931 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 737-3460

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Christopher Schroeder

Fast service. Usually a line, but rarely a long wait.

Carmen Diaz

The line was a little long. You can not go inside to order, but the chicken was well cooked the fries are delicious and the mac and cheese was very creamy. Worth the wait!

Sofi Mur

The order taker was super rude. When I got my food I was missing a sandwich, brought it back she rudely said “give me the bag” then took out all my sauces and TWO OF MY FRIES. And gave the sandwich half empty. Haven’t been to KFC in years, never coming there again.People go to places like this when they don’t have enough time to make their own food, truck drivers stop by often to eat, and there’s a most likely chance they won’t come back to get their order fixed, but they pay the money for it (and KFC isn’t that cheap). So this is ridiculous that we have to deal with such bad services.

Jason Mikesell

Rude and very young and poorly trained teensgers....pretty much the reason why the line is always long. You can hear these children arguing in the kitchen thorough the drive thru window. Very poorly managed and run location. What a shame too its kKFC so I always go back only one in the area. What this place could do with some better management


Popeyes taste betterThe chicken was mehMac n cheese pasta was overcookedGravy was goodBiscuit wasn't badOverall could be better chicken needs to be more crispy and tender


The employees are kicking butt over there. They only have drive-thru but the line goes really fast. And the chicken is really fresh. Great dinner tonight

tina padgett

drive thru only (as of 8/29/20) - looks like curbside or takeout is an option but, regardless, you're going to sit in the same long drive thru lineotherwise - great lemonade & friendly employees :)

Justin Lafleur

As always KFC is the best fast food chicken on the planet. Why there aren't more stores beats the hell out of me. I think that their portions although a little smaller than I'd like cuz of course you want as muc

Tom Kennedy

Good service...good on drivetrough service, always busy ...line moving at good rate, good product.

Victor S.

This one employee, I believe his name was Jose Burgos or something like that, was so helpful. I wasn't sure what to eat but he was glad to help me by throwing a handful of ideas on what's the tastiest meals they serve. The food was amazing, and to top it all off he even gave me a goodbye kiss, and made sure I was satisfied. Excellent service and delicious food. I will definitely go back and order the same thing next time.

Shannon Hadley

This place is on point. They keep the line moving quickly. Always get my order correct. Staff is friendly which definitely helps

Angelina Smith

Horrible I ordered two meals both were missing biscuits I ordered two additional sides of Mac and cheese only got one even though receipt shows charged for two. Wrong sodas and a piece of plastic right on top of my chicken. Will not be returning


Super long drive thru wait time. I ordered two famous bowls and that’s it. Waited in line for half an hour. I probably wasted more gas for the price of those famous bowls lol. Although the girl was nice at the window. She was rushing but still called everyone “sweetie” lol

Matt B.

Greasy, scummy and doubtful it's even chicken. When you eat American fast food you are choosing the worst possible chemicals to add to your unhealthy body. Seek therapy before being so dumb as to eat faux food products.

David Greer

I went here and was disappointed that everyone inside had mask below their chins. How is that safe in this time. You could see the staff picking at food. Gross! I paid for my purchase but before I left the parking lot I threw it out. Not worth it. If your people don’t care enough about their customers, I will not be coming back. Keep your germs!

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