Five Guys

1268 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 306-5353

Recent Reviews

Jon Cohen

For fast food, always better then the status quo

Justin Stanikmas

Been here a few times and my most recent visit was probably the best I've had! There was this young cashier who was super nice and quick with a joke that made the experience a bit better than average! The food has always been nothing short of the high quality that you'd expect from this place. 10/10 will go again.

A4 Faenami

Can you attention seekers stop posting pictures of yourselves? The food looks great but no one cares about your smiles or your shaved rainbow head Kendra Bedford . Keep that to your facebooks. Stop seeking for attention.

Daniel Cowen

Good burgers. Had a bacon cheeseburger all the way with large fries. ?


It's Five Guys. If you don't know what it is...good. Shorter lines for me.

Fred blanchard

Food was super greasy and they make you buy fries ect separately no meals

Carlos blue pony

Very professional and very fast and tasty service, im so happy with the quality of this burger, the staff is amazing

Vadym Levchyk

Horrible service. Ordered two milkshakes and waited 20 min to get it and guess what? They served all other people and not me even 4 people after I ordered and they served them and gave them milkshakes but not us. . We waited and waited and nope. Horrible service. Avoid this location. Go to another location.

Funky Froggerz

Five Guys has the best burgers around. Love them. Also just get a little fry. Don't get fooled by the name. You will not eat a large fry. Take this advice

*CalyFornyanya *

One of the best places around for a burger. And the shakes are even better! Awesome customer service, very accommodating. And decent prices.?

Kira Poloski

honestly the worst Five Guys i have ever been to. the woman taking my order at the front seemed very tense and took it out on the customers, and was very rude towards me. my friend was ordering, who has a stutter, and i realize it takes her a while to speak but the woman at the counter should NOT be rolling her eyes and sighing while my friend is trying her best to speak. i ordered 2 drinks, and the woman charged me for three. she was also ASKING customers for tips, and caught an attitude when someone didn’t leave one. as someone who works in the food industry, it’s widely known it’s impolite to ASK for a tip. be polite, provide good service and you will receive tips based on your service. if you want good food and respectful customer service, go to the Five Guys in westfield. they’re amazing. don’t waste your time at this one.


Amazing fries, and the custom made to order burgers are to die for! ????? 5 virtual hugs

Daryl d

I'm afraid to know the real reason of why my burger had a strong odor of tobacco about it. It wasn't the bacon or an over cooked patty. Was it a dirty grill or something more fearful to imagine? I don't smoke and it legit smelled like an ashtray. I've visited multiple locations, but this was my 1st to WS and I'll never be able to get past the burger odor's bad memories enough to return here.

angelica rivera

I called to place an order they open at 11 i called at 10:59 lady answered my call but couldnt take my order bcz it wasnt 11 yet . I wont be ordering from them anymore . If i can rate 0 stars I would've

Trevor Ellsworth

The food was great. The staff was great...the online web order process...not so much. Not the fault of this location, but stars need to be missed because of it.

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