540 Main Street route 28, West Yarmouth
(508) 790-4330

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Walt N.

Memorably awful. I will say, though, that our experience is sort of on us--there were warning signs that something was off about the place. First, we stopped in at 8 and asked to be seated (we saw a few tables with families). We were told no, the restaurant was closing, so that was impossible. We could order takeout though. I later saw their sign that said the place closed at 9, so...whatever. Second, after we ordered, an angry woman came in toting the food containers from her recent takeout order. She proceeded to open each one and show the cashier how each item she'd ordered was inedible in some way or other: burned fries, fried fish that was just mush and crumbles, etc. I should have known to cancel my order then, but I let it ride. There was some back and forth, and, of course, after the woman left the staff ragged on her and how wrong she had been to expect anything different. Classy.When we got our meals home, I saw what the woman was talking about. The fries were laughable--inedible. Steaming french fries in a closed styrofoam container is obviously a terrible way to keep them crisp, but these had never been crisp. They were so limp and mushy that it was like they had been let to soak in water and then put in our meal containers. The lobster roll my wife had was a cold ball of refrigerated lobster salad on a piece of iceberg lettuce. The fried shrimp was hard little curls of frozen shrimp in a wet coating. No cocktail sauce. (The cashier told us that the restaurant only had four ketchup packets, so we didn't have much of that either.)The cheeseburger was a hockey puck of dried brown meat. Our kid wouldn't even eat it, saying it was too dry.There're so many restaurants on this road--I recommend you choose a different one!

Hosey K.

I would give this restaurant zero stars if that was an option. Our "greeting" was rude and unwelcoming. When finally seated, we waited 30 minutes before seeing a server and have our drink and food order taken. Another 30 minutes later water came out, but still no drinks, and only half the appetizers. Finally, cold dry fish was served with stale bread. Still no drinks, no salads and missing appetizers. The server tried her best, but management was rude and unconcerned about the poor service and deplorable food. We left without eating and went home for leftovers. Very disappointing to say the least.

Brooke M.

For the love of god, if you want a good lobster roll, do not go here. It tasted like they mixed it with tuna salad! And the "15 minutes" quoted for our takeout food was 1 hour. The people ahead of us received their order for free because they threw a fit and nearly made the hostess cry. I did not throw a fit and acted respectful and paid full price. Horrible experience.

Tom B.

Pretty disgusting place. Food was bad, service was ok. Dirty with flies all around. Only reason we are there was we were starving and it was the only place without a line. I was more concerned with my truck while we were eating as I had to park next to the crack house . I'm staying away

Heather Arsenault

Terrible experience. Waiting for over 20 minutes and there were other people coming in and being seated. My husband had to go ask If we could order drinks. When she came over we were advised that the blender wasnt working so we couldn't order any of those drinks. Then I tried order the lobster ravioli and they have no marinara sauce. So we just left. If they were not going to be able to make anything there was no point.

virginia cardona

The ppl there were friendly and polite environment was welcoming and warm . Food was so good and filling just enough I passed out ...clam chowder was real good and meaty . Cny wait to go BK my new spot in yartmouth

Teresa Beaudoin

The cook stared at my girlfriend making her uncomfortable. the service was slow as only 1 poor waitress was by herself. clam fritters were all batter and like a lead weight and the fish and chips very greasy...needed to make an emergency trip to cvs then the hotel bathroom.

John R.

Never looked at the rating, it's two stars. Our fault. Ordered Lobster Corn Chowder, Kids hot dog, kids Penne, steak salad, lobster salad. And a shrimp cocktail. Shrimp had fishy smell and taste and not deveined. Lobster corn Chowder , not sure where the Lobster was, but the color was good and there were probably 14 Corn Kernels, I guess the Lobster was Minced? Kids Penne barely had a table spoon of sauce and was so white, I think it was cooked the day before (hence they only needed 10 minutes to prepare our whole meal for take out) Kids Hot Dog was a clear standout and that's why they get two stars. That was exactly what we expected. Our salads, older iceberg lettuces (not brown, like that yellowish, green color, just waiting a day to go brown) steak was overcooked and I'm unsure what cut it was? We didn't eat the Lobster salad, or the shrimp cocktail and only at the steak salad and chowder as we had nothing else. Our fault for not looking on Yelp as we always do, it taught us a lesson. Shame on us for not looking them up and shame on them for charging $72 for the meal.

Yolanda Wilkerson

Food was burnt and they still served it to me my seafood platter was so burnt I couldn’t describe what was on the plate. That was wrong to do to a paying customer I spent $90.00 on Togo seafood and they took advantage of that.

Kara Steeber

I honestly dont know how anyone can give this place ANYTHING less than a 5 star review. I have been coming here since 2015.. The food is amazing, the staff is wonderful and you honestly cant beat the prices...oh and the clam chowder is to die for.. havent been in a year and just visited last weekend.. Unfortunently I couldn't enjoy a margarita on the rocks bc I'm pregnant but I did stop in for a bowl of soup and a salad.. We drove around the cape and turned right around when we passed salty's. I hope everyone will give this place a chance as it is amazing, we all have oir bad days. Stop in grab some chowder and enjoy the salty smell of the cape as you sit under a covered patio

Craig g.

nice atmosphere,ok service sub par food.We got a steak and pepper sub that was so so kind of tasteless came with a ton of frozen fries and Cole slaw that was the best part of the meal but was like 2 bites. BU¯T worse than that we got a whole belly clams platter that were more or less clam strips with absolutely miniature bellys ;over cooked; dry and tastless .came with pretty lousy onion rings the frozen fries and the thimble of Cole slaw. when we complained they sent over the hefty "manager"/waitress ? who seemed to be used to complaints and pretty much said tough luck she seemed to be used to a lot of complaints ,she said that's the way the clams came in .No offer of reducing the bill or nothing and for $22.99 quite the rip off .You would be better off getting a fish sandwich at mcDonalds for like a fish of the price. Actually for better and cheaper seafood go to Jerry's seafood up the street. Simalar type of clam shack maybe not quite as nice atmosphere but way better food and a better value

Yahaira Ortiz

Food was delish. great value. friendly staff.

Jessica Smith

it's fresh seafood and it's amazing & the drinks are amazing too come try it out!! I love it there!!!

Susan Quinn

If I could give zero rating I only take out available..ordered over phone ...seafood casserole in Newburg sauce x2....price on website 12.99 each...hostess would not give order total over the phone ..said " I don't have it..."..that should have been clue number one..also dinners came with baked potato..rice or fries ...but they only had fries....hmm....arrive to pick up order ..Price $17.99 each ...hostess response was to point to counter and say prices subject to change ....asked for disposable cutlery Packers as was staying at motel with no resources ...she said everything is in there ...not...had to end up eating with our fingers Newburg sauce on seafood casserole ...seemed like oil.....I called to discuss above ...same person said she was resolve she said have a nice day... infuriating... will not have any business with this attitude....

Rob Tautkus

Most delicious fish sandwich I've ever had in my life. Crab cakes were to die for and if you're in search of some good tuna, this is the place to visit

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