Little India Restaurant

475 Moody St, Waltham
(781) 894-8755

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Jonathan Fung

The food was amazing. We ordered the Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masal and they were all great. They even threw in extra food for free.One of the tastiest indian restaurants I've been to. Great service and nice staff. This place was recommended me by a friend and I was surprised this restaurant was rated less than 4 stars.

Mia Gonzaléz

Never had Indian food till tonight! And I’m impressed. Wasn’t really sure what to expect but the samosas were the first thing I tried wasn’t thinking much of it since it was just potato and pea turn over but so favorful. Butter chicken was amazing chicken was perfectly cooked. Will definitely be ordering again and trying new items !

Anita Anita

Food was nice hot and fresh! Food was delicious! My son is a picky eater and he loved it! Definitely will be back again!


Pretty good! Usually not very packed. Quiet and cozy atmosphere with nice music.

Christine Nunziato-Bonenfant

We were thrilled to be seated inside this restaurant during the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival. Amazing. We ordered a garlic naan that melted in my mouth. Perfect crispness, seasoning and amount of garlic. Then we shared a chicken tiki Masala dish which was the perfect blend of creamy, curry. The heat was just right. The owner took care of us like we were family. Then we were offered a sample of their Samosa from the street festival. Amazing. And if that wasn’t delicious enough she brought us a sample of the chicken tiki kabob. The experience and quality of food will be remembered and much appreciated. Little India has been here for 35 years. That is a testament to their excellence. Thank you.

Finney George

Food wasn't fresh. Not sure if frozen food was being heated and served.Chicken cubes in chicken Tikka Masala was not cooked fully. It was smelly as well.

Jane B.

Oh my god, I love this place. I had just finished swim team practice and I was starving so my mom asked me what type of food do you want? I said I wanted Indian right so we started walking and we saw little India so we walked in, I knew I wanted to come here because of how nice the people were! The food was amazing, as well as the service. I love this place and will definitely return!

John C

Great food, great service, super friendly. Now can eat out side and Moody street one big pedestrian party space all summer. Great fun to sit outside on a summer evening.

Aaron Mailhot

Awesome, great food at reasonable prices and friendly mom-and-pop staff. The 'drunk lassi' is tasty! Also has outdoor seating.

Stephanie Lindeman

This place is fire! The ratings should be so much higher. Presently here with 3 other friends who also are super loving it. I definitely recommend getting some appetizers too, we got the chickpea flour potato fritters — so good!The picture is of the vegan + gf potato and pea curry. Everyone else got the lamb curry and we’re all super stuffed from how good it is. The naan was also super fresh and delicious!

Moumita Sinha

I had an awful experience eating here . I went for a Sunday lunch and I had ordered a chicken biryani , chicken vindaloo and mango lassi .The chicken biryani came with peas and it was not biryani (it was a mix of rice + chicken - kind of pulao , that too not a good pulao - very bad one )The mango lassi was very weird in taste , it did not have the pulp as needed and the yoghurt was also kind of weird taste. I have never tasted such a bad mango lassi anywhere .The chicken vindaloo's potatoes were perfectly boiled , but the chicken was not good . I usually don't post or put reviews but this was so so bad food that I am just posting it .

Sid Sharma

In short : food was quite badDetails : our first takeout from this place - overpriced butter chicken and Lamb Keema matarChicken pieces were hard and gravy was just ok. Lamb keema was a disaster , overloaded with peas (matar) which overwhelmed the lamb taste.I doubt I will get food from this place ever again. Not authentic Indian food by far though it’s at a good location , suggest owners and cooks take a trip to India and re-learn ‘authentic’ taste , wish them luck

Wern O.

TLDR: Indian classics Really enjoyed my time here on Moody street. Outside is festive with flowers and lights. All your classic Indian dishes are well done. They have alcohol as well including Indian beers. I'm rather fond of Kingfisher. Would definitely come back!

Jessica Bethoney

The good news is that the restaurant is quiet and nicely appointed. The bad news is that it offers the worst Indian food I remembering having. Shrimp Do Piaza and Fish Masala should have been two totally different preparations but both came covered with an unpleasant goopy red sauce that didn't taste home-made. Even the samosas were sub-par and the garlic nan lacking in flavor. Prices were high, especially given the poor quality of the food. I'm hoping the restaurant improves its cuisine and then they might have more customers to fill those empty tables.

Realty Services

Excellent food and service. Definitely one of Waltham's most appealing restaurants. Hope they are able to offer the lunch buffet again soon as it was excellent. ?

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