Salgabom Snacks

358 Shrewsbury St, Worcester
(508) 926-8640

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Thalys Nogueira

Their açai bowl is great and I love the food. But owner is very rude. When I got my food and I went up to him and said there was something wrong with it because I didn’t ask for strawberries on my açai and instead of just taking it back he kept arguing with me and wouldn’t listen to what I was saying. Also it’s a bit pricy. The other people were very nice specially the owners wife she was great, in the end it’s a good place to eat if you can just ignore the owners ignorance.

Karen L.

Best empanadas I've had in a long time. The acai bowls are to die for and their mini bites are so delicious. Definitely going to try more things out from this place. Would recommend to anyone. One of my coworkers told me about this little place and now I'm obsessed. Customer service was great super nice people! They have a wide selection of snacks and great prices. Some of their "snacks" are huge and filled me up like a meal. Hidden gem in Worcester.

Rebecca H.

OK, I don't know what came over us, but we finally took the plunge and ordered from Salgabom snacks. It's a magical place with an atypical menu that combines fried cheese empanadas with smoothies and açaí bowls. It checked most of the boxes of my desires. Yes, you read that correctly, they have fried empanadas. They have vegetarian options of cheese and pizza, stuff with meat that didn't register with me, and banana caramel if you're in a sweet mood. We ordered the cheese but I will will admit that I was interested in the pizza one. I was really craving something fruity and refreshing so I ordered an açaí bowl with açaí sorbet covered in granola, banana slices, and honey. They come in small, normal, and super big. Tina ordered a dragonfruit which is the same exact thing as the standard one but with dragonfruit sorbet in addition. So gooooooodddddd. UPDATE: I found out just now, prior to my second order, you can choose TOPPINGS. They have a bunch of fruit options (cherries, strawberries, kiwi, GRAPES), chocolate, pb, choco chips!!!!!, chocolate "ball", chocolate SAUCE, m&ms, etc. One of the most popular items is something called mini snacks. I had no idea what that could possibly be but I'm intrigued by anything that's particularly popular on the menu. It comes in increments of 15, 25, 50, 100. This Even more mysterious now. What on Earth? What would someone want to buy 50 or even 100 of? We ordered 25 of them. The food came very quickly. The empanada was massive. Like it was double the size of my head. I got my hands on that sucker and I pulled it apart, revealing a nice string of cheese between the two sides. The açaí bowl was GREAT. The mini snacks. First impressions reveal churros in munchkin form. It's crisp on the inside and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I bit into it. A warm filling was propelled into my mouth. Caramel. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. holy shit. There are no more words. Now I understand who orders the 100 and it's me. I am at so glad for the existence of this place

Caroline F.

They have the best coxinha and churros. The owner makes everything from scratch. The staff is incredibly friendly!


Tables are a little too small but overall it's a great place and you get a true Brazilian experience


Tables are a little too small but overall it's a great place and you get a true Brazilian experience

Ana Martins

Very good place and the burger is delicious and the coxinha is delicious

Megan Breault

Customer service was so friendly and helpful. Sweet treats were delicious, going to have to go back to try some coxinha

Roberto Carloto

Very good place to eat.

Jennifer R.

Salgabom Snacks is a little hidden gem of Worcester. The establishment is well kept and staff is always so welcoming. I have gone here a couple times and the quality of food I is always consistent. ..consistently awesome! The açaí is to die for! No one does açaí like salgabom. The portions are great for their price. Parking is a little limited, but people are generally in and out quickly. I recommend stopping in and trying their best dishes!

Edward Howard

Very well organised and convenient restaurant. They provide generous portions and for economical prices. I enjoyed the food a lot and the waiters were very personal and explanatory. I recommend this place.

Ana Vitoria

Very good place and the burger is delicious and the coxinha is delicious

Courtney Mattingly

The açaí bowls and coxinhas here are excellent.

Alida Bloem

My favorite place!

Ro G

Good food, good snacks and good service

Susan S.

I like the food, but the service is not that great. I like the lady, but not the guy, he is about 60, and he can be very rude sometimes. If you can pass through that, it would would not regret trying their mini bites. They are just amazing!

Marilza I.

Nikauris is a very good deliver! The ring bell from my house was broken, the nock the door and the call me to open with a lot patient, i gave to hem five

Leo Barbosa

I like it in here for being a family place. They always listen to the guest suggestions for change for better and put it into practice as soon as the opportunity arises.

Alejandro Naranjo

Very good, very friendly, very clean. Obrigado.

Paulo Souza

Could be faster and nice to the customer

Paula C.

Everything amazing!! Cashier and staff in general very friendly, great environment, and everything that we ordered was awesome!! Coming back soon

Igor Gabriel

Overpriced and always a long wait.

Tamara Bustamante

Truly delicious and amazing service

Robert C.

Absolutely love this place! They have the best, freshest, most authentic açaí bowl around. I totally recommend ordering a bowl to share with a friend or even for yourself for a real Brazilian treat. They have tons of other Brazilian grab and go food such as cheese bread and croquettes. They also do burgers, brazilian style of course, and an assortment of fruit juices like acerola or cashew fruit, crepes, sweet treats like brigadeiro. It's all I can ask for in a small shop like this although there are times when my cheesebread or coxinha has been sitting out for a while but that's on me, I should know to come at an earlier time when everything is the freshest! Everyone has been nice and welcoming even though a place like this caters to mostly the Brazilian community. There was this one time, a lady at the cash register didn't give me my $5 in change back, and I just assume she didn't really understand how to handle cash because she's possibly new, didn't speak English, and handles cards most of the time. A little taken back by this but I can forgive it since I usually tip anyway, but $5 can actually get you a lot in this shop!! So I think from now on I will just pay with card to avoid this issue.. haha

Roger Melo

Loved it food was great!! Will definitely be going back for more!


Friendly People, Amazing food I would recommend you try there Açai Juice

That OneGuy

Friendly People, Amazing food I would recommend you try there Açai Juice

Juba Souza

They are just very rude and ignorant especially over the phone. Horrible customer service. Food is not bad. They do not know how to handle costumers properly. I also heard that everyone that has worked there didn't last long because they can't handle and quit. Go to (miranda bread) they are faster, nicer, cheaper, tastier.

B.C.L. channel

Clean and decent, but pricey for the quality.

Daniela Leon

Our favorite little hole in the wall since moving into Worcester

Keila O.

I absolutely love this place. The snacks are affordable and consistently delicious. I love the continence of the delivery, online ordering, and they're service is super fast. Highly recommend

Teresa Nizza

Great food. Cool space. Friendly service.

Daisy Medeiros

Hard to find cashew fruit juice as well as Brazilian coxinhas and other delicious fried bite sized foods. Great service, the family that runs it is so nice!

Dj Bt Do North

I love to go here because of the food, its just amazing

Nicole Blanchard

The caramel churros are the best! The couple running it is even better!

Iara C.

OMG, I love this place!!! We moved to Worcester recently and this one of our favorite Brazilian places. The açai bowls and coxinhas cups are my favorite!

Kenya G.

I had only been to Brazilian steakhouses before so I didn't really know what to expect. I had ventured into the area with my boyfriend for a yelp event at an escape room so we decided to grab food before heading home. There were so many options to choose from and was debating between here and an African restaurant with 5 stars but decided on here. It was interesting, everything was very fried and kind of greasy but tasted pretty good. The the cheese balls were probably my favorite, I found the turn overs to not have enough filling just a lot of fried dough. The burger had fried potato sticks and corn which u never seen before but it was good. Kind of big. The price is good but not cheap cheap. I do have to say the service was good. I probably wouldn't go back but I would recommend to someone who has never had Brazilian fast food

Boris Voronin

It was absolutely delicious! We ordered fries with chicken fingers, crepes and açaí­ bowl they were all amazing. 100% recommend going.

Anny Christine

Good food but took so long to be done and i asked for Xbacon but it had no bacon at all... Maybe i will try it again...

Euclides Velazco

Great food, awesome service and always fresh.