Karibu Restaurant

10 Crescent St, Waltham
(781) 899-7444

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Well located,the best customer service ever.very tasty African dishes and above all,hygienicFood: 5/5

Chepkorir Sambu

Here is a place with delicious East African food. I highly recommend getting the samosas! The chapatis and beef stew were also delicious. I would only wish that the meat is cut into smaller pieces. I already miss the samosas.

katherine zawada

Best food I’ve ever had in my life. The service was outstanding and the food brought literal tears to my eyes. The effort, time, and care put into the food is obvious. Each dish is freshly made each day, no canned ingredients. The environment is warm and friendly and comforting.

Vincent Valenzuela

I've never felt so taken care of - instead of a menu, we were told what was available and what was good today. Staff is soooo friendly and helpful. We had Ugandan beef and veggies samosas chicken in coconut milk sauce, rice and beef, mixed veg . . . So so so good!

Madeleine Molleur

Everything was so delicious. The coconut chicken and the rice and beans were unbelievable! The owner was so friendly and told us that everything is made fresh daily and he sources all his spices from Africa so everything is fresh and authentic. 100% recommend!

Kathy S.

We chose to eat dinner at Karibu last night because many restaurants in the area are closed on Mondays. Did we ever get lucky. We had a fantastic meal that was prepared after we ordered it. It came out fresh and hot. We tried the chapti and somosas as appetizers. Our main meal consisted of beef stew/ chicken stew which was accompanied by rice, mashed plantains, spinach/vege mix. The wonderful lady who helped us brought us some peanut sauce to try as well. In the end, she finished us up with fried plantains. Sound like a lot? It was! And every bit of it was delicious and perfectly seasoned. If you have the opportunity to try this restaurant, I would highly recommend it.


Delicious, hearty, and savory food in a relaxed family-friendly and student-friendly atmosphere. Very kind and helpful staff. Really enjoyed the fish stew, vegetable dishes (both mixed and mashed), chapati, and samosas. Excellent flavor and great combinations of textures. Great tea. Definitely try the mandazi (donut) if they haven’t run out!

Maria Padilla

10/10!!! My taste buds cannot recover from how delicious everything was! This place has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Will be coming here more often!!

Yeehag Yoyo

the food is incredible, workers are so warm and kind. definitely a place to check out

Charles Dennehy

Doesn't make good impression from the outside. Very informal inside. However, once you get seated it's all good. The owner is friendly and accommodating. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. We were of the lighter complexion; everyone else, not as much.Not an issue. Very enjoyable experience.

summer thomas

Such incredible food & such a friendly atmosphere! Could not recommend more! Will definitely be coming back!!

O Swiga

Got a beef we entre it was as basic as you could possibly imagine. Seemed like big uneven chunks of beef , some with gelatinous fat and unappetizing.Unseasoned, I imagine. Couldn't finish it do I gave it to my puppy

Teby Mi

They don’t provide receipts. And if you don’t care then you r cheated well after a long wait. Bought matooke beef spinach, but I look at my charge after. It’s 40 usd instead of 19, usually price. Also no parking

Drew Edwards

Put simply, incredible Ugandan food that will make you feel like you are right in Kampala. True Ugandan hospitality included. Matooke? Check. Chapati? Check. Beef stew? Check. You can even order the coveted luwombo dish - forewarning, you have to order a day ahead of time. There are also flares of cooking that hints at fusion dishes, like a chicken coconut curry that would be rare to find in Uganda, but you’ll be happy to get in Waltham.Their hot bar is a great lunch option. You can even pick up samosas and ‘african (ginger) tea’!Never had Ugandan food? No worries, the staff is wonderful and will explain all of it to you. You might even learn some Luganda along the way.What Karibu does not have: northern Ugandan dishes. You will be hard pressed to find Malakwang, millet, or any other staples of the north.

Doreen L.

#karibirestaurant off #moodystreetwaltham. Nothing to write home about. I brought all the nostalgia from umpteen years ago when we visited for real #ugandan food while in school in Boston. The food and ambiance were legit, not anymore. See for yourself [Pic. 1]. It's a dump! And that's the food too! My cousins tell me, it's only single men who eat there now, ain't no decent foodie would waste their hard-earned shmonie on Hajati. Even the sitting is messy [Pic 2]. Wasted $$$ ordering food without no flavor! No taste, nadda! Greedy me, ordered 20 chapatis for the thanksgiving dinner that even the family rejected! Why do Ugandans love despising their own so much!!!

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