1255 Main St, Weymouth
(781) 335-3575

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Rosane Frizzo

The best Dunkin Donuts ever!!! We went there on Sunday night, October 16th. The employees are all so friendly! The employee name Jaxon was telling us Halloween jokes and everybody was laughing. It was nice and relax to have a friendly and funny coffe time on a Sunday night!


I like so much ….. but quantity is very lesssssssss , I am a regular customer , every time Cappuccino Is only half cup … please do correct quantity food is super

Ed Mohr

Crew is awesome and always friendly and respectful. They always get my order right. Jayden and I forget the rest of their names are awesome

Danny C. (Reviewer Super Star)

I only use the drive thru at this particular location. Every time I do though the person taking my order is very kind and friendly. Always has a smile. The coffee is usually good. There has been a couple times in my opinion that it needed more sugar. I’m sure others would agree or disagree, depends on how you like your coffee. I always get a bacon wake up wrap and it’s always hot and tastes good.

Jae S.

Waited 30 minutes for a 90% wrong order w/ missing food (finally got the food ice cold with a half cooked sandwich and 1 hot bagel bite out of like 10). Major attitude from the workers when I said the order was wrong twice and asked for a refund. I've been getting the same drink and food for 3 years now and they tried telling me I was wrong and being really sarcastic and rude even though they messed up. This is the only dunks I've had this issue with, so it'll be the last time I come here‍

Lindsay C.

Slow! Slow and SLOW!!!! Bring back the old owners! This place used to be great! Only go here when I have no other option!

Heba Samy

Is the best Dunkin And the workers are very friendly and helpful and everything is very clean

Jessica A.

This location is usually very good about 90 percent of the time. And I am a weekly regular. I usually go through the drive thru. Just every once in a great while they mess up my order and I don't find out until I'm back at home. Early in the morning ... maybe some of them need coffee themselves who knows? And the employees there are usually very friendly. I only had one or two that weren't. But I would chose this location over the dunkin near the south shore hospital. The other one is a complete disaster

Brian “Duke” Kelley

Dunkin Donuts is the same no matter where you go. The only change is the staff some good and some so so.The only donuts of any size from years ago the coconut and butter pecan. The rest should be classified as a large donut hole.

Preston S.

My mobile order was on point...and I just got one of the best coffees made from a dunkiestl in a long time

Spiritual Advisor Savannah

I walked in and a lady cleaned dirt mud and leafs off the bottom of her shoe and then touched all the donuts and munchkins very gross

Heather Young

Love it here my favorite dunks?

Hit Man

The people are very nice and they were very fast getting your order out. I love this shop. Very convenient

Carl N.

I'm a honey dew customer from here on. This location is always friendly, and fast. They go above and beyond. So happy they took over this little location !

Brian Kelley

Dunkin is always the same no matter what state or city. Coffee is okay and the donuts keep shrinking. Years ago good size now the size of two donut holes.

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