Carl's Steak Subs

55 Prospect St, Waltham
(781) 893-9313

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Leah Pearlstein

The food here is always delicious, best steak and cheese around! I drive from the north shore to get these, always worth the trip. Not as well known for their burritos but they knock those out of the park too! Can't go wrong at Carl's. Call ahead because there's not a ton of room to wait inside.Food: 5/5

Kaylee Pingree

Steak and Cheese redefined.Sandwich total: $14Open: year roundSeating: noneParking: on-streetOrder: 1 'small' Carl's SpecialPros: Ummm. I was so convinced I ordered a small, but they gave me a large I had to double check the price I paid. This isn't a 6" Subway, in size or flavor. Steak, SAUSAGE, mushrooms, peppers, onions, American, AND provolone cheese. I don't typically crave these sandwiches, but this is honestly a sub worth driving to. Will be back to try the other unique combinations they offer.Cons: If you get a large, you're going to have a hard time explaining why you're not sharing it with someone... Like a family of 4.

J. P.

Small takeout place know for their steak subs and burritos. Has it on "my list" for a while. Was nearby so I gave it a try. Completely positive experience. I had a special and gf had steak n cheese. Excellent subs...finally competition for Bob's of Medford. If I lived closer I would be in trouble. Just note, they put provolone on a lot of their steak subs...which for some of us, that's not make sure they know how you want it!


The large is BIG. We got that for 2 people and it was way more than enough. Delicious and juicy. One of the best cheesesteaks I’ve ever had. Though the parking is the hardest. Preorder if you’re taking it to go just to avoid issues with parking.

andrew AtsV

First time trying Carls. We were at a local Marriot for the weekend, and was recommended by a local FB group to try it out. It was amazing. We ordered it via Uber eats, and was delivered within. Half an hour. I can only imagine how much better it would've been if we ate it right away at the actual location. 8.3/10

Larry Quintana

Never in a million years did I think I would be writing something negative about Carl’s (a place I’ve been coming to since 2014), and I get we’re all feeling the effects of inflation, but my God an almost $3 increase in the price of their Chicken B.Y.O.B. (Build Your Own Burrito) is unheard of/criminal/unjustifiable. I was in disbelief when I walked in this afternoon and was told $25.57 (tax included) for two BYOBs, something I used to pay around $19 for not too long ago. The quality of ingredients and size of the burrito have not regressed, which I can appreciate, but certainly can’t justify spending close to $12 for a burrito. I guess my hunt for a new burrito place starts today.

Alexander B.

The service is poor the staff is racist. I felt discriminated against when I was checking out and when I called to speak with manager.

Chris D.

I've gone here whenever I've had the misfortune of going to Childrens down the street. I've had the steak and cheese and the Greco chicken. Both subs were pretty phenomenal. Higher quality sub rolls, a good ratio of filling to roll, and quality ingredients. I love the vibe in the shop itself. You watch the cooks working their magic on giant flat tops, prepping vegetables, and assembling the subs. The guy behind the counter has a good personality and a great Boston accent.

Jadyn Minch

These guys have THE best cheese steak subs I have had in the greater Boston area. Their prices seem extremely reasonable for the quality and quantity of their food. I was super impressed with the service and the speed they were able to whip up such a delicious sub. Just a point of note there is quite literally zero indoor seating so I recommend takeout unless the weather is good.

Mike Jones

Gotta be honest. I heard about this place and its legendary Steak and Cheese subs for as long as I can remember, but never seemed to find my way there. I finally made it this week and could not be more disappointed. This place was probably fantastic in the late 90s, early 2000's. Now? Nah. You simply can't have gristle or fat on steak and cheeses in 2022. Loaded with meat, but substandard in quality. That alone is a disqualification in any rankings as far as I am concerned. Try Armando's in Cambridge, or Harvard house of pizza. Main street house of pizza in Everett for what a modern sub should taste like.

Cynthia Hanscom

We don’t know how Carl’s got so many positive reviews. First of all, we had delivery by Door Dash—first order free? One large steak sub $14.95 & with tip & all other charges $22.50. The steak was stringy & hardly no cheese. The roll was very good though. Glad we tried it because of all the positive reviews but that was the last time. Too many hidden charges it if the product was good it might be different.

Boston F.

Awesome steak and cheese spot. One of the best around. Love the chipotle option too. The other great thing about this place is the fries. So crispy and delicious.

David B.

Eat into you hate yourself, digest, and come right back Cherry bomb is the best cheese steak I've ever known.

John Benton

As a Pennsylvania native, I can say that the cheese steaks here are incredible! Everyone here is always kind and working hard, its a quick environment but if don't over think it you will end up with a delicious meal for a great price. My wife loves the MOAB (mother of all burritos) and I love the classic cheese steak onions and peppers.

mike c.

First subs are awesome but their is some much business that the staff does not care. Everytime we have ordered we have 5+ subs and each time they do not take the time to identify what each subs contains. Wwe have to dig through and bite through nad exchange. If this happened one time totally understand but it happens every time more than 3 subs. That is lack of attention to detail, lacks any understanding or caring of the client experience.

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