Liquori's Pizza

659 Westfield St, West Springfield
(413) 737-9690

Recent Reviews

Little Wolf

If u get a slice of pizza u may want to share it w someone else there huge

Tom Abare

The best and most affordable pizzeria around!

Evelyn Rivera

Did not like it that much everything in the restaurant was so dusty. Pizza tasted not as good as i was told. Would not go there again

Christine Sullivan

I really like their pizza. One of my favorites in the area. BUT... I was there a few days ago. I called in my order ( a slice ) at 5pm and was told it would be ready in 25 minutes. I arrived to pick it up at 5:26. I was told it would just be 5 more minutes. Well.... at 5:50 my pizza was ready... did they even put my order in??? probably not. Also, BE VERY AWARE that one of the pizza makers/bakers (I think it was the owner) did not have a mask on the entire time I was there (25 minutes of waiting and watching).He had the mask down around his throat/under his chin the entire time - never once did I see it over his face covering his mouth and nose. Will not be back anytime soon. Which is sad because I very much enjoy their pizza.

Mandie Scott

One of my favorite places to go. Tony & the staff are awesome, the food is great, the atmosphere is cool

Gbones Staten

Great food, nice people,large portions and best price in town

Elee Rodriguez

Liquori’s has been a part of my family for over 21 years. Tony met my daughter when she was just a baby and now she is all grown. Never had a complaint. Amazing food, great customer service and an overall great environment. Recommend to all.

Amelia L.

Please go here!!!!!! Amazing pizza, amazing service, and amazing restaurant. The atmosphere inside the spot is absolutely amazing. The gentlemen working were so polite and nice. I will only get pizza from here now!

Katiusca Rosso

For my liking I love it, I 3 slices it was a whole pizza?

Carmen Velazquez

I Love the best pizza clean place and wonderfull service

Sylvia Bermudez

The pizza was great but have. Of the cheese wasn't melt .....

Cindy Santos

Great Sunday Dinner Ty

Ruben Velasquez

Good pizza.. I got sick last time i ate there but it might be unrelated

Leslie Orengo

Food is always awesome and the portions are huge!. Can't beat Liquori's.

Johnny Wicker Walker

Can’t say a single bad thing about the place! They have fiery fingers which I love and the place has so much character and great service and good price. Great bang for your buck! Always love coming here!

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