The Sub-Way

235 Newton St, Waltham
(781) 894-8722

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Johnson Qu

Sadly, just had my dinner tonight and everything reeks of new ownership. Walked in and saw a crew I didn't recognize. I used to love their chicken breast and steak tips combo. I can understand prices going up in this 2022 era, but also the new guys don't know how to cook. Chicken is barely seasoned, might not be marinaded, and overcooked to rubber. Steak tips still have a good sauce, maybe the only thing that might be good on the menu. Pizza was fine, don't know why I wouldn't get a cheaper pie from dominoes though.

Toby Mulloy

Great to see some of the former owner’s of Biaggio’s take over this neighborhood spot. Lou and Joe spend every day tinkering with the flavors in the sauce, dough, etc and that type of caring really comes out in the food’s flavor. Recommend the steak tip dinner. Great food great price!!

James DeLand

I have been a Waltham resident my whole life and have always loved The Subway . Some of the best good in Waltham , definitely the best steak tips. My wife and myself ordered two grilled chicken dinners and both of the dinners had something really off about them . Both dinners had a very strong egg smell and that leaves me to believe that the chicken was bad or going bad . No salad with the dinners , which had always come with them . I hope whoever took over reads the comments and takes it seriously! This place could still be really good if they turn things around NOW

Joseph Ferraro

Great experience for me. Food was amazing , Joe and Lou were very friendly and you can see they work tirelessly to make sure they put out a great product so all their customers are satisfied. Highly recommend

Dave Burkart

Under new ownership!, DO NOT GO HERE!!. PORTIONS ARE VERY SMALL NOW AND PRICES ARE WAY UP!?. makes no sense?. Steak was cut into small overcooked pieces and garlic bread has no garlic on it?...and I paid for extra lol. I couldn't believe the difference from what I expected and what it's been for all these years to change this much for the worse.

Lenny M.

Are used to love this place but I think new owners took over in the portions got so much smaller my steak tips sub was all roll very disappointed

Nancy Risso-Bonica

This place is under new ownership, so all these great reviews were before it was sold a month or 2 ago.I was So disappointed in my Italian sub.They left the deli wrapper on what few cold cuts were in the sub. 1 slice of mortadella, a slice of ham and 2 slices of grayish salami.The bread was soggy from the veggies, except the ends were as hard as a rock.The lettuce was fresh. So there is that.The sub was 12.00, and so not worth it.

amanda munson

I wanted to love this place. Ordered a steak tip sub, cooked rare with american cheese. Was given a sub with no cheese and maybe 3-4oz total of burnt to death shoe leather steak tips. $16 sub fail.

John Sheridan

Best steak tip sub and or dinner around.

Jen S.

Don't go here- won't accept coupons, food isn't fresh, look annoyed to serve you. Never again!

Max Linskey

Two guys running a great little place for 30+ years, recommend stopping in for a chat or to grab a bite if you're in the area. Also recommend the steak tips, marinated with a sweet and savory concoction and cooked to perfection, and can never go wrong with a slice of pizza!

Tim Samuel

Nice to have local spots like these. Went here because my plumber recommended it. Have been here twice since then. Purchased a steak & cheese and would not recommend; it was dry and lacked flavor. The steak tips on the other hand were much better. They oozed juice. You can get a baked potato on the side as well.

Glenn E.

The only reason I know this spot exists is bc my friend Dave (hellooo David) worked here back in the day when they opened. The owner (Other Dave) started this bad-ass place in I'm guessing 91 or 92. I actually helped flyer Brandeis back in the day when they were starting out. I was working a pizza place in Brighton at the time and the difference in all around quality was evident from my first visit. Pizza dough was soft where it should be and crunchy in all the right spots. Sauce, cheese and toppings were always of great quality and the ratios were right. Fast forward 30 years. I live in California and when I think of meals I need when I go home steak tips are at the top of the list along with whole belly fried clams. The Sub-Ways steak tip dinner is exactly like it was 30 years ago. Fresh, quality and generous portions. My only regret about my last visit is that I didn't order 3 dinners to take back with me. In an ever evolving world oftentimes no change is just what the doctor ordered.

Jeff B.

Have lived in Waltham for about 3 years and never went to the subway before. Very friendly and I actually didn't have any cash on me. I did not know it was cash only. They told me to just get them next time. I will definitely be going back again to repay the favor!!! Burrito was amazing and had a few cheese slices! Great pizza! Got to try the steak tips!

Karl Ivester

Always must have when in waltham

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