The bathroom light is the worst and rather difficult to apply makeup. They also don't have any little side mirror for makeup application. It would take very little to update the bathroom needs particularly for women.

Leyani L.

I had a great stay at this property this past weekend. Before my arrival I needed some things to be arranged and the team (Nikki) took care of my request and execute it well. The hotel is very clean and located around a lot of good spots for dinner, entertainment and sightseeing. The gym is large, one of the largest and most well equipped gyms I have seen. The pool was nice as well. I would definitely be back when in town, not just for the amenities the hotel offers but for the customer service as well. very very nice people. thank you team at Sheraton Springfield.

Nancy Brome

I have stayed here twice now. I am so impressed with the staff. All are so polite and have amazing professional manners. No problem can't be solved with this crew. Location is fabulous. Nice gym.

William Peckham

Great rooms, good food, adequate bar, fine view. Harley Davidson in the lobby. Seriously cool place to stay.

Brad Davidson

Love this place. Convenient location, super friendly staff, excellent wings at the pub. Have stayed before, will again.

Michael Troyer

Great location. Good staff. Dated and Noisy rooms (along the highway).

Kevin Campbell

Came here for a business event. Event was awful. Hotel accommodations were pretty good. Food was good and plentiful. Parking was nightmarish. Nobody knew what was going on and nobody told me that the (Only!) ticket terminal was on the bottom floor of the garage. Luckily it was broken anyways and they just let everyone leave without paying. They need to get their parking plan together

Armand Provost

Nice Hotel and many cafe and Restaurant choices. Under renovations while open.. Nice and quiet atmosphere

Sue Finnerty

Great place to view fireworks on Fourth of July!

Ron Matthews

Sheraton seems to be one of those hotel chains that has hit rock bottom and started digging.

Gwen A. Burke

I attended The PWC Woman of the Year Award ceremony last night. The Event was held in a welcoming banquet space, The wait staff friendly and attentive, the dinner delicious! Perfect evening!

Cavoris Harris

the staff are great friendly people they make you feel super welcomed like your family any hotel that can give me the comfort of home is the best hotel

Karen Wunderlich

Beautiful place to stay. Room was great and bed was comfortable. Close to so many things.

Amy C.

We arrived at 6:50pm to find the buffet ending and we waited a few minutes to be seated in order to order off the regular menu. Everyone was very nice and we were the only party in the restaurant for quite a while. The venue was clean and comfortable. We had 9 in our group. The service was friendly but super slow. We all ordered and waited forever for the food to come. It didn't all come out at once. We sat with our meals in front of us as we waited for everyone to be served. My walnut salad with chicken had a nice dressing and was a good portion but nothing special. The chicken was all dried up, as if it had been sitting under heat lamps for an hour. Not good. Finally gave up waiting for the last meal and we all ate. The last meal came out as we were all finished. The mac and cheese was good and the (late) ravioli was fine but again, nothing special. An apology was offered and we were told the food was accidentally taken up to room service and they had to make a new plate. Fine, accidents happen but it should have removed from the check and it was not. No wine menu was offered so we all just ordered. When the bill arrived, I was surprises to see two glasses were 8.00 each and my stingy pour (less than all the other glasses served) of pinot noir was 15.00! Outrageous! I looked up the label online and it retails for less than 13.00 a bottle. I won't be going back.I do not recommend. You have been warned

Major William E. Kieda Jr.

Had our JROTC military ball there. Fantastic service thank you Steve thank you Manny. Everything was set up fantastic accommodations, made it work for all our requests, dance floor was enlarged. food was delicious. Will be reserving for 2020.

Rich L.

Lobster bisque is awesome and really enjoyed the braised short ribs. Our server was amazing.

Ian L.

Not bad, seriously, not bad for a simple hotel restaurant. DISCLAIMER: I was staying at the Sheraton for MEPS purposes. So yes, this meal was free. But just because my meal was free does not mean I lose the ability to judge taste. I will not use the fact this was free in the restaurant's favor as technically it was paid by the government. Point being, I will not put pricing into consideration for this review. Service was very nice, quick and easy. Food came out very fast as well. I decided to give the Fish and Chips a try, I did not expect a good fish and chips from a hotel restaurant and to be honest I started regretting my decision after thinking about it but I was glad I chose it. Let me tell you this, I have had fish in my life. Some from cheap fresh seafood shacks, some from high quality restaurants and even at home. I couldn't believe what I was eating, seriously. The entire fish was breaded perfectly, crispy and light. The breading held extremely well and the fish, oh my if that fish was frozen I would be surprised. The textures were great, the seasoning was throughout the entire fish inside and out. For a lot of the fish and chips I have had in life, you take a bite and say to yourself "eh it definitely needs sauce" to make it enjoyable but this time......the sauce just made it not just enjoyable but heavenly. Looking at the lack of popularity and reviews for this restaurant, I expected nothing. Everyone else said they were pleased with their food as well. The only issue I had was the fries. They were okay, slightly stale but not really. But if the fries were just as good as the fish I would have lost my mind. Breakfast buffet was just like any other hotel breakfast buffet. It was just OK. They did not have bacon when I went, only sausage. Bummer. Pleasant surprise with the service and the fish though, seriously, I know what I'm getting when I come back in July.

Paula M.

So the entire ride to Massachusetts we had warnings about the snow that was to come we were prepared because we knew. You'd think the hotel would do the same. Checked into the hotel, as one of our guest a LIFETIME PLATINUM ELITE we were able to enjoy a few perks like free parking and the club lounge. Now night 1 was okay, the club lounge evening food was just okay, not great and the worker looked extremely over worked but none the less it served it's purpose. The room was nice nothing outstanding but nice and was said to be a renovated room. (Room 1005) Night 2 is where the issues started. First they closed/ stopped the food service for the evening in the lounge because of the weather. That's a first, I know they have room service so didn't make much sense but fine.... Then we go to the sports bar where literally 3 things from the menu are available of everything that listed on the menu. Strike 2 my mother has dietary restraints and it was just sad what options we were left with. Not only that THEY CLOSED EARLY and even tried to say they wouldn't make our orders after they were placed. Big chunk of our group stayed I left. I say fine go up to order room service and what do you know CLOSING EARLY ALSO. you'd think the hotel would properly staff a hotel but apparently wasn't on their to do list. The icing on the cake was a part of our group was in room 922 (my boyfriend) he woke up to intense itching and what do you know BED BUGS!!!!! And when he went to the front desk they literally didn't even attempt to go to the room & check it out or even switch his room. At 4am he hit the road to go home & I followed suit. This hotel was the absolute worse and the staff was ridiculously unconcerned with customer service! They sit on their phone at the front desk and barley give u the time of day when u walk up. The best part of the trip was the shuttle to the MGM. I can't image why anyone would stay at this hotel unless you had no alternative. ** And please note that because the front desk refused to even make an effort to address the bed bugs they're likely still in the room. Someone needs to contact me I always stay Marriott and this by far was my worse experience! I get that weather is something you can't control however the forecast said the same thing the entire week. To close every single food option early and not even offer a quarter of the menu it was a joke. Save yourself save your time and save your money! I am in the passenger seat writing this review because my experience was just that bad!!! [email protected]

Stacy P.

After a very long day of flying into Boston, and then taking the train into Springfield, and then a long wait for an uber... Our experience at the Sheraton was underwhelming to say the least. 30 to 45 minutes at check-in. Every hockey parent and their child running amuck and only one desk clerk checking everyone in. We slowly make our way to the front, and another clerk joins the first one who is quickly dissolving in the quicksand. I casually overhear that the hockey community is staying on the 5th floor. I request any floor besides 5. They put us on the club level floor (in which we have access to the VIP club room that provides light snacks and continental breakfast items with a nice view and tvs). Entering a cold hotel room (we immediately put on the heat), turn on the television which looks a lot like it does outside (snow). Also, the toilet doesn't flush properly. What a way to MAKE an entrance. Shall I try to plug in my charger into the electrical outlet fire hazard coming out of the wall? No thanks. We call downstairs to let the office know what we are dealing with. They offer us some complimentary snacks. Sorry to say, but the Pepsi and chips aren't going to make up for the hotel pit. We left to attend my high school reunion, and when we had gotten back and entered the room, it was ice cold again. We phoned downstairs, and they offered to switch our rooms. At 1:30AM??? Um, no. The elevators seem to be an issue, and some children had gotten stuck in one of them for an extended period of time, as you could clearly hear throughout the hallways. In the morning, we head to the VIP club around 9:45 to have breakfast before checking out. The attendant working the club had a pisspoor attitude like we were doing her a disservice by being there. They were out of I'm eating cereal with a fork, the coffee dispenser was about empty, and she said she wasn't replacing anything and that they also are out of condiments. My boyfriend, after opening some drawers, finds more food and condiments hidden away. She was washing dishes in the sink with no soap. I'm about to throw up watching this all happen. This is just unsanitary, and coming from a kitchen background I am speechless. Someone needs to fix this. Stat! Who is running this show anyway??

Ashley M.

I worked at the Sheraton hotel for 6 months before transferring on to another Starwood Preferred Hotel. While I was here, there was the best Human Resources Team possible LaTina, Jennifer, and Anjelika. They were always there for us at any time we needed them, and it was appreciated more than they could know. I also wanted to say how hard working Maria was in Housekeeping. No matter what we needed in Guest Services she always ran around like a wild woman trying to help everyone out! She's the best there is too.

Tamara B.

Nice hotel. Staff are very nice and friendly. Water is nice and hot and the shower has a great spray. My room has a refrigerator in it which is always nice when you spend time on the road. I was here for a day and half and the hotel maids adhered to my "do not disturb" sign which is always a plus. Two negatives is the internet is terrible keeps dropping off and that instead of calling and giving them notice that you're having someone deliver your food; so they know who it is in advance for security purposes. You have to go downstairs and pick it up.

M B.

My room was old but satisfactory with the usual coffee/tea and no microwave The biggest problem was the noise which would echo up from every floor especially at the weekends when the hotel had sporting events on the television which was even louder during live Boxing events

Amy B.

Don't bother staying here ! If you want a wake up call you won't get one. The only access for a microwave is behind the front desk and you will have to give it to the front desk worker to handle and heat up. Annoying. I went to the gym to try and use the steam room and it was broken. When I went to talk to the gym employee he responded with if it doesn't turn on then it's broken. He didn't care to check or try and fix it. Don't use the Creamer in the room bc it's old , chunky and moldy

M R.

I was overcharged by one night, and three weeks later, I have STILL not been refunded, even though I've been assured twice that I will be. By the estimation of the Assistant General Manager, Thomas Plunkett, I should have seen the refund a week ago, but still nothing and they have stopped responding to my emails. I was not given a bill at checkout and only knew when I checked my credit card. I stayed here for a conference, but after this experience, never again! A mistake is just a mistake until they refuse to make it right through lack of action. Then it's theft. It was expensive to begin with, and I got a group rate for a conference. Go elsewhere and save yourself the hassle!

Ed B.

Review only deals with banquet services. No not book a event at this location. Food is mediocre at best. They don't have enough staff. Had to tip a waitress to have her bring our table more water. Lines were outrageous for buffet. We were just there for a kids event, I would hate for someone to have their wedding or major event ruined. Absolutely awful in every way.

Heather S.

Gross and old hotel. Bathrooms are old and feel dirty. The bathtub drain is almost completely blocked. My window shade is broken and halfway hanging off its base and the metal string has been broken off and thrown behind the curtain. I have had 3 interactions with staff since I have been here and 2 of the 3 felt like I was talking with a bratty teenager with an attitude. I don't know what other hotel options are around here but chances are, they are better than this establishment.

Rockies W.

Nice hotel. Clean and comfy beds. The breakfast was good. The pool was colder than we would of liked it. The shower didn't have much water pressure. Overall, we were happy with our stay.

Rich T.

Trey was excellent super polite. Great problem solver. The hotel was beautiful and will stay here again. The rates were affordable too. Thanks Trey!

Jon G.

This place is amazing!!! The food is great, but the service is what really makes it shine! It's refreshing to know that places like this still exist-places where you feel right at home and well cared for by the staff. We will definitely be back!!!

Krystle S.

I have stayed at this hotel every other week for nearly 6mo as a job I am doing nearby requires I travel frequently to Springfield. The location and view of the river are great...and that's about where it stops. Checking IN: Staff are friendly and hospitable. I've rarely if ever had any issues. My only real complaint is the inconsistency of perks given to guests. I'm a SPG member and sometimes I'll get 12th floor access, sometimes I won't. Sometimes I get the little goody bag, sometimes I don't. When I've asked they can't offer an explanation and bid me on my way without a goody bag - again even though I come every other week. Rooms: OLD. They did do a refresh on some of the floors but most of the time I stay I'm in an older room with an old bathroom. The shower, new room or old, isn't great. They need new heads. The older rooms you can't find a convenience plug anywhere, no usb, nothing - oh but there's a fax outlet! :) NEW. The new rooms have some updated finishes and the bathrooms are touched up with the fixtures but it's not too far from the older rooms. They have usb ports and plugs on the lamps and a coffee maker. That's really it. You get a newspaper at your door everyday - which I wish they'd let you opt-into instead of a blanket decree. Such a waste - I never read it and I always trip on it leaving. Food & Facilities: PICKS - it's ALWAYS dead. I have never seen more than 3 people in the entire restaurant at a time. I made the mistake of going to eat there for breakfast and dinner and both times I had the place completely to myself. It's also really awkward. The food isn't great at all. Skip and just go to Starbucks or other eatery. MVP - this place always has people in it and the food comes from the Picks kitchen. They make decent drinks - nothing to write home about - and they're open late. The food is pretty terrible and they often get the orders wrong. Often as I try to get a medium rare burger it always comes out beyond well done. This place has so often disappointed me, disgusted me, and made me shake my head that it's become a joke among my colleagues. Despite all this, the staff really a great. They do their best with often, if not always, being understaffed and unappreciated by the Hotel in this particular venue. Because of them and the super low key dive that this really is, it's come to be one of my favorite places. I have zero expectations and I know the food will be crappy and the drinks strong. Weird I know, but love the devil you know right? 12th Floor VIP Lounge: Don't be upset if you don't get access to this room. There's little appetizers in chaffing dishes that dry out the Costco food they kept in a bunker somewhere 10yrs ago. It's DISGUSTING - ALWAYS, EVERYTIME. Don't bother, don't bother, don't bother. There's coffee and tea and soda for free and fruit but really there's nothing worth it in this "lounge". Gym: Old and outdated sticky equipment. It's also only open till 9 or 10pm - terrible! We often don't get back till late so not having 24hr access is disappointing. They probably did that because it also has pool access which I have yet to try. Overall, I'm giving 2 stars because that's what it deserves. You've got great people in a pretty downtrodden hotel...which is a bit like the town of Springfield anyway. Great people in a city that gotten a bit shabby and they make do and press on the best they can. I do think they can revamp and refresh the food across the board - that alone would help a lot.

Jeffery Pease-Renaud

I attended the Howdy Awards... the dinner was excellent!! The only thing that was lacking was attentiveness & Friendlmess of waitstaff. As a Banquet Manager I noticed so many issues but the biggest for me was servers not engaging with their tables.. our table never received refills on waters, even after being asked two times... we never received coffee with dessert either, one of the guests at our tables had to get up and go to the side of wall where coffee was sitting on tray stands and served our entire table coffee. As I stated there were other issues I saw but these stuck out like a sore thumb.

Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel

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