23-29 MA-113, Tyngsborough
(603) 888-7400

Recent Reviews

Evelyn Rose

So good ! The cupcakes I ordered tasted awesome and looked amazing as well !

Malcolm b.

I have been here a few (maybe a dozen?) times. Consistently good. ALWAYS. Pizza is great, I have had the eggplant, cheeseburgers, pasta dishes. My daughter loves the Rosa Marie salad, and my son loves the pastries. We all like the pizza. Really friendly staff, Clean, easy parking, easy to get to location.

Kim Cook

What a wonderful and creative job on a very short notice!!! Delicious too!!!

Leah Abraham

It was one of the best tasting cakes we've ever tasted. I ordered a 2 tier my little pony theme cake. It was chocolate and vanilla with caramel filling in between. Our guest had more than one slice (2 or 3) because it was so delicious. I also love how kind and nice the people working in the bake shoppe. Will definitely recommend this place and we will definitely order again.

Lisa B.

Valentino's makes the best subs in Nashua, NH, in my opinion. I always stop here when visiting my daughter and extended family. Great location, staff, and ingredients. My go to is a toasted Italian Sub with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and hots.

Nelson Ruiz

Great Italian food restaurant

Mournful M.

Not a bad place, the service and people who worked there when I picked up my food were great. No complaints, but the food was pretty bland and I had to add my own touch to make the food have any sort of life to it.. My dessert was the only true highlight. The spaghetti was boring like a blind date with a seeing eye dog... Meatballs could of used some zing. But were more like a FedEx tractor trailer getting slammed by a runaway train... Exciting to see, but would want no part of... So roll the dice and maybe you get a 7 instead of snake eyes.. Bonne Chance Eh!

Lori D.

Birthday dinner on a cold January evening was the most amazing pizza and rum cake by the fireplace at home from here. Regina and her staff are as wonderful as the food we enjoy from Valentino's every week. Check my pictures dated January 10, 2019. Support your local business, especially when they serve up amazing food and service. Valentino's is a rare gem.

Earl B.

Clean and calm with very decent food for a reasonable price.Order at counter and food is brought to you.Wife had lasagna which she loved and I had chicken marsala which was good with nice portion size

Sara D.

The food tastes great but the order was wrong. We ordered a large half buffalo half bbq pizza. Instead of that we got a sort of Buffalo with some jalapeños and no blue cheese, the bbq chicken side was just a cheese pizza. The cannolis were alright too. If you order make sure to check your food before you leave.

Mark V.

This place is a far cry from an Italian restaurant. An absolute shame. I ordered Veal Parmigiano, a simple dish to do well. But obviously too complex for the cooks in this place. The gravy was so sweet it was hardly edible. The Veal was gaimy and tasted like it had severe freezer burn, like it's been sitting in freezer waiting for the next victom. Then there was the garlic toast. A glimmer of hope, but no. They could not even take the time to do this right. A toasted sub roll, cut in a fancy shape, buttered and sprinkled with bitter, powdered garlic salt. Listen people, if you don't know how to cook Italian food, or don't want to take the time to learn, JUST DON'T DO IT! No, I will NEVER go here again. You would find me at Olive Garden before this joke of a place, and I never go to Olive Garden. You should be ashamed of yourselves for serving this inedible sad case for Italian food.

Hey T.

What a joke this place is! The pictures on their website are not the same food you get on site. The bread is from Market Basket...I saw the wrappers! On a recent visit with a couple of friends, the pastry was stale, the bread was anemic, the veggies in the salad were browned, the french fries are frozen and soggy, and the pizza was lousy. There is NO way this compares to the North End as they advertise and it's ridiculously expensive compared to similar food in town.

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