Liquori's Pizza

659 Westfield St, West Springfield
(413) 737-9690

Recent Reviews

Katiusca Rosso

For my liking I love it, I 3 slices it was a whole pizza?

Carmen Velazquez

I Love the best pizza clean place and wonderfull service

Sylvia Bermudez

The pizza was great but have. Of the cheese wasn't melt .....

Cindy Santos

Great Sunday Dinner Ty

Ruben Velasquez

Good pizza.. I got sick last time i ate there but it might be unrelated

Leslie Orengo

Food is always awesome and the portions are huge!. Can't beat Liquori's.

Johnny Wicker Walker

Can’t say a single bad thing about the place! They have fiery fingers which I love and the place has so much character and great service and good price. Great bang for your buck! Always love coming here!

Rosa Velez Santiago

they have the best pizzas slice good price food kove it

Butch Brawnson

The slices here are monstrous, and very tasty. they also have a array of old school candies, like lemon heads, and boston baked beans. and they also carry Stateline Potato Chips. Liquori's have become one of my top three spots for pizza in the Springfield area. I highly recommend this place

Colleen Perry

My favorite pizza shop hands down, the people who work here are so friendly, and the food is incredible. I’ve never had a wrong order, or any bad food from Liquoris!

Paul Francis M.

Boss gave me the ok to order pizza for the workgroup tonight so jumped on yelp to find a high rated pizza shop. Found Liquori's to be one of most reviewed and higher rated pizza joints in the area so gave them the business. Called in the order, gentleman who picked up the phone wasn't the most friendly. Not knowing there is more than one business there by the sounds of it he got frustrated and kept repeating himself. After I figured it out and placed for delivery for the end of my shift I just waited. The delivery guy was early which was nice. I was able to feed some of the guys who wrapped up their area first some food. I didn't get a chance to eat it until an hour after delivery which by then it was cold. But I asked the crew their thoughts and majority of them enjoyed it. One said too much dough, another said not enough cheese and or sauce. When I opened the pizza boxes they looked as delicious as the other yelp pictures. I will swing by their shop one day to try their single slices but until then I give them the benefit of the doubt that it's a good pizza when fresh and hot

Margo Chapski

Great tasting pizza & sub sandwiches. Plus, when you go into the restuarant, it's a throwback in time with nostalgic photo's and 'penny candy'! So, although it's a small seating restuarant, the atmosphere is entertaining & the food is good!

Marcos Natal

Great place always I have been going there since I was a kid food is awesome prices are great and service is always excellent... great job guys keep it going...

Paul Buck

Absolutely The Best Pizza Around, I've Known Tony For Over 40 Year's And He's Been Cooking The Whole Time Even Before He Opened His Own Business, LIQUORI'S IS THE BEST

Wendy A.

Stopped by last year and we were in the neighborhood area today. Got excellent pizza slices, delicious and huge slices. Busy place but worth the wait.

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