In A Pickle Restaurant

265 Moody St, Waltham
(781) 891-1212

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This is an awesome place for breakfast. The food is great and the people are terrific. We went in the summer and really enjoyed the outdoor dining.

Lori Penney Team Blue Real Estate

Went there for breakfast and the place has a great vibe! I got the French toast with fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and whip cream and it was delicious. The other people in my party one got the Moody omelette which has bacon, spinach, feta cheese, onions, and tomatoes. They also offer other creative dishes such as the Caramel Crunch French Toast dish and Fruity Pebbles Waffles. We also topped our breakfast with some delicious craft cocktails. I’ll definitely be back to try the lunch menu!

Heather B.

The food is good, but I am *so* done with the stress of just trying to be able to get a seat and the nonexistent customer service if something goes wrong. I'm not coming back. I've been having a horrendous week and am home alone, so today I decided I would fix it with sugar and carbs and coffee. I dutifully put my name on the online wait list, entering a party of 1 person on the form and adding a note that I wanted an outside table, and headed down to the restaurant. I checked in with the hostess when I arrived, confirming that I was one person and wanted an outside table. A little while after that the hostess came outside and, for some reason, checked in again with everyone who was already out there waiting. I again confirmed with her that I was a single person and wanted to sit outside. Then I waited and waited, watching my name slowly tick up the list, looking forward more and more to a warm drink and a good breakfast after this truly awful week. I finally got the notification that I was next to be seated, and went inside to check in. That's when I was told that because they were very busy and I was just one person, they would only seat me at the bar inside - not outdoors. I told the woman I was speaking to (someone different from the person I'd talked to earlier) that I would have appreciated knowing this information before I had waited for an hour. She essentially shrugged and told me that she was a manager but there were a lot of new staff. No real apology, certainly no offer to try to fix it. If we were not still in an active pandemic, with lots of people getting sick, I would have understood their policy and been fine to eat inside. But the fact of the matter is, there are still those of us for whom eating outdoors is not just a preference because the weather's nice, it's a necessary risk management strategy to avoid getting sick and/or transmitting illness to other people who may be vulnerable. Single diners can't eat outdoors? What you're telling me is that because I don't have someone to bring to eat with me today, my choices are to risk my and my loved ones' health or not to eat at your restaurant at all. If I'd been told about this policy when I first checked in, I'd have been irritated and certainly somewhat upset that as a solo diner my health is considered unimportant, but I would've just resolved never to come back alone, rather than not coming back at all. But to tell someone who you could reasonably expect to be very hungry, since it is 11 am and they have waited an hour to eat at your restaurant, that the only choices they have are to risk their health or start all over again trying to get breakfast at this late hour, when this situation exists because *your own staff made an error*, and when you could easily correct that error with a little one-time flexibility but you are prioritizing earning an extra $30 or so from putting a second person at a table over making a minimal attempt to give a customer a positive experience... seriously? In a Pickle is always slammed, so - as they clearly know, based on what happened this morning and to people describing similar experiences in the many other one- or two-star reviews both here and in the "not recommended" section - they don't really need to worry about losing my money from today or any of the other times I might've come back in the future (often with a second person! Or even maybe *gasp* a third!), or about losing the business of other people who might not go there because of reviews like this. But I still wanted to make sure that anyone who might be going there as a single diner knows: your choices at In a Pickle during this pandemic will be to sacrifice your health or go somewhere else, because they won't sacrifice their bottom line. My husband and I avoided going here for years because it was ridiculous trying to get a table and the communication around it was so awful (things like being told that the wait was an hour, so we would walk up and down the street for

Christine H.

There food, service is amazing. Definitely a must try! Great for a weekend brunch. Their waffles and pancakes are great.

Chris P.

Catching up on posting some reviews - this one is from mid-July: I was visiting my son who lives in Waltham. We had breakfast at In A Pickle because it was just done the street from his place. Impressive all around: service and food. Our server Chandler was pleasant and made great suggestions. And then our food was just excellent. Not much more I can say about it. Just top notch.


Love this place for breakfast as well as lunch. I ordered the ham and Gruyère panini with coleslaw. The bread was fantastic. A Sourdough was used and grilled nice and crispy. There were thick slices of ham and a fair amount of cheese. So delicious. The panini was so big that it could be shared or saved for another meal. Our waitress was very nice as well.

Julie M.

I have been talking about this place to everyone I know since having breakfast a few weeks back. The taste of the pumpkin bread French toast has not left my memory. One of the most delicious things I've ever consumed. Thick slices of pumpkin bread, warm and moist paired with the cream cheese frosting topping...HEAVEN. I also got to try the cheddar, bacon, green apple panini which I added Turkey to. What a beautiful sandwich full of flavor and the bread was pressed just right.

Sarah B.

Is the food good? Ya, not bad. Is the service good? No. The staff are rude. Plain and simple - zero concept of hospitality and customer service. Multiple times we have gone and noticed poor service to us and surrounding tables. I am sure they will blast this on their Facebook page, because every time they get a poor review they choose to double down and "respond" publicly in a condescending or sarcastic way instead of reaching out to the customer directly - which in and of itself is a horrible way to manage your social media. Super off-putting and we won't be back. (Can't wait to see their response to this on FB! )


Yummy food and great attentive service. Always like it when servers give extra napkins without asking. We had caramel crunch pancakes ( so good ), apple bacon cheddar sandwich (excellent choice), chocolate chip waffles and burger.

Kelsey H.

Good location, food and drinks were okay. I got an omlette and the eggs were slightly runny which I dont care for in an omlette. Drinks were a little on the sweeter side (mimosas) but overall good.

Roger B.

We'd had it with food in our hotel so we looked online fora brunch place in Waltham. And WOW, this is a good one. Fluffy, fresh pancakes with delicious sausages, spectacular French Toast, real Maple Syrup (sorry Mrs Butterworth).


This is a very busy place. We went in person on a Saturday and were told the wait was about 30 min. After 45 minutes we went back and she said "10-15 min". We ended up eating next door at Guanapachi's and were seated immediately and had placed our order before we got the text from "In a Pickle" that they were ready to seat us (at least an hour from when we placed our name on the list in person). I'm wondering if people are putting their name on a waiting list on-line ahead and getting ahead of the people who are there in person. I don't like this practice because priority should go to those who are there in person. The two stars is for the bad taste an hour wait left in my mouth when we were told "30 minutes." BTW, we had a very nice meal next door.

Rehma Muwanga

Was there for Saturday brunch. A bit disappointed, basing on the reviews we had read. Food was just okay, nothing special. It Could have been just a busy day for them but oh well…….!!!!!I had the veggie omelette with fries and my friend had a Mexican omelette, side of fries and a Belgian waffle with strawberries. We were really excited about going here but we didn’t get the experience we expected.

Tamarra C.

Omgggg! This place did not disappoint one bit ! The food, the prices, the environment and staff were amazing ! We didn't have to wait long to be seated nor did we wait long for our food We we're in town visiting from Philadelphia (Philly) and looking for a good place to eat for breakfast! I would definitely return!

Samantha R.

One of my best friends lives in Waltham, and I've visited from California twice now. She's brought me here both times and I've enjoyed it and am not addicted it chocolate chip cookie dough pancakes. I am not a big fan of pancakes, but holy moly these are a great! They don't even need syrup in my opinion. There are big chunks of cookie dough throughout the pancakes! My husband also really enjoyed the chicken n waffles. This place gets pretty busy, but they have a waitlist you can join online which is very convenient. Good service and great drinks- a great spot for brunch!

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