540 Main Street route 28, West Yarmouth
(508) 790-4330

Recent Reviews

Tim S.

Restaurant is small waitress told us they would be closing they only had one table today besides our own they told us they sold out of baked potatoes prices were reasonable we only got the twin lobster special for 1995 and you got rice or french fries with that drinks were extra bathrooms are small they are adequate once again the doors don't lock they only have a hook latch on them but the food was good it could have been hotter everything is served on paper with plastic utensils the only metal utensils you get are the cracker when I asked for metal utensils they have none available

Val L

This little side-of-the-road, yes-you're-served-strictly-on-paper-products, eatery was a tremendous surprise. Their seafood chowdah was excellent, but my goodness the oysters were PERFECTLY cooked and delicious. Add to that a wonderful, warm, and friendly atmosphere... We had a GREAT time here!


There's friendly staff and good food here.The cod reuben is tasty. Very nice to sit outside on the patio in the rear. The building-especially restrooms-needs attention.

Glenn W.

Well my wide and drove from upstate NY, for a wonderful vacation. Well let me tell you at first I told my wife no, lets not go in there. Always go with your first instinct. We were sat right away, a good thing. I ordered clams with the belly, well there was not any bellies on the clams. The clams were extremely bitter and dark brown, maybe they should change their cooking oil often. Second my wife ordered steak tips, she said they were good... But when she asked for A-1 sauce the waitress stated " it's out of season" ,really how the hell can A-1 sauce be out of season. What makes matters worst this was suppose to be a seafood place. Before we even ordered, the waitress stated at 8 items they didnt have. Now the dagger, while sitting there there were, fruit flies everywhere.. I didnt start seeing them until after we received our meals. The bartender was rude to a customer who didnt like his lobster, and he was a "Master Chef" by trade. I would never eat at this place again, and I suggest you don not either.....

Janice C

Clam chowder was not as good as it usually wasð???ð??¢took 5 bowls home for family and they were very disappointed

Sandi Rocque

Good food and good prices.

Kristine Whitcher

Good food, Great service, very friendly atmosphere. I had a great time wrangling a lobster.


we go here every time we are on the cape. not fancy just good food a service, decent prices, clean rest rooms and easy parking

Allan Michael

The clambake was great. Good buffalo wings as well. Our server was helpful and polite and even the chef was approachable and friendly. We will be back.

Dina Ketryk

This place s got so bad! Service is awful. A girl asked twice my son if he wants burger with bacon or not , he said yes , and... she is bringing a burger without it .


I personally think this place is underrated. Of course, it had its ups and downs. For example, I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for:

Bill Maas

Wanted to have some fish and chips while here on cape cod. So this place was just a walk down the road from where I was staying. The service was ok. The food was ok as well. The patio outside was nice to sit at to have your meal.

matt brumfield

The wait staff were Exceptionally nice...but the food was rough. We sent 2 orders back because they smelled SO funky. The management didnt make us pay and were understanding but I worry that the food could make someone very sick.

stacey bertocchi

We ordered a pound and a half of steams they were cold and there were only a dozen clams. The chicken fingers batter is made with same batter as fried corn meal so nasty like rubber. Don't bother ordering the crab cakes. No crab in it they came out burned charcoal. Waitress was very sorry not her fault! Water was good.

Becki B.

We had a great experience here today, despite the bad reviews. We really wanted steamers and it's the first place we came across. They were great, my 10 Year old ate a pound and a half herself! Cape cod Rueben was delish. Really fresh flaky lightly fried fish. Fries were bland. But it's fries. My sons chicken Parmesan was huge and really really good. We all tried it and thought it was surprisingly yummy!

Maura Curran

Ordered shrimp scampi at recommendation of the waitress. It was simply low quality butter with a small bit of garlic and shrimp that tasted as though they had been frozen. A family member ordered chicken parm which was equally terrible, and the place was cookout style (outdoor paper plates) with prices comparable to many of the nicer restaurants in the area.

Randy C.

Mediocre fried seafood. If that! The calamari came out chewy and tasteless. What taste there was, was defined by the batter and the fry oil. Fish and chips were decent, but unremarkable, a bit on the dry side. Called "haddock," but how can you be sure with industrial fish substitutes these days? The coleslaw was likewise unremarkable, served in a very small side cup--a bit larger than the provided. tartar sauce. A pity that the onion rings were the highlight of the plate. The server was attentive and friendly, and graciously took the calamari back, and substituted a reuben, which was very hot and sloppy. The cheese tasted generic. We ate half of it, took the rest of it home, and later threw it out. No complaints on the atmosphere--this is a roadside seafood shack, after all. There must be better seafood places in Hyannis. One star for the good service = two starts total.

Jazz R.

We come to Salty's every year when we visit the Cape and are always happy with the food. This year however was very disappointing. My fried fish was great but the french fries tasted strange. My dad's scallops were tasteless and the rice looked and tasted like it was sitting out for days. The salmon my husband ordered was definitely frozen. Very disappointing as we look forward to going to Salty's every year but not sure we'll be back next season.

Lauren L.

Friendly service and the food came out super quick. I liked my fish sandwich and the kids liked their grilled cheese and hot dog. My husband wasn't thrilled with the friend scallops. It's a clam shack type of place. I liked it!

Paul L.

Everything is fried. The food is terrible. What else is there to say? If you like everything fried to the point where you don't know what you're eating, then don't let me deter you.

Cheryl Kelso

Ordered the prime rib and lobster ordered it take out only live 3 miles from restaurant so it didn't have time to go bad. The rib was ordered rare it was almost well the lobster was water logged . Waitress forgot to put side of horseradish and salad dressing in bag the roll was packed in same carton as lobster and rib was all soggy. Over all the whole meal was nasty. Sad cause I am year round but they won't get my business again. Can't even rate it. 1 star ! Maybe the cook they called Pedro should pay attention to what he's cooking and not his phone ! Worse meal ever on Cape !

kristin braga

Service is slow at best, no one cracked a single smile! Food was below average. Seafood was disgusting, I came with a party of seven. Only one person finished their meal....they got a BLT with fries!!!!! To top it off we spent a weekend here ate out every night different places, our bill here for such low quality was higher than anywhere else!!! Not impressed... Donâ??t bother!!!!!!! Keep driving there are better places 1/4 mile down the road.

Steven Ryan

10/10 would NOT recommend. Do not waste your money here. Motz sticks are apparently not mozzarella...(per the server). Don't have time for a longer review searching for other food.

Brandon B.

This place is entirely disgusting, it gives a rag tag hillbilly restaurant vibe just walking in. I credit that to the rancid smell of death that overcomes you walking in. the waitress was nice however the chef clearly doesn't know how to cook a steak medium well because it came out borderline uncooked. Overall I wouldn't eat this food if it was free.

J M.

Gross. Prime rib was seared on both sides and rubbery (ordered med rare or rare), lobster and corn chowder was tasteless and rubbery, and seafood platter was just nasty. Waitress was rude and spent more time kissing someone at the bar than attending to us. Tourist trap.

Julieann P.

Here goes....... my fried clams came out burnt but oddly there was some batter that wasn't cooked in there as well which I thought was very strange. The flavor was peculiar. I can't even explain it. I asked for another batch of whole belly clams and it came out just fine. That was a relief! My coleslaw container was almost less than half full and I like my coleslaw. that was a bummer. The onion rings were lame. Soggy. That means the oil wasn't hot enough to cook them properly. It seemed my original waitress dumped me and I all of a sudden had another one who was superb actually. I guess the first waitress didn't like the idea I said the fried clams were burnt. The new waitress checked on me four or five times and then the owner did as well. They saved themselves having done that but honestly, I would never go back there again.

Douglass D.

A disgusting place. They undercooked our food. They overcooked our food. We sent our food back uneaten and would not let us leave until we paid our bill. My partner asked for butter. They brought out a container of rancid cooking oil. We are currently considering takingit to the local health department to investigate the safety of giving customers rancid fryolator oil as butter. This was truly a disgusting restaurant, which should not be open. The restaurant was empty, and what people were there were walking out unhappy. I wasn't;'surprised to come on here and see as many bad complaints as there are. Do better than we did -- stay away!

Adam L.

I would give a lower score if possible but the app doesn't allow me. I ordered the prime rib medium rare. The first time they gave it to me it was overdone, the second time it was so raw it was purple, and they ended up giving me an overcooked burger for free that I just ate out of spite. They only have plastic utensils and they have shitty service. Would not recommend.

Cindy C.

Close this colossal dump down!! long will this absolute shitshow be allowed to operate??...filthy place....nasty waitstaff..horrible manager and foot not fit for a dead dog...shame on Yarmouth for allowing establishments like this to financially abuse people for years and take their hard earned vacation one in Yarmouth who resides here would even minutely think of eating here...shameful!!!


Went here for dinner and had twin lobster food was mediocre the rice was not very good wonâ??t be back

Sirhc topher

We used to go to this place every year but they really went down hill. The oil they used to fry everything tasted rancid. They changed the batter to something with no taste one step up from saw dust. We ordered the Mac and cheese for the baby and it was the worst cooked kraft Mac and cheese I have ever tried in me life. When we ordered the smelts (which we have ordered before) the new staff was amazed and said wow we havenâ??t seen anyone order those before. That should have been a sign to leave right then and there. Two thumbs down.


An attempt was made. Staff was friendly, but the food was not very good. Less expensive than surrounding restaurants.

Neal Pearson

Great local food. Ate there three times. Good prices.

Heather Evans

Food wasnâ??t good at all! I actually spit some out into a napkin. The waitress was very nice though.


Not a busy place & itâ??s easy to see why. Got seated after a few minutes, then sat about 10 minutes until the waitress took our order, but only after the bartender was ready to do it for her. If she hadnâ??t, weâ??d have left, which wouldâ??ve saved us $30. My wife got the cod cakes (more filler than fish) with the baked beans (canned but tried to pass off as homemade) & some delicious dark bread. I had the shrimp plate. Shrimp was good, but fries & onion rings were cold. There was also a rather large puddle that the one server tried to wipe up, but really was too lazy to do it properly, so the puddle remained there, no wet floor sign. All service items are disposable (paper plates & cups as well as plastic utensils) which surprised us. Decor is cool. The restaurant needs an owner that cares enough to hold his staff accountable for their lacklustre service & the disposable service items need to be replaced for actual plates, glasses & metal utensils. The way it is now is just tacky. Fast food restaurants are better managed then this place. Owner should get out of the business.

Kat J.

We use to eat here a few times a week while on vacation 4-5 ... Last year we gave the horrible food and service the benefit of the doubt, thinking that maybe because it was Father's Day weekend the regular cook was not there. Unfortunately we tried them again last night after my mother drove 3 hours to join us. We would have sent back all four meals if our waitress could be found. Even though there was only 1 other table with 3 guests in the whole place, we waited 35 minutes to get a burnt "crab cake" with mushy beans, a cold fried fish sandwich that my mother tried to force down, a cheeseburger that was fried out and the kicker, grilled cheese!!! They took basic white bread, threw it in a toaster then put 2 pieces of processed single wrapped cheese in the middle... it was cold, the bread was hard and the cheese was dried out and shiny. There was no way i could have eaten it. My husband's "crab cake" wad hard to identify... it was half the size of a hockey puck, burnt and there was only one on the plate, $12.99 for 4 spoonfuls of gross canned beans and one tiny burnt crab cake?!? I recommend you try any other seafood restaurant or dive before wasting your time and money here, end up getting Mike's Roast beef for take out on our way home, $18.63 for the 4 of us compared to the wasted $30 at Salty's!!!!

Val Fialkoff

Ate here with my family, looking for some good seafood and some sides. Had the broiled salmon, it was really dry and flavorless, probably frozen and did not come with the glaze they said it would. The rice pilaf was hard and undercooked, and my meal did not even include tartar sauce. My dad ordered the fish and chips and onion rings and only got about three measly, soggy, tiny, onion rings on the plate. The service was good, and the girl at the front desk was super nice, but the food was awful, especially for the price. Stay away. Itâ??s a tourist trap and no where near worth the price!!


Went to breakfast this morning and the food was horrible. The home fries were deep fried beyond recognition. The pancakes were so thin they were actually crispy on the sides. The fish cake was burnt on one side and greasy to the point of not being able to eat it. The worst breakfast I have ever had. Will never go back!

Glenn W.

Worst dinner I have had on Cape Cape. Restaurant is dirty, Food tastes microwaved and manager was unfriendly and didn't care. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far, away.

Chris S.

Stopped here for dinner after just getting in. We were desperate and not much was open. Waitress was nice but messed up our orders a lot. Food was pretty bad and pretty expensive. Place was dirty.