Aries Noodle and Dumpling 春风一面 (春风一面)

617 Main St, Waltham
(781) 209-0008

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Marta Karaś

Had (1) smoked and grilled lamb chops, (2) Aries Lanzhou beef noodles soup, (3) quick fried tripe, (4) sliced lotus and mixed vegetables, (5) Aries steamed fish and pork and chives dumplings. Everything was great, would eat again.

John Y.

We tried this restaurant this weekend. Its conveniently located in Waltham Square, right next to Moody St and Main St intersection. There is a parking lot right next to this place, but it costs money. Don't park there as Main st has plenty of free parking. The restaurant looks pretty clean and every single customer was asian, so this place has to be good. And it was good. I had the sizzly chicken in brown sauce, which is a perfect combo of sweet and savory with boneless chicken. This dish remains hot due to the sizzling bowl, and I caved and just dumped my rice in there (it got a little on the salty side though). The 2 noodle dishes were good too. The lanzhou beef noodles tastes like pho. The spicy beef soup was decent. I like the oversized bowls and the spoons that sit on the edge of your bowls. This place has very little interaction between the staff and customers. Could be a bad thing or good thing. They greeted us, let us sit anywhere and said order via the app by scanning the code at the table. That was fine, but we had to flag someone down when I had to ask if my chicken in brown sauce comes with rice or not (it didn't). I also asked if they have the chinese crepes that I see in the Yelp photos (they do not). The crepes are offered next door at ozone, which is owned by the same owner. I wonder why not just create an opening in the kitchen between the 2 places and let folks get some boba and crepes? Back to the menu....It did seem like most of us had to order off of the app....but when leaving the restaurant, I noticed one table had an actual menu. I'm wondering if perhaps they are having the "americanized" asian crowd order off the app vs letting the more "traditional" asians order off a different menu? Just my own curiosity. The food was good, but not so much that it blew me away or was it special. The prices are ok...or a little tad on the expensive side, but still okay with me. The place is clean. The people are friendly if you happen to interact. Parking is easy on main street or at the lot next door.

Chess L.

Beef noodle soup $14.99 was extremely disappointing, beef was tough and dry, avoid. The spicy chicken appetizer $9.99 was amazing. Will try their dumplings and lamb noodle soup my next visit. Place was filled with guests and non-stop pick up order. Very authentic.

Thu N.

Went today, which is a Friday night. The restaurant was packed! Good food. Large proportions. Fast services. Happy customers! Definitely going to come back here!

Jonathan Yang

Ordered thru Uber Eats.Spicy beef stew noodle soup taste plain, like water with some chili oil and salt in it.Pan fried dumplings 6 pieces for $9.5 and not even cooked thru.You can only taste the cumin in their Sautéed lamb with cumin, nothing else, no salt, no nothing.

John D.

Wonderful experience. Authentic . I wish I had friends to enjoy this food with but was traveling alone on business

mir09 com

Fast and tasty cooking! All liked it!

Kanrong Yu

Food there is not palatable even when it's opened 3 years ago but it's edible, so I am OK with it. But now the dishes become greasy and salty, which gives a no to future visit.

Ronny T.

A find for good noodles and dumplings. Lots to choose from on the menu and they all look authentic. Service was efficient and attentive. We had the black bean noodles, gyoza dumplings, and the steamed dumplings. They were all delicious. I don't come to Waltham much anymore, but will be sure to stop by again when I'm in town. Get some good eats here!

Nan K.

The texture of the noodles is amazing! Loved both broths but if u like stronger flavors go for the spicy pork ribs noodles. Can't wait to try other dumplings as well

Zhaoping G.

Very authentic Chinese food, tastes just like food back in China. Everything is delicious, price is very reasonable. Discovered this restaurant during our short visit to Waltham. Highly recommend it!

Kayla Oster

Authentic and delicious! I really enjoyed the pork smoked tofu.

Hong W.

Amazing food,The beef noodle soup was delicious. Great service the service was fast . It was traditional Chinese food.Highly recommended for tourists and the people who live in Boston .

Albert Wu

Delicious and reasonably priced Lanzhou ramen. A paid parking lot beside the restaurant. The noodle base is quite elastic (彈牙)and chewy. The meat is well made.

Tara D.

First off, looking for a quick lunch after an appointment nearby and this little gem popped up on my Postmates app as on my driving route to Rhode Island. It is located conveniently on Main Street in Waltham, with a parking lot to the right of the restaurant (metered). I ordered the luncheon specials which as 3 for $27 (to go) and a soup and dumplings, for in restaurant. The service Was superb and not knowing what to order, the server gave excellent recommendations. ("What do you like?"). The fish dumplings were similar to the pork dumplings but with a more subtle flavor. The portion, however could feed a family of 4! The soup was flavorful and the broth homemade and delicious! The real surprise, which I had later that night at work, was the luncheon specials. Firstly, my experience with lunch specials is they are heavy in cornstarch or batch made with clear differentiation from the regular priced dish in terms of freshness. However, the shrimp with vegetables had no cornstarch, the vegetables were fresh and delicately cooked and the shrimp was plentiful and jumbo variety. The beef with long horn peppers was the most delicious dish I have eaten. Excellent balance of peppers to sliced beef, meaning every bite was the perfect combination of peppers and beef! A must try! The last dish was a shredded pork dish which was slightly sweet. It was also fresh and balanced out the other flavors nicely. In short, try this hidden gem! You will not be disappointed!

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Aries Noodle and Dumpling 春风一面 (春风一面)

617 Main St, Waltham, MA 02452
(781) 209-0008