Josephs Two

805 Main St, Waltham
(781) 899-4754

Recent Reviews

Carlo Alberto C.

A traditional breakfast place. Everything is freshly made. Quick service. Reasonable prices.

Joe Armstrong

A nice home town cafe. Food was basic but good. Fast and friendly service.Food: 4/5

Javier Arias

Two things that are sweet and that make you feel much better when you come here:The food (best breakfast food dinner I’ve ever had in my entire life anywhere in the world)And Debra, the treatment couldn’t be better and she just somehow knows exactly what everyone needs to order that day.120% would recommend

Barbara Blakeney

Food was plentiful and the coffee strong! Service was friendly and efficient. Comfortable seating. They make a good omlette.

David Bowler

Great food! It was busy. Staff were very efficient at providing great service. Coffee cup never empty.

Robert W

My wife and I went for breakfast on a Sunday, around 9L30 am. We got a table after a 2 minute wait. Service at the table was FAST! And the food was excellent (hash with poached eggs and toast). Parking out front! Basically, everything you'd want in an all-American restaurant for breakfast. Oh, they also have Polish sausage (kielbasa). Each plate comes with a small slice of watermelon! Nice touch.

Wayne Mcgraw JR

Very depressed breakfast is my favorite meal How do you not cook home fries I got wheat toast not 4 slices of wheat bread. Corn beef and hash with 3 eggs and paid for the 3rd egg I don’t even think there is 2 here. I ordered a grilled English muffin hmmm no sign of that. How do you deliver someone French toast with no syrup ?. Don’t know who you got to give you good reviews must be family ??‍♂️

RJ Manoni

This place was fine. We were trying to go to the place we found down the street, but turns out it was closed (maybe for the day). We ended up here. The menu had us excited to try it out. "Down home cooking" at it's finest is what the menu seemed to promise.The wait staff was a bit curt, but I am passing that off as me being from the south, and the people of Boston being a bit more curt than I'm used to.The Food that we ordered we all thought was just bland and nothing special. The 4 of us ordered different things, and really could have just swapped around and had the same experience. I decided to opt for the cheese and bacon on my home-fries. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Cheese Wiz and bacon bits, wasn't what I was expecting.The creativity of the menu was fun, i just wish it was pulled off a bit better.I will try it again, and come back if the opinion changes.

Danielle Jelley

This place is always great. I got steak and eggs, which was ok but the steak could have been seasoned a bit. My husband had the chorizo benedict which was amazing! Overall a great brunch spot.

Mayer Ling

Love this place. I usually go for breakfast; the food is amazing. I will definitely recommend it.

Ronni M.

We've had good meals over the years, but our last breakfast a couple of days ago was substandard. Maybe it was due to the shortage of help, or that the existing servers and cooks were overwhelmed. The biggest turnoff was the filthy carpet. If a restaurant is dirty in places you can see, you have to wonder about the cleanliness of the kitchen. We won't return, sad to say.

Brandon Mercurio

Friend got runny scrambled eggs. And both times I been here the home fries are barely cooked. There more raw then cooked.

Christopher M.

Wish I enjoyed it as much as some others. We pull up and the place is very old school looking, I got excited thinking I was going to get a nice old school breakfast, this may have been my downfall, maybe setting the bar too high. I got the lumberjack breakfast and the portions were extremely small. When I think lumberjack I think about a big hearty breakfast, this was not it. The lumberjacks star is corned beef hash, which was straight out of a can and on to the griddle, which if I wanted canned food I would have just bought my own can and paid 1/4 of the price. Very upsetting. Overall the word that comes to mind is mediocre- no reason to come back but a few reasons to avoid it.

Brian R

We had the Greek Omelette, Eggs Benedict, and lumberjack breakfast, and everything was delicious. It's not fast food, but the vibe and service are good, and it was not noisy at all. Breakfast for three was $48 before tip. Our favorite breakfast place in Waltham.


The advantage of breakfast n Sunday is the abundant on-street parking because their lot is miniscule. At 9 AM we were quickly seated and waited on as I noted a number of empty tables. Lot of variety in their menu. My companion had the Chef Joseph's special of eggs, bacon, home fries and toast. She loved it. I had a waffle which came buttered and with maple syrup. Definitely order the freshly squeezed OJ. Atmosphere is plain but food is quite good.

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