Kiwaz Catering & Events

33 Lexington St, Waltham
(781) 209-5757

Recent Reviews

Christina P.

The service can be off sometimes but that truly doesn't matter once you taste the food haha. They do an amazing job, i highly recommend this place. My boyfriend orders from them at least 3-4 times a week for lunch and they always give out great portions. Check them out!

steph G

I called and ordered rice and mac & cheese. I asked if the proportions could be considered on the larger size. I end up getting there and they were confused about my order, I was confused even more. There is no actual menu and you can feel the kitchen tension.The food is great, however there is an issue with miscommunication every time I come here. I don’t feel I got my money’s worth. Total= $20So unfortunate because the food really is delicious.

Pierre Tony Merone

That’s the worst Haitian restaurant I’ve ever tried. Tasteless and expensive food.

Stacia S.

Wish this place could be more like highland cuisine in Somerville but it's not. They over fry the plantains to where they'll break your teeth. The rice be having to much going on. Pikliz is okay and they don't give you enough if they even have it. Nice spot/ location but needs to serve better quality food and be consistent with it. This place would make a killing only if they improved a few things. It's all about the food and how good it taste at the end of the day and this place just isn't it. Too bad cause they could've gotten a lot more customers. And this is a Haitian restaurant. Not to be confused with other Caribbean cuisine

Nikki N.

The service is not always warm, but the food makes me felt. I love Kiwaz! Their j*** chicken over rice and beans with a side of plantains makes me so happy.

Erika D.

Hidden Gem! Plantains are the best I've ever had. Portions are huge! Stewed beef and fried pork are our favorites and we always get their empanadas. Everything is delicious and the owner is always so friendly and pleasant!

Oscar Sanchez

Griot and pikliz is ok could be better. It's good cause it's the only Haitian restaurant in that area but it's no highland cuisine if you know what mean

Craig Anthony Evans

Nice spot. Good food.

Maureen Mildred

I ordered rice and beans ,oxtail and Caribbean j*** chicken as a side…the rice tasted burnt ,the chicken was bitter with sooo much salt it was almost unbearable.i was sooooo hungry and was left with no choice but to eat at least half because I had spent 30 dollars on the food…am extremely dissatisfied and appalled with the quality of food here e..I wish I could give zero star…..absolutely disgusting!!!!!

Autumn L.

My mac cheese had a unique flavor that was delicious. My mom said her green beans were the best she'd ever had. Helpful staff, I will definitely be returning!


I ordered salmon, rice and beans and Haitian patties. Food was tasteless. I could not tell whether it was Haitain food or Spanish food.

O Estevez

I give it a 5...NEVER a disappointment with whatever we order AND the customer service is a plus.??

neha sarode

J*** chicken, plantains and bean rice (dirty rice) is unbeatable. Absolutely delicious and authentic. The wait times could be long, so call and order ahead!

Tasha Peti

I ordered salmon, rice and beans and Haitian patties. Food was tasteless. I could not tell whether it was Haitain food or Spanish food.

Kate M.

We stopped in for breakfast while in the area, and we were pleasantly surprised by the clean, well decorated interior. (Don't be put off by the exterior!) It's very small inside but the owners are so lovely and the food is delicious. We had the meat patties, the sweet potato bread and barbecue chicken with fried plantains. What a warm and welcoming little spot with great food! We will definitely be back.

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