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Andrew Size

Great Food, great staff

Pamela Hart

Perfect pancakes. Real nice waitress

Yahaira Rodriguez De Jesus

Is a good place to eat clean fresh food they always so busy people have to wait to get a table but I enjoyed to go early in the morning

Karen S.

We have been going to IHOP here in West Spfld. since they first opened. & were on Main St. The owner unfortunately died a few yrs ago & was a familiar figure at this restaurant & at his original. He kept a careful watch on "everything" & unquestionably the food.. everything was "perfect!" We have come in here wkly (7 days a wk sometimes when my mom was alive... her favorite place to eat) & know all the servers by face and name but sadly there has been a very small but noticeable decline here. Many of those familiar faces have left but I can't blame Covid for changes, for think there are many other reasons "at play here!"Friday we stopped early for breakfast & the hostess ( looked bored), no greeting said "Follow me" & plopped two menus down on a back table. There was an open trash barrel sitting in the aisle, few people there, so no excuses that it was packed( 9:15 am) & napkins on floor( few signs saying "watch where you walk basically" but floor was not clean wet or newly cleaned, from being washed)! I asked the hostess walking away if we could sit in front, for dark, dirty & trash barrel, where she was putting us, plus squeaky kitchen doors constantly making noise from wait staff coming & going in booth she was putting us. I pointed to front & literally dozens of vacant tables & she said "They're all dirty!" They weren't & if they had been dirty , my next question would have been "Why are they not being bussed? Plenty of staff hanging around idly, it seemed. She hurried away to stand back at her station & my husband & I sat down. We waited forever for anyone to come. Our waitress was very no e( recognized her as one that had been there for longtime) but she kept "forgetting us", orders took forever to give & receive food( few in restaurant so didn't understand hold up) & to even get our check. Stuck in the back with few people there, think she forgot us, which is why I don't like sitting there. Everywhere I looked it looked messy & junk on floor in glasses back room, I could see. I went to restroom & it was filthy. Think they must be renovating for walls looked ripped up but the problem was the lack of cleanliness factor "everywhere in restaurant!" The sign warning to watch where you walk was outside bathroom door in hall( floors had not been washed though so I wondered what was up with the signs everywhere. This restaurant consistently does a booming business & because of it's great menu people flock to it but honestly, I think the caring for customers, the "[email protected] to take care of customers.... everything seems to have changed, sadly. Last few times we have gone here, it has been like this. I know if the old owner was still alive, this blasé attitude that was evident yesterday anyway, would not have been tolerated, never mind the trash barrel next to where we were eating( saw woman cleaning table pull barrel to booth behind us, scooping all the trash left on table into it & then walk away, leaving giant open trash barrel right at table & inches from my husband trying to eat his breakfast. The food was ok when it arrived, little cool so must have sat there for awhile we surmised but once again, I couldn't find our waitress to complain. I got up to ask lackluster hostess , as she scurried by on trip to talk to other waitress( could see them laughing & talking in back) to send our waitress please, but she never went to get her. I would give this visit a minus three stars if I could but gave it a one, for "old times sake only, because of going here since '70's on Main St. I had to wait to get our food( could not eat with trash & it was cold, so took two bites & left it )but overall it was a horrible visit. Honestly, I prefer "Little George's" restaurant here in West Spfld. for quality of food, caring owner, portions, friendliness of staff, food always hot & prices.

John Nai

The service was very slow 45 minute wait on food and when it arrived ,the food was cold. Waitress was nice and apologetic. We understand they were understaff.

Isabella Mccormack

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. First of all it was like extremely understaffed or something because there were like three tables that were being used and our food still took forever. Also our waiters randomly switched twice for no reason. The waiter who took our order didn’t write it down and even though we had already clarified and made sure he knew what everyone wanted, one of the orders was still wrong. The spicy beef bowl and burrito was not even the tiniest bit spicy. I’ve had the spicy beef bowl at a different IHOP and it was very spicy. The food was just not good. Also, the fire alarm randomly decided to start going off and nobody did anything to turn it off, so for like 10-15 minutes we were listening to an extremely loud and annoying fire alarm. Another reason this was a terrible experience was the whole floor was soaked in the family restroom. That is absolutely disgusting. Honestly this was just a terrible experience. The worst IHOP I have ever been to. I will never be going back and would recommend nobody else go there unless you want terrible food and service.

Moya Santana

We got to IHOP at 2:15, was ignored for 15 minutes we got seated at 2:30 we were left in booth with "a waiter will be with you shortly" no waiter acknowledged us. When a host sat another family across from us at 3:20 I asked "is anyone going to attend us?" He stated let me get someone for you. Same gentleman came back and took our order. The place is not busy no need to forget that people were sat at a table.food was good but the wait was longer than it needed to be.

Andy c.

Arrived last Friday night at 8 pm, the place wasn't busy at all, only 2 other parties were dining in, and no one ahead of us waiting to be seated. We could hear staff in the back talking and laughing, and joking around with each other We waited for nearly 10 minutes to be seated. Most of the empty tables hadn't been cleaned off, and there were multiple trash bins out in the dining area. Another 5 minutes before the waiter arrived, we were ready to place out order. When placing our order, he informed us that they ran out of gluten free pancakes a few hours prior. So we left. I've been going to IHOP for years, and don't mind waiting when they are busy, as it is understandable. But the level of service at this branch was so below par, I wouldn't go back.

A R.

There always seems to be an issue with the order when placed, the service lacks of professionalism and can be a cold experience. I've had multiple visits where we sat for about 25 minutes to be waited on and place an order never mind the amount of time it takes to get the food to the table. I normally would just take a drive to another IHOP to avoid dealing with that service but was forced to go to this location because my wife simply didn't want to take the drive. I honestly can say the food had been better in the past, once owners changed the experience did as well. It's too bad, I'm a person who doesn't mind paying for quality service and food and normally tip well even when it's subpar service .


Waited almost 1/2 hours to be seated somehow our name was overlooked. Once we got seated, the waitress was really good, the food was decent. Reason why I’m giving a three is the bathroom was filthy! First I pushed the door to open it, it was so sticky I thought I was going to stick on the door. The bathroom smelled so bad of old pee, it was making me gag. There was hand soap on the floor, so much it was causing a slipping hazard! I warned the next person about that! Then finally while I was leaving the bathroom I used a paper towel to hold the door and it stuck to the door! I can accept slow service and food that is just okay, although both of those were good, but a dirty bathroom, No! I told the manager he didn’t seem to care, but to tell the truth I don’t know if he took care of it since I didn’t go back in there.

Sherard J.

I arrive at 7pm and was told someone would be with me to seat me. When we were seated we waited 30 minutes and no one ever came to the table to offer drinks or take out order before leaving. The waiters appeared to have an attitude. This place has went down hill. I will continue to support small businesses.

Kelie Smith

This really hit the spot after going quite a few hours that day without being able to eat. The trainee who assisted my dad and myself was nice and cheerful and the food was great. It was my first time ever going to an IHOP from what I remember and I'll definitely return many times in the future.

Sarah Tompkins

A friend of mine and I decided to go to IHOP for breakfast.The restaurant was clean and so was the women's bathroom.The manager, Andrew, was the person who waited on our table. We both had fried eggs (cooked correctly), pancakes and breakfast meats. Decaf and regular coffee, brewed just right.We enjoyed our breakfasts very much and will return there again soon.


Waited 40 minutes just to get a waitress to take our order…waited and waited and waited for our food and my boyfriend decided he was not waiting anymore….and I’m still waiting for my food…bad service…waiters seemed like they did not know what they were doing…DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!

Amanda Odato

Took over an hour to get our order, when we did get it the order wasn't complete and my daughters drink had gross stuff floating in it.

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