288 Park St, West Springfield
(413) 276-6426

Recent Reviews

Meowke .

Went through drive through, then had to wait half an hour for the food to come, that they even forget about you

Bradley Gallacher

Nice, fun and fast. Very polite. Who knew going through the drive through could be such a fun experience.

Crystal Zobel

This Wendy's consistently gets my orders right.

Sara Pieczarka

Hit or miss! We love Wendy's But, sometimes the staff here are super friendly. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes the food is cooked to perfection. Sometimes not!

Tom Abare

Literally sat at the speaker for 10 minutes and never even had a person answer on the speaker the whole time. Unless they close at 8pm I'm not sure it's really excusable. I could have food cooked to order in the amount of time I was willing to sit there.

Michelle Brooks-Thompson

This is by far the WORST Wendy’s location in West Springfield. 1 car at a time with 10-15 wait in drive-up is TERRIBLE! Either get SUFFICIENT help or burn this location to the ground. PERIOD!

Heidi M

They were busy. The drive-thru was long so I masked up and went in to order. The cashier was polite and a bit slow but her personality made up for that. We stepped back and the line kept coming in. After 3 orders were given to people behind us the 4th was coming and it was 1 of our same sandwiches when the name wasn't ours I asked where ours was. The supervisor Val said do you have your receipt ? Of course I did! She took it and asked where the sandwiches were (there was only 2) she then turns to me and say oh sorry your order isn't here it must have been deleted. Just so we are clear-she was the only one up front handing out the orders. Very frustrated with the lack of organization. And the picture is my bacon jalapeño chicken sandwich. Ummm not worth the cost.

Paul Laporte

My 2 place for a great tastings hamburger and service

Jenn Mahoney

Love Love Love there food better then Mcdonalds Burger King and Taco Bell.

hiLâL kavafoğLu

They made chicken wings with so delicious souces. I like your beverages. But there is so crowded and I dont want to wait long time

Jhony Bee

Never disappoints. Love their burgers.

Maha Absi

I just went to Wendy in West Springfield. MA. The chasier was very rude and not responsive on the speaker and then when we went to get the food we saw that she had a headset in her ear and she was not even hearing us .shetshe gave us the receipt withwwith out telling us thenthe charge t. she charged a different price than what was on the menu we asked her why ? she said you already paid for it and it's not my problem! we ask for the manager the manager refunded us the $2. this is one of the worst fast-food experiences we ever had. The complain was more about the attitude of the cashier not the $2 . The time waisted talking about the issue was worth much more . They did not get what the problem was ! I feel bad for the manager who had to deal with this employee all day

William Lewis

Didn't have but one item outta 4 that I ordered

Eliezer Torres

Ordered a southwest avocado salad a CUP of water, I pull up to the window and I was charged for a bottled water, I let it go since it wasn’t that serious. I drive all the way home with my salad, and had no dressing at all in the bag, I thought I might’ve been a mistake, so I drove back and they told me they were out of southwest avocado dressing. Why just give someone there SOUTHWEST AVOCADO salad with no SOUTHWEST AVACADO dressing. Makes no sense. I got no apology or anything, just “ok what dressing you want?” And as I was speaking I was being talked am over and given an “I don’t care” attitude and face. Ridiculous.

Isaac Rodriguez

I do think outta most Fast Food Franchises (Triple Fz) This Might quite be the Healthiest❤??❤?✔ Then The Rest & For The Non-Frozen Beef Patties& Fresh Cut Veggies I give this a ⭐5Outta5⭐

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