The Chandler Steakhouse

One MGM Way, Springfield
(413) 273-5420

Recent Reviews

John Smith

Will not return. Food was cold and terrible. Wait staff is inattentive. On top of it all, very expensive for the poor quality of the food.

Wayne Schlessman

Wonderful time and a great place to relax and enjoy a really good meal. The service is wonderful and the food will totally please you. Everything from steak to vegan entrees for your dining delight and be sure to leave a little room for desert, they're are awesome and well worth the time to explore.


I must say after reading all the reviews i was leery on trying this place. I have had a good experience here the last 4 times I've went. Normally sit at the bar or lounge area. I've tried 3 different steaks and they remind me of the other steak places like Capital grill and such. Side prices are a little high and not to great but not horrible. Had the carrot and they were under cooked, Fries are ok but huge helping and the seasoning was gross couldn't finish. Potato puree is hard to eat as it too soupy and runs off everything. Steaks were great and my guest said the Lobster was good. I'll keep coming back for the steak!

Ryan D.

This steakhouse is not a Longhorn or Outback. This a high class restaurant that requires dress attire and a wallet full of money. The food and service are amazing everything is beyond fresh and the steak I ordered basically melted away on my plate. A spoon cut through it with ease and all the side and desserts were amazing. I would recommend only as a very special occasion as you'll need a personal loan to pay the bill if you bring your whole family here. Only reason it gets 4 stars is just that.

Heather L.

It's unfortunate that the restaurant says it has hours from 5-10 today and isn't open. We've planned all day to go there. I walkover you see how busy they are only to find they aren't open. The hours online clearly state they are open. Actually this is the third time in 3 months that we've been here and it's not been open any of those times.

Kathy L.

This place is fantastic. My husband and I came here twice over our Anniversary weekend and were treated so well. Come on in and ask for Laurie!

Matt Murphy

We sat at the bar for a low key dinner on a late Saturday night. Thankfully, this restaurant was the only redeeming thing at this MGM property. Food was fantastic, bartenders were as skilled as they were friendly. Don?t come to the MGM to stay in the hotel, but if you happen to be here I?d definitely recommend this place for a quality dinner or casual cocktails.

Lisa Quin

Went with my husband for my birthday and for the $230 we should have cooked our own food at home.. staff was rude..I believe because we went in wearing hoodies, Jordan?s and ball caps and what not looking a little rough on the edges.. our original plans for the night was to just gamble and leave but as my husband tells me I deserve to have whatever I would like to eat for dinner although we was not dressed for the occasion.. as i was still sitting in my seat I asked to use the bathroom and I was escorted out to use the casinos bathroom instead..I wanted to say something but I didn?t want to ruin my birthday vibes.. just because we paid our bill and I asked to use the bathroom didn?t mean we was done with our table..I wanted to sit back down and talk a little longer because I was enjoying and celebrating my birthday.. instead we was escorted out.. NEVER AGAIN

Mike B.

Absolutely amazing steak got the 20oz bone in ribeye for 58 bucks it is pricey but I at least felt that I got my moneys worth. Our server Lori Was very helpful and accommodating. I usually leave fancy steak houses like this feeling unsatisfied with average quality food and extremely high prices but this one was very much worth it.


BEST Steakhouse EVER! Food and service was A+++++ Seriously, never had such great food. Well worth the $!!!

alicia ward

I love good food and will spend on it. However, here is way over priced. Spent 58 dollars on steak and 4 dollars on water. Everything else was 10 or 21 dollars extra charge. Between two people it came to 200 not worth it.

Jim R.

On Sept 7, 2019, We were a party of 8, it took over 2 hours to get our food to the table, and the table of 6 that was next to us, arrived just before us, they were served and meal completed and left before our meals were served. I had to have my steak returned because I ordered medium well and it was not even "medium" Basically, none of us was satisfied with the quality of the meal for the price we had to pay. My vegetable was cool to lukewarm. Those that ordered the Lobster bisque stated it was great. And the only other positive comment i can make was that the Staff was super friendly. I normally will not post a negative review, however; we all were disappointed.

Jeff Soley

First time visiting before Aerosmith concert. On a positive note my glass of wine was good. Decent lobster appetizer. Unfortunately the rest of the meal did not match the ambiance of the restaurant and the attentive service we received. Our Caesar salad was bland, the sautéed spinach side was way too salty, and one would have thought my veal parm entree l was reheated from the day before. Very disappointed but would have been upset if this had been a â??specialâ? occasion meal.

Sam Stone

Amazing food, had to wait 30 mins for a table despite having a reservation

Roger K.

This was the last of the major dining establishments that we had yet to visit while in the MGM Casino. Neither one of us was hungry enough to have a full dinner, and the Chandler Steakhouse looked like a rather formal dining establishment. But I noticed part of their sign outside their entrance had the word "burgers" prominently displayed. We didn't see burgers anywhere on the menu posted alongside the entrance, so we inquired at the hostess desk. We were informed that while they don't print it on their menu, the kitchen definitely will prepare a burger. With that assurance, we were offered seating in the lounge area adjacent to the bar. The atmosphere is typical old-school steakhouse with heavy dark wood. Our server Nora was friendly and informative. When we mentioned that we were interested in having burgers, she informed us that the kitchen made delicious burgers that were served with lettuce, tomato, and an aged cheddar cheese with French fries on the side along with a slice of pickle for $25. We asked what cut of meat was used for the beef and were told it was prime rib. We both ordered our burgers medium-rare and my wife asked for a side of Herb Roasted Mushrooms ($12) to accompany the burgers. We also ordered The Chandler Roll ($17) as an appetizer. While waiting for our food, we relaxed in very comfortable padded stools at our high-top, sharing a bottle of Pellegrino ($8.50). My wife ordered a White Negroni ($16) and was amazed at how flavorful it was with Boodles Ginsuze, Lillet, and grapefruit bitters. My request for a Hooker draft was met with a chuckle by all, and after being informed that the Hooker had kicked, I switched to an Iron Duke Generosity Lager ($9). It was only an average lager, nothing to write home about. Our Chandler Roll appetizer was very tasty with spicy salmon, king crab, cucumber, and a wasabi aioli. It was not overly spicy and the fresh cucumber added a nice crunch. Our burgers arrived at a perfect medium-rare. Due to a low battery I was not able to get a photo. Having just lettuce, tomato and a thin slice of the melted aged cheddar allowed the full flavor of the beef to be appreciated. The cheddar was still noticeable and the brioche bun was fresh. I did have to turn my burger upside down while eating it because the juice of the burger had started saturating the bottom of the bun. The fries were very good, but it seemed like there were just too many of them. It remains to be seen if we'll ever be hungry enough when visiting MGM to come to Chandler's for a full dinner. But I believe if we have a hankering for burgers again, we may be willing to shell out 50% more for the Chandler quality and atmosphere over the TAP sports bar offerings.

Amy M.

The atmosphere is dark and cozy. We sat in the lounge area because we didn't have reservations, but it was very enjoyable. We ordered the beef tenderloin and the brick pressed chicken, as our entrees and both were delicious and done perfectly. We split an order of the truffle mac and cheese and that was equally delicious. I only have one question...was the steak cooked with any sort of smoked wood chips or was there any sort of smoked paprika or liquid smoke included in this dish? I have a food allergy to smoked foods, so after taking a bite of the steak, and detecting that it may contain something smoked, I didn't chance it, and stayed with the chicken. Otherwise it was a great experience and our server was incredible!!

Ari J.

Had a wonderful meal here this weekend! I honestly made the reservation just for the sake of convenience--we are staying in the hotel and my partner is a total carnivore-- but we were both pleasantly surprised by our meal and experience. Our food was wonderful, and our two servers were kind and attentive. Honestly the standout was the cinnamon butter - tasted like cinnamon buns! We started with the Chandler roll, the shrimp scampi, and the bone marrow. All great. We had scallops, bone-in filet, fries, carrots... all fresh, cooked well, and nicely portioned. Is this the best steakhouse you'll ever go to in your life? No. Was it a nice meal in a lovely setting? Absolutely!

Karen Kakley

My son and I had a wonderful birthday dinner. We were warmly welcomed by the hostesses, the wait staff and others. The steaks were lightly seasoned and cooked to a perfect medium rare. He had the truffle macaroni and cheese and I had the wild mushrooms and a baked potato for side dishes. the portions were extremely generous and we both had enough for lunch for the next day. I was also very impressed with the staff because I was looking for a certain type of wine and when I shared that I couldn't find on their list they double checked and found something that was even better than I expected. we had such a wonderful time that I am sending my oldest daughter there with her husband for their first anniversary in October.


Service was wonderful as well as the food. It's quite expensive but wellworth it for a special occaison. The Steaks were done to perfection.

Mitch D.

An excellent surprise. From the Sommolier to the waiter there are seasoned veterans with skill from NY and LA. The food and setting are wonderful. So happy I stopped by

Michelle D.

Place is beautiful, my waitress is very attentive and personable which makes my pick of restaurant a pleasant one. Drink came out right away. I ordered the caramelized scallops and side of mushrooms. The bread was so so, thank the lord for the amazing butter. I was overall happy with my dish. The entree serving size is small, but it filled me up. I ordered the cheesecake and cappuccino, which was fabulous.

Ken M.

Tonight I am splurging and having a real nice dinner. I've never been here before so this is a first for me. This restaurant is located in the MGM Springfield casino. I like the cute, little lamp in the center of the table. The Silverware is sparkling clean too. Interesting how I am seated without a food menu. This is intentional as to direct the customer to order the highly profitable drinks. Per one of the servers, the real reason is that these menus are huge (carrying them around isn't easy on the arms all night for 40 tables). They don't need to twist my arm. Pellegrino Sparking natural mineral water to start it off (imported from Bergamo, Italy) and keep me hydrated (without too much liquor). Lemons and limes are optional. It is ice cold. For my first drink, from the "Steakhouse Classics" subheading, I am trying a "Spice & Smoke" (Single Origin Mezcal, Herradura Resposado tequila, Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur, like juice agave and smoked sea salt - on the rim on the left) garnished with a lime. My God is that good. They use the larger ice cubes which have less surface area allowing the drink to dilute less quickly. For my first item, an appetizer, the jumbo lump crab cake with watercress. dill and basil aioli. As far as I'm concerned, the crab cakes (tell me how good the place really is (you need to "wow" your customer with the appetizer). Out comes the bread! Wow. Never seen this before! Very good. Butter is nice and soft too. Will you look at this...Phenomenal presentation. That is (fried) black squid ink tuille webbing on top! His tastes unbelievably good! So far I have seen 4-5 different servers, bus boys and the host. This is truly a fine dining experience! To cap it off, I was just visited by the Director of MGM Springfield Restaurants! For my next item, I'm going light with the Mixed Field Greens made of market vegetables and Aged Banyuls Vinaigrette. For my next drink, off of the "Chandler Signatures", I am trying the Bacon Manhattan (bacon-infused whiskey , Carpano Antica sweet vermouth and Angostura bitters). This salad has height! Damn is this good! That drink is the bomb! This place is spoiling me...For my main course, from the wood burning grill, an 8oz Tenderloin of beef (cooked medium). For my side dish, herb roasted mushrooms . The service here is amazing. They are all very knowledgable (ask for Sarah!) and work together as one cohesive unit. That's a half clove of roasted garlic in balsamic vinaigrette if you're wondering. This dish cannot be beat! Absolutely delicious. For dessert, a multi-layer chocolate cake. For my final [dessert] drink, I am taking the recommendation of my server, Sarah. It's a surprise! It's a "Long Kiss Good night" (Grey Gouse Pear Vodka, fresh peach purée, Elderflower and a fab of house-made blueberry and orange sorbet (the kiss) with a mint leaf garnish. This is unbelievable! I've never seen ice cream or sorbet in a cocktail. This piece of cake is the biggest slice I have EVER seen in my lifetime! OMG! 6" long and 3" high. A monster. They have ALSO given me a complimentary vanilla and chocolate ice cream dish with a delicious caramel sauce. Life doesn't get any better...For $200, it is worth every dime.

Marc T.

This is my 2nd review and complete opposite of my first experience. I've fine dined globally and had the best food in some local hole in the wall. I arrived just past the busy service time Friday night and made the mistake of assuming service would be packing up and I would get a glance etc. I was seated in the dining room and if I said a booth it would be disrespectful, gorgeous velvet half moon shaped encove. Food: After the server asked what I was thinking of ordering he explained the Chop, new bread and cinnamon butter was a treat, and being told by the manager my Chop takes a little longer to cook because of the size I anxiously said no problem, food arrived and I can honestly say top 10 dinner I've had. Chop seared perfect, done yet moist and the truffle Mac and cheese after 1 taste I leaned back and didn't wanna eat, just look. That's how good it was. Service, I wish I remembered his name, on point, water server never left glass half full for more than a minute. Best part I was advised to take a breath, and make a desert choice, ordered the chocolate berry cake and ice cream . Everything was amazing and I needed a double cappuccino to stay awake. It was a dining experience, food was amazing but the experience and feeling like a king for a while was priceless. I will take my future x wife there for our first date when I meet her! ***** all the way.

Eric S.

The food is good. Steaks are good. Service is good. Drinks are excellent. I would go more often but it just takes too long to get the food. We waited almost an hour between apps and entree. I understand them trying to make it a nice dining experience but carving out 2.5+ hours for dinner is just not realistic.

Nate S.

Edit: After receiving feedback from the manager I would happily give this restaurant another opportunity. Original: Unattentive. After ordering out entree we waited over an hour for our meal to be brought out and were consistently told by our waitress that we would have our food momentarily. If a restaurant is backed up, be honest instead of trying to appease your customers with "assurances" that the food is ready. In addition, don't promote food that you don't have in the kitchen. If you're looking for quality customer service or a good meal, look elsewhere

Connie Brassard

This was our 1st time dining at Chandler and we were less than impressed with the service experience (especially considering the cost of our meals) the food was great but our server was mediocre at best there were times when we wondered if he just forgot about us.

Chris Montoya

How can a place like mgm serve absolute awful steak. Someone should be FIRED today for putting out the worst most expensive food in New England. I felt like I was at a Cracker Barrel but realized if I was the food would have been decent. Iâ??m calling mgm national to complain about this terrible experience. I spent $285 and want every penny back. I hope Foxwoods buy them out bc they donâ??t care about sub quality food, they care about no quality. Research will be done and media will be involved. Shame on you mgm!

Ted Pleasant

Horrible meal at MGM Last Night... We've been there several times for a nice dinner. They substituted their $56 dollar 20 OZ DRY AGED RIB EYE with a 7 dollar steak from Big Y and now charge $58 for it. From the point that the waitress showed up at our table one issue after another. The manager came by to tell me the reason my steak sucked and was well done was that I didn't ask for a center cut. Unbeknownst to me there is a secret code you need to tell the cook if you want a mediocre steak for 58 dollars. The Place was awesome when it first opened and we were thrilled to have a nice place to go. Complete waste of $260 dollars, but never again, go to Northampton or West Hartford.

Steve H.

What a surprise today having this fantastic meal. Highly recommend. Chef Kyle. Cuddos.

Eric H.

I've seen a ton of bad reviews for this place, so we almost didn't go. Well, I'm glad I don't listen to reviews most the time, because we were impressed. The staff is awesome and attentive. The food was excellent. We got the prime rib and tenderloin: both cooked exactly as ordered and full of flavor. We did the table side Caesar salad and it was really good. The sides, Brussels sprouts and asparagus, came out hot, and prepared perfectly. This visit happened to be part of an anniversary and The Chandler staff were super supportive of that and kind with the well wishes and compliments. That was truly appreciated. I'm going to assume most complaints I've read are really over price and nothing else. If you don't wanna spend the cash, then go buy a burger at McDonald's and don't leave your sticker shock reviews.

Kirstin Stewart

First time here and I sat at the bar. Fast service for a Friday night, bartender was Veronica and she was really friendly. They use cold brew espresso in their espresso martini and the food was excellent. Will come here again in the future for sure. �

Kristin Skiba

Way over priced. Food was horrible and service very slow. Would not recommend this restaurant.

Tony Correa

Great food. My favorite is the chandler burger, the Caesar, and the brick chicken. Drinks are great too!


We got the private room in the back, which I highly recommend as it's very nice in a Goodfellas kind of way. The food was delicious and the server was very nice. It was a little slow, but not too bad.

Kelly S.

My husband and I ate here for dinner last night and had a great experience. The ambience in the restaurant is beautiful inside. We had both Rebecca and Sean as our servers and they were so very friendly! My husband started with an order of the oysters and he said they were great. He also had the tomato, mozzarella salad (which he so nicely let me try ONE bite of) and I had the shrimp crostini. Both were delicious. For our meals, I chose the lemon sole which was light and tasty. My husband had the rib eye medium rare. He said the steak was cooked perfectly, but the seasoning was off. One end he had flavor, the other end he had nothing. We wanted dessert as my husband has a rule that if key lime pie is on the menu, he has to order it. Our server let us know that they did have it that night, but the chef was unhappy with how the meringue came out that he discarded the pies. Slightly disappointing, but it says a lot about how much pride they take in their food. Will definitely go back and hopefully the meringue will be perfect that day!


As a New Yorker who gets to try legendary steak houses,this eatery is fine,but lacks the quality and consistency I am used to.Good service good surroundings but lacks the uniqueness of a Great Steak house.

Beatrice T.

My friend and I both felt this steakhouse was "alright." Now, that is not bad by any means, and I will be clear that the service and accommodations were on par. I was happy that I was able to have plain, steamed asparagus as a side. I was hoping for a steamed veggie medley or steamed broccoli, but was at least happy to have something plain. I ate the salmon and my friend had the small filet. Wedge salad was good, as well as the caprese. Having been to so many steakhouses, this didnt stand out much. Nothing wrong with it, but at the same doesnt stand out in any way. I'd like to see more flexibility to order more plain vegetables for those with dietary restrictions. Salt and pepper should also be provided on the table.

B T.

My friend and I both felt this steakhouse was "alright." Now, that is not bad by any means, and I will be clear that the service and accommodations were on par. I was happy that I was able to have plain, steamed asparagus as a side. I was hoping for a steamed veggie medley or steamed broccoli, but was at least happy to have something plain. I ate the salmon and my friend had the small filet. Wedge salad was good, as well as the caprese. Having been to so many steakhouses, this didnt stand out much. Nothing wrong with it, but at the same doesnt stand out in any way. I'd like to see more flexibility to order more plain vegetables for those with dietary restrictions. Salt and pepper should also be provided on the table.


We had a great dinner here with table side Ceaser Salads, Steaks, Lobster and Table side Bananas Foster. Everything was exceptional 5 stars and Service from our waiter was above and beyond.

mike dike

Please don't waste your money on the lamb. Let me save you 50 dollars. It was tough stringy and wasn't even cooked right. The prime rib turned out great but two of us wasted 50$ on the lamb. Didn't even finish it, it was so bad. Couldn't even give the left overs to the dog it was so fatty and chewy. The shrimp was great tho and so was our waitress. Those cooks dont know what their doing though. Must be paying them 15$ an hour. I can get better lamb for 10$ at my shop rite. Please dont make the same mistake I did