Joy Bowl Poke West Springfield

935 Riverdale St f102, West Springfield
(413) 372-5538

Recent Reviews

Beth R.

Consistently great, fresh and tasty. Staff is always pleasant. I have the punch card bc I go there so often.

Shyla H

I've only ordered through DoorDash, so I don't know about the facility itself.That said, I love this place. The ingredients are tasty and seem very fresh. The "seaweed" mix-in is seaweed salad, not nori. It is delicious, but I was surprised the first time I ordered it expecting nori (which they do have as a topping). The only proteins I've gotten are cooked (spicy crab, shrimp, and eel -- the eel is so good), but my husband is always satisfied with the raw salmon and tuna.

yudy kotjah

Loved the food. Just wished there was more of it. I'm not a big eater and still found that portions are not coming satisfying enough. Their ginger dressing is to die for. Everything is so fresh. Very clean. The person serving the food was very nice, pleasant and accommodating.

Valentina Pisarenko Tverdokhlebova

Oh this is my new favorite place. I love their poke bowls and the fact that you create it just the way you want it. Everything is fresh, rice tastes great. Very friendly and lines go quickly. Will be back for more poke bowls!!!

Melody Lopez

The food is always so fresh, made in great time and always right!! This place is perfect!

streetport13b iv

Very tastey, quick service, friendly atmosphere.

Natasha C.

One of my favorite Poke places! Really fresh ingredients and lots of sauce options. I am definitely a repeat customer !

Ashley Ethier

Absolutely delicious!!! Recommend to everyone!!!

Coco Fantasy

I bought a seaweed bowl. I got charged almost 13 dollars for a skimpy bowl with a tiny amount of seaweed. It was almost the amount that they put as a topping. I asked the guy to put more in and he said yeah yeah and didn’t. After the bowl was done it was filled less than half the bowl. Definitely not worth the money. Also the older Asian lady and guy are so rude. Every time I go there, they act like they want me out of there as fast as possible. The only one who does a good job is the younger Asian girl who sometimes wears glasses. She’s always friendly and makes me feel welcomed. She’s the only reason why I tried to give them more chances.

hiLâL kavafoğLu

It seems healty and deliciously.


Great pick up ordering experience. Was very disappointed when I ordered a bowl as a salad and was not given enough salad. My bowl was a little empty and could have been given a lot more salad. Because I don’t eat rice and lettuce is much cheaper salad bowl should be filled. To me this is expensive for thin veggies and light salad. The bowls should be more generous with toppings especially when someone only has a few topping options. 3stars because it tasted good but I was still so hungry.

Tammy Bryden

Very friendly, cleanliness and very helpful if you've never been there before. I will definitely go back.

Meghan S.

Wow!!! I was craving poke and I hadn't had any since I last visited West Hartford. Ended up trying out Joy Bowl of West Springfield and it was amazing! Love that you can get so many options of fresh veggies in a poke bowl and it was all still cold upon delivery. Also tried the gyoza and those were so out of this world yummy! Will definitely order again and it was so refreshing!

Breanna S.

So needed in the Springfield area and glad they have expanded their reach to different locations. Good reward system (buy 10, get 1 free), fast delivery with cute Pokémon characters on the bag, and friendly customer service.

Maksim Yurovsky

Tasty, reasonably priced and healthy.

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