Star Pizza

707 Main St, West Springfield
(413) 788-9999

Recent Reviews

Felix Andino

Very good slim pitzza

Victoria Rivera

Always do my little extras for me

Josh Fitzpatrick

This place is ridiculous. You can call and place a delivery order and use a debit card over the phone. Bit if you wanted to order food pay for it and have someone else pick it up for you they cant do that. Well sorry but I'll go spend my money else where. You people are a sad excuse to call yourselves business owners

Delynell Ortiz

I love Star Pizza food, I have been ordering for many years now and never disappointed, drivers are friendly and the owner too! The lasagna, wings , grinders and salad are awesome!

Tonia Lovely

The pizza is really great. The crust is nice and thin as it should be. I think they got a new pizza maker recently.

Michael Kunze

somehow they always take longer then expected to deliver and the drivers are reckless and speed. you would think the food would be quicker to get here with the blatant lack of regard to the speed limit

Alice Kubacki

I love stars I always get a calzone and house salad. The calzones are amazing and fresh the sauce to dip the calzone in is really tasty! Salads are good and fresh!

Eric Dziewit

Good food and awesome wings ! Fast delivery !

Robert Almeida

Service was poor and when I asked for a recommendation was told the Steak and cheese was good. Obvious this person has never eaten it. It had very little meat. This might be a good thing because the only thing good about the sandwich was the bread. Dont eat here.

Kellie Trombley

Thank you "STAR PIZZA" for making me the perfect white pizza!!!! Did not even have to ask you to "Pie cut" it. You already knew "That's how a pizza" should be cut!!!?????

Corpse Cannon

Ordered their seafood platter, only thing good in it was the salad. Almost everything was over fried in the order, the fish itself is an obvious frozen filet. If you want to sacrifice quality because it's cheap, go ahead.

carmella miller

OMG this is great pizza but very expensive. Order small anchovies, mushroom and onions and a medium cheese total $29.84.

Colleen T.

I thought my first order cancelled, but they got them both! They tried to call me back, but I was downstairs, so they cancelled the last one. The onion rings were too crispy, but the garlic knots were great. I will be trying my second order out soon.

Steven Smith

We have NEVER tasted pizza or grinders like Star Pizza is putting out!!!!!! If you haven't.....i tell you are missing out on something very very good. Its well worth the price and more!!!!

Edible Eating Queen

Food is delicious some of the best pasta around.

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