Hakata Ramen & Sushi

895 Main St, Waltham
(781) 899-0126

Recent Reviews

Reno Lucas

Solid spot for Ramen. The service was incredibly quick and my ramen came almost immediately after ordering it. I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen and it was really good. The broth was rich and the noodles were tender.

Erik Parena

Quick service once I showed up at 20 minutes before closing. In and out well before. Would consider returning and trying a different dish

Nat L.

Absolutely disappointed in their terrible customer service! I ordered takeout and when I got home, I realized it was missing an item. Mind you, this has happened before, but this is the first time I'm calling them about it. So I called them to see what can be done, as I didn't want to drive back to the restaurant. I was very nice and I understood that sometimes things happen. They assured me that they can refund the item to my credit card. So I said fine, and waited. After a couple days, I still did not see the refund. So I called them back, and the girl who answered said it takes a couple days (not sure why?). Anyways so I waited a week...still nothing. What a bunch of bullcrap, and to blatantly lie about a refund. I hate dishonest businesses. They didn't even bother to apologize. Food is not that great and was not always fresh, but it was close so we had ordered pretty regularly. Guess not anymore....they ruined their reputation over a missed $8 sushi roll. Unbelievable!

Todd Brown

Sushi was fresh and great. Service was friendly and efficient. Clean establishment. Only criticism is there is no alcohol.

Kawaii K.

This is really good food the salmon is really tasty and the ramen is also really tasty and they have marble soda and you should really come here.

Alexander Shyshla

Good sushi place. Came here with my family for lunch and it was good experience. Food was good can't say great. Torched salmon rolls was very good! Prices are higher than usual sushi place. Place itself is ok. Restroom was not clean. People are nice and friendly.


I went to Japan this summer and I couldn’t get enough of their food. When I got back, I was craving Japanese food, so I went to Hakata. At first it seems like a normal restaurant, but when I got the food and tasted the food, I was immediately taken back to Japan. Everything about it was authentic, from the sushi and the ramen. Will come back! Must try! You won’t regret it!

Jake Nina

The egg on the ramen was amazing. The broth was amazing. My wife and I have been coming here for the past 3 years and practically have eaten everything on the menu. There are NO bad choices.

Nikki Y.

Looking for a some quality ramen?! You found the best place in Boston. I was out here visiting my boyfriend and wanted something warm to complement the rainy weather. Menu: There is a large menu with sushi, bowls/plate, and ramen. They even have a lunch special from open- 3pm Monday-Saturday. Parking: There is street parking on the side of the restaurant. Quality of Food: Ramen is one of my favorite meal and this was pretty good. The soup base was flavorful and ingredients were very fresh. The ramen noodles were soft but not overcooked. My boyfriend copied me and ordered the tonkotsu ramen. He said it was just as good as LA ramen places. If you're in the area and looking for good ramen, I would highly recommended you come here :) We will be coming back to try the other ramens and sushi.

Xiaoya Liang

Ordered Veggie rolls and miso soup - impressive and thumbs up! (Last month?)

Olga Pekalska

Absolutely amazing menu with a ton of variety. Portions are great sizes. Price is very comparable for what you get.Service is great and efficient. All staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. See you again when I am back in the Boston area.Kid-friendliness: We had a 10 and 13 year d with us, and lots of options for them to choose from too. Staff very helpful and accomodating.

Yin H.

We had Spicy Miso Ramen, sashimi appetizer, tuna cucumber maki and caterpillar roll. Food presentation were good and food was tasty. We finished all the dishes We will be back again.


Food quality, amounts, and presentation was excellent. 5?’s on food. Wait staff on the other hand was severely lackluster, and inattentive. Dining area lacks pizzazz and definition. Exterior view on a drive by, you might think the place was closed, and another restaurant casualty. We went because they answered the phone, a rarity lately with restaurants…big credit to them for that! All said, food makes up for everything else!

Vigny F.

Had really great veggie options and the food was decent. The service was also really great! The food came super fast!

Jonathan Lee

Few weeks ago after spending a whole day in Boston, I came back by train to Waltham and stopped by this place for dinner. The female server was so friendly and she always had a nice smile. She even gave us a big pitcher full of ice water to fill and would always be willing to fill up the pitcher when we ran out. The food tasted great and the ramen noodles were so delicious.

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