Pride Kitchens

757 Riverdale St, West Springfield
(413) 455-3398

Recent Reviews

Bruce Bergeron

Gas station food has a bad rap! the food was not that bad granted it's not gourmet but who expects gourmet from a gas station grill if you're feeling up your tank and you're hungry the food from the grill is not half-bad

Luis Vazquez

Pretty good fried chicken and food

William Levakis

Better than a Dunkin sandwich!!

Jacob King

Wouldn't advise it unless you want a pos over your pretty face

pancholito santiago (Panchito)

Love the chicken salad it's so good!!!!

pancholito santiago

Love the chicken salad it's so good!!!!

Matthew Young

Didnt get anything from kitchen only what was prepackaged.

Chris Woods

Good value

Talia Q Bynum

Great locations, great prices, great food

Gary Lamere

rewards, good service and prices

Jason Cross

Bunch of personality lacking zombies working for a controlling old man. Can’t even step into the real world and use the chip reader. Cheap owner, equals no deals at the stores. Not your friendly neighborhood store. Just a bunch of pissed off workers who have no control over anything. The worst of our local companies.

Sheila Z.

The one in feeding Hills has the best carrot cake to go.

Eric W.

Had my eye on this spot for sometime now. I shouldn't have waited so long to stop in and give it a try. Plenty of parking and plenty of pumps if you're looking for gas. The place is spotless and the gentleman behind the counter was awesome. They have a deli and grill for something quick to eat and a nice spot to sit and enjoy it while watching the news or playing Keno. I had a coffee which was great and a blueberry donut which was also good. If all of the Pride Kitchens are this good Cumbies better pay attention.

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