11 Pierce St, West Springfield
(413) 589-1761

Recent Reviews

Jamie Neveu

The staff was kind of rude and took forever to make a sandwich

susana torres

I just paid $2.75 for a cup of Mostly ice.

Bonnie Landry

They are not the same anymore coffee was burnt tasting

Sarah Babcock

they are so slow here. it should not take at least 10 minutes per car in drive through. there needs to be some serious retraining. we absolutly would have left but there's no way to exit (snow storm cleanup was finished yesterday) and after waiting 45 minutes to even get to the order speaker im not just going to leave. ordered coffee. medium hot peppermint mocha with one cream. had to repeat size twice. flavor three times and 1 cream twice. get to the window. pay. another 10 minute wait after that to get my coffee. to take a sip and it had no flavoring and no cream or sugar...

Joe Vitorino

After months of second chances this is definitely the worst dunkin I've ever been to. Will start making the extra commute to the Rt.20 location from now on. Drive thru always takes an obscene amount of time when there's more than 3 cars, regularly get terribly made breakfast sandwiches, and this isn't even close to the first time I've opened up a bacon/egg/cheese to the wrong thing entirely.

Butch Brawnson

They always get my order right. The store is always clean, and the staff is good.


My everything bagel w/cream cheese.Check your order BEFORE you leave the property.

Dee Rod

Best ice tea, quick turnaround on food

Rosanne Michaud

Your Dunkin Donuts yeah was excellent and we will continue to use it

Dana Canary

Great service. Fast and easy.

Jennifer Hoag

Wasn't impressed with the coffee, tasted more like burnt hot water ☮️

Abel Rodriguez

I was in the drive thru line and it took us 20 mins to even give them our order

Gina Stevens

I always go to Dunkin donuts but for some unknown reason this one is horrible people are not very friendly at all and you are in line at least 15 minutes and there's only 5 cars ahead of you

Mark Hamelin

Use to have a good group of people working there. Polite and Great Service. Just recently most of them moved on to other locations because of Management.

holly Bruso

Best dunkin around! Orders are always accurate! Friendly employees.

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