Leo's Place Diner

655 Main St, Waltham
(781) 790-1373

Recent Reviews

Darlene Buelow

Owner / Manager was friendly and the menu was provided when seated. Ate there alone due to being in a business meeting out of town for the day. Atmosphere was bright and had a nostalgia feel.Had tuna melt, was good. A bit too much mail. Marble rye delicious. French fries, hot. Offered a takeout box for my leftovers!!The prices were unbelievably economical. Was nice to see. Parking available for me directly out front on street. No meter! Loved that.


Not a bad breakfast spot. Plus the guys inside are very nice. Parking can be a bit tricky. I’ve had to park behind the restaurant, in a public garage, bc there was no parking around but the parking was inexpensive. Probably like around $3.

Miss M.

Exactly what a diner should be. All things wonderful. Food Service Vibe. LOVE the bathroom too


A breakfast omelette is one of my favorite foods. They have online ordering which is fabulous because I wanted it to go on my day off. The food was ready quickly (way quicker than Toast said it would be), and everything was delicious. I will absolutely be going back. They do take cards, which can be hard to hard at diners.

Fred G.

They try but food is bland and under impressive. Omelets had virtually no filling. Staff is under inspired.

Devin R.

I just love Leo's Place Diner in downtown Waltham. Always great friendly service (from Leo) and excellent food from his expansive menu. I had the Mike D. Hippie omelette which was chocked full of veggies. Can't wait till I return.

Marina Orlova

This place is cozy. The service was great the owner of this place is a nice man. He spoke to us and told us a story about the band that photo he has on the wall. The food tasted good. I like how everything on the menu has its unique name. I love when people put the effort into what they are doing. I ordered Shroomister Omelet and Romeo & Juliet French Toast. Everything was delicious.

Seth Guillotte

I have to start with if it’s hot out do not go. There’s no fans or AC. I almost puked up my food leaving because I couldn’t breathe in there due to overheating. Second portions are super tiny, and overpriced. Got a Big Dog, and pancakes were so tiny, basically one normal sized pancake, 3 strips or bacon and 3 eggs. Probably cost 4 dollars max, paid 12 dollars. Second food was not seasoned and had no taste, pancakes tasted like boxed pancake mix, and eggs didn’t even come with hot sauce or ketchup. They also couldn’t even give us ice in our water, and never were asked for a refill, and we waited 10 minutes to order our food though it wasn’t busy. 2 people with tip cost me 28 dollars, to basically eat a small breakfast and to overheat.

Helene M.

This diner is so cool!!! The decor and ambiance is awesome and the food is amazing!!!! I started with the Greek yogurt with fresh berries drizzled with honey. The yogurt was definitely fresh made, berries were plump and fresh and the honey was spectacular. This simple dish is a triumph!! My husband and I shared the French toast layered with the ricotta and fresh berries. I don't recall the cute name on the menu but the description will help you find it on the menu. My Husband had the lox eggs and onions and it was excellent. The coffee was marvelous. Treat yourself to this gem of a diner!!!!


One WORD .. AMAZING!!I got the yogurt parfait. And the set up Had the cutest things. In the bathroom was this cute little guy. Check pics before


This is only a review of the hospitality. Never got to eat the food. I’m sure it’s great. Showing basic decency to feel welcome when waiting for a table would be nice. Instead we get terrible looks saying “why are you here?” Had to leave after a while since one can only take so much. I’m sure business is good. If not, who can afford to treat their customers this way.

McKenna B.

Ordered for pick up through DoorDash and we were given the wrong order and didn't know until we got back to our hotel. Decided to eat it because we didn't want to drive all of the way back again. The blueberry pancakes tasted like onion and had eggs attached to them. The home fries had literally no flavor and tasted like boiled potatoes. Home fries are usually fried in a pan. These had no salt nothing and were soft and boiled. Didn't try the egg white omelettes in the order because they had things in them we didn't like but based on the food we did eat I'm assuming they weren't that great either.

Stewart Woodward

Stop in to Leo’s Place soon!! This great downtown Waltham Deli is my go to place for breakfast or lunch. You can sit at the counter for lunch and conversation with the chef or tables are available if your dinning with others. The service is alway great with friendly and personal attention delivered along with delicious food. I also love the great local Rock & Roll memorabilia decor covering the walls. Leo’s place a fun and yummy place to visit for your favorite deli sandwich.

Tim Samuel

Leo’s Place Diner fits all the requirements for the typical diner that you think of in a small town (even though Waltham is not a small town): surprisingly cheap and also tasty food, a man whose back is always turned to you making and preparing food on the stove continually walking around with a slight hunch in his back, a friendly host that always recognizes his patrons face, and slightly melancholy country music that always seems to evoke nostalgia even though you’re not from that time period. Yeah, it’s nice.

Brian Stauffer

Loved everything about this place from the famous pictures on the wall to the brothers who team up to provide incredible service and delicious food! The fruit cup came with more variety than I've ever seen and allowed me to try dragon fruit for the first time ever! The breakfast meals were unique and filling and I can't wait to return for lunch! The Pastrami omelet is in my tastebud's dreams!

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