76 Westfield St, West Springfield
(413) 734-1800

Recent Reviews

Andrea Lynn

It was a small dive, you had to pay for the Jukebox to play songs or no music. The drink was strong so that was the best part and the company I was with.

Timothy Manning

Great local bar. Cash only. Very good prices. Lots of seats

La Vonne Henderson

Nice, friendly place to chill. Nice waitress. Nice crowd.

Steve Scott

Nice local yocal bar.

Brian Small


Timothy Norris

Place only takes cash, probably much easier to hide money from IRS. Lol

Alex W

Great place for a drink!

Ryan Heady

They allow customers to vape in their bar. I was enjoying my drink when someone next to me started vaping. The bartender not only didn't care, but was also carrying on a conversation with the person allowing them to continue vaping blowing smoke in the air. Last time I checked vaping was smoking and that's illegal indoors and in bars. And I also do not want to breathe in that second hand smoke. I was having a good time enjoying my drink and I just got up and left because I don't want to sit next to that? I will never go back to that bar!

Alex Wytas

Great place for a drink!

Thomas Defranco2

Younger crowd but definitely a good time

Tree Ratsmon

Great bar, cheap drinks, friendly staff. Highly recommended

Christopher Benevento

Great bar

Tim Strawberries

Is this the only bar In westside? Seems so minus lattitude but that place sucks.

Angel Raymond

Good vibes and very reasonable priced drinks

Buzz Collette

Good staff cold beer

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