Clemenza's Brick Oven

816 Westfield St, West Springfield
(413) 417-7544

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Jonathan Savoy

It was great in Westfield, Not sure what happened but it is like a .5 out of a 10. Or. Brick oven pizza is not supposed to be uncooked mush. Our sweaty Waiter giggled when we told him how bad it sucks. I use to take my family there at least twice a month when it was in Westfield. Never again.


The pizza was excellent as always! The dry rub wings were spot on with a nice kick of flavor... same establishment that was formerly in Westfield, will definitely be going back. Reminds me of being in my old stomping ground, NYC!

Dan Lau

Really good experience and really delicious pizza. Food came out decently quickly and was absolutely perfect. Wonderful place for a drink or dinner with the family

Ne Var Ne Yok

I saw a driver trying to take an order for this restaurant today. This driver came and asked is the order ready? The person working there said no and said 10 minutes. the driver said ok. She came back ten minutes later she asked again She working girl is not ready she said five minutes later. the driver said okay again. Five minutes later the driver came again she asked, did not answer. it went on like this. The driver waited exactly 55 minutes. Meanwhile, rastoran prepared the orders of 50 people and gave their orders to the customers inside. But this driver did not replace human. The restaurant can be very busy and this is met with understanding. Even 10 minutes is expected, but 55 minutes what is. If your order is small, the restaurant keeps you waiting. If your order is large, it is prepared first. This is not fair. Even if the person in front of you is a driver, he is trying to earn money for his family, you keep him there and prevent the money he will earn. You also exclude him. You act like you are not human.This restaurant distinguishes between people so that I will make money. I can't think of the person waiting for the order. Maybe a mother told her kids pizza and you send your order an hour later. The reason is the order is small. shame you lost your humanity. I am rich, I do what I want to the poor, I treat the worker badly, I treat them like dirt, you say I do everything. there is no one controlling this.In addition, their precautions for Covid 19 are very bad. There is no attention to the distance. Customers are not wearing masks. Be careful when entering. Also, if you are right, three people answer you at once. They go to defense. They gag your word. Give your orders big so your order will be ready quickly.

Dre M.

Pizza crust is so good and the prices are reasonable for the quality. Service is great and friendly.

Caitlin McGuire

first experience here was decent. Pizza was good. This time I ordered through door dash instead of picking up. I ordered same kind of pizza as last time. It looked different and was completely burnt on bottom. Not even edible. Waste of $37. I really wanted to like this place.

Tiffany Savio

I love the house fries. I love the pizza. And I love Nick. 10/10

John Kowalski

Best pizza & wings in the area

Anthony B.

If you are looking for a pizza restaurant to feed your family of 5 on a budget of $25 this is not the place for you. Clemenza's offers brick oven pizzas cooked at around 900 degrees. This style of pizza is similar to havem crust but without the bitter charcoal flavor. Calemenza's has done am excellent job of creating unique flavors and by keeping them menu short and simple, most of their ingredients appear to be greasy and not frozen.The appetizers are expensive however very tasty. We had an order of the risotto balls and the eggplant fries. At $11 each, neither of these were cheap. The eggplant fries were a great twist on french fries and the serving size is reasonable. The risotto balls were the crowd favorite however at $11 for 8, they are expensive.We ordered a medium meat lovers pizza on regular crust and a farm sausage on a cauliflower crust. The regular houseade crust is decent however the pizza is thin so make sure to order a large if your party is hungry.The carm sausage's pizza (red sauce, sausage, caramelized onions, spinach topped with a pink cream sauce and fresh mozzarella had a great flavor however I feel it needed to be a little more salty to balance out the cream sauce. The cauliflower crust was not homemade was thin like a frozen pizza crust and is small. I would recommend sticking with a regular crust unless on a dietary restricted because the house made dough looked to be superior.Wait staff was nice and friendly. The man who I assume was the owner was attentive, the restaurant was not too busy and while he looked to be chatting with some visiitng friend, he still was able make us feel welcome.The overall atmosphere was nice and is a great local restaurant for those looking for a casual dining expierence.The pizza and sides are great however they should be expierenced at the restaurant because fried food does not travel well and brick oven (New Haven) style pizza is at its best straight out of the oven.

Becca C.

Went there for the first time today. The pizza is delicious. As a former New Yorker I have missed a super thin crunchy crust. We will DEFINATELY go back!

Tanya W.

This place is great! Simple menu but the attention to detail and quality shows through. Thanks for cutting the tomatoes in half in the salad! love that the bread that came with my meal was grilled! It's really these small things that make a difference for me. Also love salads that incorporate a blend of lettuce instead of the standard spring mix. Good job Clemenza's!

Tina cummington

Pizza was very good. We got margarita. Also an eggplant panini. Food took a while but it was fresh and hot when we picked it up. Very tasty.

:- Mac Donald. Blues & More music videos man

Great Service very friendly staff prices are good plenty of parking

Elizabeth Emily

My daughter and I ate outside in the tent today. Everything was very clean, with individually wrapped silverware. Our salad was fresh and the pizza hot and delicious! Service was wonderful and we will be back

Karen Ross

My pizza was floating in olive oil. Pointed it out to waiter who basically said yup, it is. Finally flagged him down to pour oil off the pan so we could eat it. Too bad, it would have been very good.

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