La Santa Tacos and Tequilas

386 Middlesex Rd, Tyngsborough
(978) 226-5665

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Thomas N.

has been here for a while now so we thought we would give it a try...has covid required outside seating but too chilly for that today....inside is big, dark, has some interesting lights and a loy of tvs in the bar marguerita was good, as was the food, we had the fajita nachos and the lunch fajitas, sort of the same with a different presentation, both were good and pretty generous, service was slow although they seemed to have enough was good!!

Ash L.

Horrible service and the food is just "okay". I keep trying to go back to give it another shot but unfortunately every time we go the service is just not worth it. Will not be going back.

Maureen M.

Sadly this is a negative review but I will say after speaking with one of the owners- he seemed like a great person just the some of the staff working here need a complete do over. First, we were initially a party of 7 (6 plus a child). The hostess initially said she can do maximum of 6 at a table then manager approved for 2 tables to be combined. She took our number down and we sat to wait. As we watched other people keep getting seated before us, my cousin & I went up to ask why. We figured it was because of the big party but another waitress also told us the original hostess (Paula) never put us on the wait list. Cool. Then another waitress with a lot of attitude just said "if it's a party of 7 you have to wait, no choice." No one was even talking to this girl- I believe this was Jessinne* (or however you spell her name since we were unable to get the correct spelling.) We were finally sat down after waiting, then as we became a party of 8 and were told "someone complained", we split tables to two. Our waitress, Valentina, was nice. Then my mother & aunt informed me my mom's drink was served with a dirty straw that had visible teeth marks. Jessinne* had served these drinks but the hostess Paula* (not sure if that's right either) is the one that came to the table to see what the issue was. After my mom had informed her of the dirty straw in her drink, she offered to replace the straw- I mean the drink at this point has already been contaminated what is replacing the straw going to fix (needs better training). My mom chose to just forgo a drink all together. I tried to call Jessinne and Paula over to the table to ask what happened but they refused to come; they were hi-fiving each other and laughing. Then I pointed at them to ask my mom if these are the waitresses that helped her- only pointed because they refused to acknowledge me. One of the girls, Jessinne* started barging towards our table. Paula* and another waitress held her back. What was she barging at our table for? Did she want to fight? Does she have any weapons on her? We don't know this girl and what she is capable of. Now not only is our health at risk because of a dirty straw, our safety is also at risk. The owner reviewed camera footage and we were informed there was so tampering of the straw seen and he waived our bill. The bill was never the issue & we still tipped our great waitress. As we waited to get the spelling/ last names of Paula and Jessinne from the manager- the bartender threatened to call the cops. I don't know if he thought that would scare us but we told him to go right ahead. He had his friend call the cops stating he couldn't eat due to disruption. Anyways the cops came, the owner came as well and we settled it with the owner. I actually feel bad for the owner because this is his business and how he makes a living; but some of his staff don't seem to care - Jessinne & Paula. Not once did any of them apologize for the disrespectful and unprofessional behavior. If they cannot provide good customer service, maybe they should not be in this business. I have to take the word of the owner that nothing was done to the straw, even though I did not see this for myself. Best believe if anything happens to any of our party - we will know why. 2 stars- one for the owner, one for our waitress/food.

Jo K.

PLEASE BEWARE THAT THIS IS A VERY RACIST ESTABLISHMENT. If you are a Black person and would like to be treated unfairly and like dog crap, then this is the place for you. I am disgusted by the service provided by some of the staff here. To the owner- if your values and morals don't align with your racist staff then you need new staff ASAP. People are out of jobs due to the pandemic and you have the nerve to have incompetent and racist people working for you?- that doesn't not make any sense! Fire them and hire people with integrity and respect! What a shame!

Amanda D

Food was good and relatively quick, however I was a little disturbed to see only one person who worked here knew how to wear a mask correctly. I saw waitresses feeding other co workers with their hands at the bar and no hand washing or sanitizing by staff. A bit frightening...

Brittany Durand

First time here and food was delicious! We will definitely be back ?

Tom Sousa

Food was good. Service was excellent. Drinks were very good

Jocelyn A.

Loved this place! The shrimp tacos were amazing!!! My entire family all loved the food. COVID safe. Best outside seating durning the pandemic. Tiki torches, music, and turf all added to the atmosphere. Will definitely be coming back often. Prices are great!

Will L.

I went to La Santa, cuz I wanted to try a new Mexican restaurant. The place wasn't very busy, but they only had one waiter, so it took a long time to get served. I gave it 2 stars, cuz the guacamole was very good. Every thing else was horrible! The waiter gave my wife the plate,and told her that it was a little hot, and it ended up burning the skin off her thumbs! Needless to say that she was furious, If I ever go back, it will be to get the guacamole to go and nothing else

Christine K.

I felt like I was on vacation when I stopped in here one weekday afternoon. Their outside seating is nicely done, the turf and decor reflects the work skillful designer. The music was loud and got me in a drinking mood. Guac was delish and drinks were generously stronger then they need to be but hey, I'm not complaining but I am deducting a star. Their drink menu was creative but when delivered, I did not taste any of the flavors in the description. It tasted like a mix drink from a dive bar tbh! Overall, nice ambiance and great environment for adults. It could of easily been compared to an NYC Brunch party; ya it was that lit. Don't bring your family there until dinner though, they were playing inappropriate music.

Jackie B.

So on this beautiful Monday evening,me and 7 of my family members head to la Santa in tyngsboro Ma to have a birthday dinner for mum,,,,we were told we could not sit together because of the whole social distancing thing so we were set to sit on 2 different tables of 4 which we were okay with.a few minutes later another family comes in (a family of another race )comes in and they pull two tables together for them,,keep in mind they were more than 8 !!!Can black lives matter to anyone please..??!!!!we were soo furious we asked for our cake and left....

Robert S.

I am at The restaurant and a piece of medal was in my wife's food. The girl told us there was a electrician there. My wife thinks she chipped her tooth and said something to the girl. She walked away laughing. I will never go back to this restaurant. They just took her meal off. None of us finished our food.

Neetal Shah

Hot plate, rusted hot plate. That how they serve the food to you. Tasteless food. Ordered Mexican grill plate. They say they authentic Mexican, why are they serving Flour tortilla? Mexican eats Corn tortilla. Ordered Chicken soup. 1/3 Rice 1/3 Chips, rest 1/3rd is Potato. Never to go to this place.

Sandra Hughes

We decided to try this place as it always seemed busy and they have outdoor dining available. Even with allowances for dealing with Covid regulations - I have to say it was pretty awful. Slow service and then it was almost an hour before our disappointing and overpriced for what you get meal was served. Salsa and a cheese sauce asked on the side were missing. Just under-whelming overall. Better food can be found elsewhere.

Tony S.

Got charged 14 bucks a piece for beer and clamato juice. Would have asked about it but couldn't find any staff and got sick of waiting. Chips not bad.

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