Little George's Restaurant

2648 Westfield St, West Springfield
(413) 788-2120

Recent Reviews

Scott Guyette

great food large portions good price

Virginia-Alice Nimchick

Great crew there always friendly and always packed

Juan Velazquez

This place was amazing for breakfast. The service was very quick and portion sizes are very generous. The ham and pancakes were perfect.

Evette Rios

The food was amazing. Authentic italian flavors! The service was really good too. The best lasagna I've had in years! The portions we're really big too.

Agnes Carmody

All I can say about little George's oh, it was phenomenal. I highly suggest the waffle with bananas strawberries and whipped cream and a side of ham.????❤

Tom Nostin

Good food, friendly service. Definitely get your monies worth.

Joseph Labelle

If you really want The Best Ham and eggs breakfast you really need to try George's, excellent food friendly atmosphere and awesome and experienced waitstaff

Brian Hope

Little George's is the best diner around hands down!! Food is delicious, portions are delightful. Servers were very friendly. I will return

Holly Krota

Large tent for outdoor dining. Great food. Waiting line on weekends.

Todd Markwell

Awesome mom and pop spotKnown for their pork specialties

Ben Canniff

very nice staff and great breakfast. Ginormous pancakes

Ricky Rosario

Out of this world dine- in food, customers service and friendly environment.

Randall Uron

Magnificent, outstanding service and super sized meal.

Rebekah P.

Okay so I've had breakfast here a few times and it was really good but because it was getting close to lunch today by the time I got here today I figured why not get lunch. That's exactly what I did. I got the fish and chip special and my only negative comment on the fish and chips is that breading on the fish could've used more seasoning. The positives are that the fish cut like butter, it was glistening, and it was moist. It came with fries, coleslaw and tarter sauce. The fries were good but it's pretty hard to mess up french fries. I can't comment on the coleslaw because I didn't eat it and I really have to be in a mood to use tarter sauce with fish. Yea I'm one of those people who only uses tarter sauce very rarely Anyway, after I finished the fish and fries I decided to splurge and get pie a la mode. That chocolate cream pie was amazing. Probably one of the better pies I've had in life. Whoever made it knows how to bake. I really recommend the chocolate cream pie. Unless you're allergic then stay away from the chocolate cream pie. Don't get an allergic reaction. That wouldn't be good. The staff is also friendly and the restaurant is currently dine in and outdoor due to the virus, but you still have to wear masks indoor until you are seated. I highly recommend this place. Now you may drive past it because it is a hole in the wall place but the food is very goodSo I went again for breakfast today and I got chocolate chip pancakes. Now I'm picky about pancakes. I know I'm weird. But if they too dark I will not eat them. At all. But because I'm moving I took a chance and tried their pancakes. They came and keep in mind I got two and these pancakes took up the whole plate. Yea that's how big they were. Anyway, the first pancake was the color I like but I wasn't sure about the second pancake, since it was dark brown but I took a chance thinking it was just the chocolate chips, after all they were chocolate chip pancakes. The pancakes were amazing! They were almost as good as my mother's. Almost. I did get a tiny burnt flavor in one bite but overall it was the flavors you would expect from chocolate chip pancakes. I would highly recommend the chocolate chip pancakes but my my advice is to start with one or two.

Sara Manarite

Always love coming to little Georges they always nice and food is great

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