CeCe's Pizza and Catering

4 Union St, Weymouth
(781) 331-2223

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Carol Livingstone

I ordered the "roast" turkey as a wrap and it was awful. It was a few slices of deli-style turkey with one slice of cheese drowning in mayo, on a very funky tasting small wrap. Barely edible and certainly not worth $9.99. I won't be back.

bob lee

The food is good, but very skimpy for the price. Calzones are paper thin and not much meat in the subs. Wish I could give it the 5 stars I was hoping for.

Chaca P.

Ordered 1 pizza for delivery right up the road and it never arrived. Waited over an hour, called them and they said they were "busy it would be another 20 mins." I'm sure they forgot or just start making the pizza, an additional 45 mins have passed and still no pizza. Thanks for providing no curiosity call or making us aware when we first placed our order if you were too busy. Don't even bother calling them! The girl didn't even know how to take a pizza order over the phone, I had to repeat myself a million times. Wasted time & energy. Over two hours later still no call or no pizza delivery.

Consumer Gal L.

Was famished this afternoon so popped in to this eatery to get take out. Ordered a Cobb salad without blue cheese (can't stand the taste, or smell or even the idea of eating cheese that's "blue"); chose feta. However, after taking my salad to my car to eat I noticed, sadly, that my salad was heaped high with blue cheese. I carried the salad back to the owner who insisted that there was no blue cheese, only feta, on my salad. She then brought out from the kitchen a small pate of blue cheese to prove to me that blue cheese is, in fact, blue. I lifted the lid of my salad and pointed out the large blue pieces of cheese. The owner, apologizing, made me a new salad to carry out to my car. I immediately noticed that the avocados on the SECOND salad, unlike the ripe ones (buried beneath blue cheese) on the FIRST salad, were extremely underripe. I told my sister who was along for the ride that the avocados had the consistency of wood chips. For a THIRD time I went into the eatery and insisted that the owner give me something other than a salad: I ordered shrimp scampi with lemon garlic sauce. I stood dumbfounded as the owner tried to ring me up for the $4 difference between the scampi and the horrible salads. I suggested that the owner waive the surcharge due to the extreme difficulty of ordering lunch at the establishment. The owner backed off but not without giving me a dramatic eye roll. Unfortunately when I sat in my car to eat the scampi I saw that the the shrimp were floating in what looked and tasted like bottled lemon juice concentrate; bitter beyond description and devoid of any garlic. Broken, sobbing, starving, and down $15 and an hour of my time, I went to Dairy Queen, where they always get my order right.

Lilly T.

Went today to get takeout and it was amazing. Got a meatball sub- the amount of sauce and everything was truly great. Got a prosciutto and fig pizza which was amazing, there was so much prosciutto it was perfect. Also got a steak bomb sub that had so many ingredients in it that were great together. Overall it was fantastic and only $40 for the whole thing- a super great deal! I have been a loyal customer for a while and will continue to be!

Maryanne Buckley

Cobb Salad was generous and fresh- even the avocado! Excellent crust on the pizza and the menu has a creative touch. There is something for everybody here and I highly recommend!

Kim M

The paninis are sooooo good! I had the turkey apple swiss one, and it was delicious!

Penny Brindley

Excellent eggplant Parm. Crispy outside, tender, and really good red sauce


Changed ownership, prices went up again, food not as good, even though they kept the same menu!! Plus was told my total over phone and when I got there owner said she had to charge me more?? What!! I'm bummed been going here for 5 years but I'm sad to say won't be returning!!

Joy Minhee Ko

CeCe's Pizza and Catering definitely did not disappoint! Me and a couple of my friends wanted to get together and decided to go CeCe’s for lunch. We decided to dine there and we were amazed by the food. It was too good!! Would definitely come again!!

Edgar Maldonado

I decided to treat my team to lunch on Friday 1/14. We ordered five things.Steak bombBlt wrapSpicy egg rollsChicken parm subChicken pennE in Alfredo sauce.Chicken parm was burnt.My chicken penne was the worse I have ever had!I couldn’t figure out how someone could mess up up such a easy dish! Even the garlic bread was horrible! The whole thing tasted so weird that I throw it away. It had a funny gray color . Just flat out horrible.That will be the first and last time I order from there!

Mid-Life Crustacean

Usually great. However, tonight we ordered two cheeses and a salad. Both pizzas were burnt on top and were covered in flour on the bottom. We ended up throwing away most of it. Secondly, we asked for no blue cheese on the salad, and it came with blue cheese on it. This is the second time that’s happened. It seems this place is headed downhill. I’ll consider giving it another chance, but if it can’t stay consistent they’ll in their quality, they will lose my patronage.

Eddie Jazz

The pizza, salads, sandwiches and entrees here are all excellent. A step above most pizza places. The owner is from France and went to cooking school there. The baby mixed green salad with goat cheese, toasted walnuts, craisins and balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite. This place is excellent.

Susan F.

Love this place, food is always delicious and warm upon arrival. Can always find something for dietary needs, inc gluten and dairy free.

Gary Smith

This was the 2nd time back since the new owners. Disappointed again. My wife had pizza, terrible. I had chicken broccoli ziti. Alfredo sauce very thin, like milk. No flavor. Glass of wine $11.We might give it just 1 more chance.

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