288 Park St, West Springfield
(413) 276-6426

Recent Reviews

Em 41

Basically cant open the door for customers to come in. Even after 10:30AM. The doors were closed. I waited for more than 10 minutes with no help

john Vicaire III

Wendy's has some of the best and unique burgers, their sizes for burgers is perfect and satisfying for me.

jason sheehan

Usually good service, but can't be hit or miss.

John T

Hard to beat a five dollar biggie bag (especially with spicy nuggets)

Steven Appleby

Great food here. Love coming here for Lunch.


Had an order at 540 PM last night. Could not ring it right nor cancel it (understandable with new kids) but then the manager tried to argue with me when I didn't want to take things I didn't pay for (and which still ended on my bill). And then he refused to give me my receipt.then this morning I pulled up at 6 45 am to get breakfast. Told over intercom they are delayed for another half hour due to snow. When the snow was two days ago.... and when I call in to ask for a restaurant number so I can leave a review and get the refund for the 2 bucks they hang up on me.... any other Wendy gets their stuff right, especially customer service. Not this one.

Sarah Tompkins

Food order was correct. The people working the drive through were polite. Food was very good. Service was quick.


The French fries had the perfect amount of salt. Just enough so I could taste it. Wondering if they hired someone who gets how to season food ?

Butch Brawnson

Local Wendy's. Staff is always pleasant, and I never had problems with my orders at this particular location. And their chili is delicious...

Glenn Johnston

Nice people, but after 3 tries ordering the sandwich I wanted and they still got it wrong I'm convinced these are the people who should not be paid $15 hr. Seriously, what made these people think a 6'4" 245 lb guy was ordering off the children's menu? I even pointed on the menu at the sandwich I wanted. Instead they gave me two of the wrong one. And charged me for the other.

Cheyenne Hale

8:30pm and had freezing cold food, snarky employees, all around horrible service every time I’m there.

Luis Rosa

Service was good, no frills on the food. Was glad to be able to eat in the restaurant for a change.

Diana Minners

Expensive, food was not hot, fries were soggy snd for 2 medium meals I was charged 21 dollars...it will be a cold day in h#** when I go to Wendy's again. Their food was AWFUL

Melissa Mackenzie

They brought the RIGHT people back and I had a GREAT experience Tonight. GOOD MOVE WENDYS!

S P.

I have frequented Westfield and west Springfield park st locations off and on for over 10 yrs. I'd like to say that at times their very poor customer service improved to good, but honestly I am just happy to receive a correct order from time to time. I would stop going for long stretches of time because of these overcharging of orders (pay to add cheese and never get the cheese) and mistakes (missing major components of the order). And increased wait times in the drive thru. Due to a friend's recommendation I used the online order app. I thought, if it is in writing, in advance, they would get the order right, and maybe less of a wait. now, not only was I stuck waiting for them to 'get fresh chicken', the order was wrong. Missing the bacon. Yea. So I called to let them know. Did not care and hung up on me.

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