Five Guys

1268 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 306-5353

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Sue Stenta

Stopped today for the first time. I have to say it was a HUGE disappoinment. The burger I order was cold, flavorless and wasn't even a whole patty. It was broken into three pieces. The bun was cold and soggy. The fries were not crispy they were soggy, greasy and tiny little pieces. Can't justify spending $40 on that ?

Nancy King

Multiple employees hang out by the back door smoking pot all night. The smell is overwhelming and permeates the rooms at the hotel behind the restaurant. This is extremely poor management from Five Guys and unacceptable behavior of ppl who are supposed to be “ working” and I’m surprised the hotel doesn’t complain. I would not eat there.

Rick Knapp

Hey its a hamburger joint they had a lot of time to figure it out once they have a greater menu of choices I mean 10 bucks for a burger yikes same as the rest!Food: 4/5

Andrew Shultz

I hate to give such a poor review, but this was by far the dirtiest restaurant I have ate at. The floors around all the tables were completely filthy. From silverware, food, napkins, and even fake toy teeth. Our table way clearly just wiped to the floor and seats. Sadly the food was good and he had a great waitress, but even having those being good cannot hid the fact that they clearly have no concern for cleanliness so it has to the kitchen.

Gilberto Otero

Best five guys in the area. Food is fast and exactly how you want it. Staff is great compared to other local locations. Go out of your way and go to this one.Food: 5/5

Anna D

Delicious burgers, fries, shakes and peanuts!! Yummm. Always very clean, always friendly helpful service.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free lettuce wrap burgers are very delicious too!

Macy W.

this had no flavor at all, patty wasn't seasoned, fries weren't seasoned, fries were cold, they do give you a shi ton of fries which are good but i guess you have to buy and eat there because in less than 8 minute drive they were soggy! very disappointed, five guys used to be my go to burger place and still is just not this location.

Sharon Ripka

Staff is very friendly. Burgers are great. Wish these restaurants weren't so bright.Food: 5/5

rule 413

Received my food today around noon… the French fry dude, killed it! Super crispy and hot. The burgers never disappoint but the the fries today, BANGIN! Thank you.

Steven Appleby

I love coming here. The Burgers are always tasty. You get great service here. Everyone should come eat here.Food: 5/5

Tim G.

I enjoy Five Guys burgers, and this location certainly matched the quality and service I've come to expect from many different locations I've visited. They cook to order, so while there may be a little wait you'll also be getting freshly made food, and you can customize the burgers with a wide variety of toppings to choose from. As is standard procedure at Five Guys, you can get one order of fries for two people (unless you're super hungry) because they give you an overflow of french fries. I think they do a great job cooking those fries, by the way. I was just passing through town on a road trip, so this was my only experience at this location, but the food was good, the service was friendly, and the dining room was pretty clean.

Sarah Baker

best fries in town and I love just checking the drawing board lol these kids

Jessica M

Love Five Guys! Fresh and fast food. This location is clean and the staff is always friendly.

Kevin F.

It should not take 15 minutes to cook an order. And no apology for it taking so long. Get it together folks.

aung naing

Quick stop on the way back from upstate NY on the 4th of July. This place is clean, not a lot of people but the bacon burgers fries are so delicious. Thank you

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