Yaad Food Jamaican Restaurant

89 Main St, Indian Orchard
(413) 883-8364

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Selwyn Maraj

Ordered 2 large plate, the curry goat and oxtail. The oxtail was on point but the curry goat needed to be improved, plain like water. Ate here before and it was excellent, not sure if the cook sent in ah substitute on his off day. 38.50, 2 plates, 1 disappointment.


Food is great, service non-existent called in my order 45 minutes early. Wasn't ready when I arrived had no problem with that however made me wait another 25 minutes. When I asked after I receive my order is that all, I got an attitude! I said so no apology no nothing and the look I got was like you better get the hell out of here white boy. Guess I got my last order from Yaad Jamaican food. Glad to see racism isn't one sided it is a shame however.

Derrick Atkins

First few times I went they were good but the past 2-3 times has be bad the jerk pork was dry and hard the sauce didn’t even help I had to throw it all away it was a waste of $15 and every time I call around 5-6 they always out of most of their food

Gabrielle B.

Decided to try this on a Friday night. Seems like everything was sold out, but that's okay because what we ended up with was still delicious. Curried goat, brown stew, fried dumplings, sweet plantains, and a fried fish sandwich... fed all 7 of us with leftovers. Highly recommend calling your order in during the morning if you want to have dinner Friday night. Worth the extra time to have a great meal!

Erin Faith Page

This place is delicious, I think the boneless fish may be the best fish I have ever had. The flavor and fry was on point, I could eat it every day. The cabbage and plantains were also really good, the only thing I could have done without was the rice as it was a little bit dry. I will for sure be returning and I highly recommend.

Issiah V.

Decided to try out this place and I absolutely loved it. I ordered the jerk chicken, a beef patty on cocoa bread and the Yaad burger. I was smiling the whole time I had the jerk chicken and the beef patty the Yaad burger was good but I honestly wish I got another beef patty because I've been wanting another one since I had it.

Kathy Davidson Austin

the food was delicious and they give you a ton

Steve TheWeave

This was the curry chicken with rice, stewed cabbage, and plantains, a medium for under $11 is a great value there was a ton of food stuffed into this container. I also got the Saturday special, jerk pork, and it was very good. charred with a hit of spice. Service was fantastic too, very friendly and fast! Will be back


I visited this place a couple years ago (prior to them showing up on this platform). I must honestly say, I did not like the food (probably timing regarding my desire to leave feedback and then end up not being able to)! This time around, going here on accident, my colleague and I (after debating) went inside during our lunch break for this restaurant’s food. Needless to say, we were both impressed! The portions are ginormous (I’m a portions guy)! The food was hot, seasoned, gravy, and priced very right (had I been charged more, I wouldn’t be surprised)! The homemade ginger beer had a kick that made me feel cleansed! The restaurant is located off the main road, with ample parking, a stretched out counter (to stand and eat), a large television so that you can watch while you dine / wait… a very nice experience! I saved some food for my wife. She tried the food, and needless to say, I will be back here tomorrow for more! Excellent!

Erica DeGuise

What an amazing catering experience. The food was delicious, delivery was on time and the driver was friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend Yaad Food for any event.

Zella B.

The food is great the people amazing, but for the love of everything healthy can you please reduce the salt content. That is the only reason why I am not able to visit this place often, I cannot handle all the salt.

Angelica St.Louis

My husband and I enjoy this restaurant, they mistakenly got our order wrong didn't include items), but the food is always delicious. They also catered my wedding.

Janessa G.

The oxtails were so good. Definitely coming back! I recommend the beef patty with coco bread and cheese

Critical Thinking

Incredible food! I absolutely loved this place. I'm bummed I'm not local or I'd be eating it a lot more.

Nick Rudis

Incredible food! I absolutely loved this place. I'm bummed I'm not local or I'd be eating it a lot more.

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