Burrito Splendido, King Edward

1015 King Edward St, Winnipeg
(204) 632-1177

Recent Reviews

Aly Lenhardt and Sean Tam

I love Burrito Splendido! Always fresh, healthy, polite staff and soooo delicioussssssss. Two thumbs up!

thee rieldeal

I like the drive through option. Fast and delicious.

justin burla

1 of my fave places in all of Winnipeg. Always fresh local ingredients.

Kyle Smith

Quick service. No lineups. Great food!

Scott Bird

Good quality food. Fresh tortilla grilled for each burrito while you wait .

H Dyck

Very friendly staff. Good burrito selection

Holly Bausman

I LOVE BS! Burrito Splendito that is! Consistent product through all 3 Winnipeg locations. This was the only one I hadn't tried and the staff were quick, friendly and awesome! Food was what I've come to expect from BS and the decor was a bit different but great! Definitely recommend BS to anyone who wants fast, healthy and tasty food!!

Warren Coodin

I had the Chorizo, didn't seem to taste that good to me. I had the bowl version of the burito, the Veggies were fresh, but extremely cold. Matched with the warm meet, just didn't seem to do the entire meal justice.

Trevor Sydorenko

Overpriced, cold food, small portions. Go to taco del mar instead.

Adam Cote

Great burritos! The Mole is my favourite everytime.

Aron Klassen

Truly excellent. I've never had a fresh made tortilla and boy does it make a difference. The portion size is great, the pork was delicious, I had a tasty local stout brew. What can I say? You like a good burrito and fast, why wouldn't you get it here? I wish they were back home in Alberta!

Kyle Davies

Restaurant is very clean and modern, staff was knowledgable and helpful.

Jeff Wilson

It was ok if you like burrito buy not a huge fan. Staff was very nice though. Made in front of you which is nicem

Trudy Maynard

I ordered the beef tacos.. hardly any meat.. I left hungry


The quality is great here but the inconsistency of its "new" employees is lacking. I go to B.S because I like the portions.when I ask for beans and i get a tablespoon, person next to me a dollop. When I order a LG and the person ahead of me has a regular and theirs is twice the size I question it. Again it's the employees who degrade the quality of once decent establishments. Get used to it though I say cause it's only growing.

Marc Badiou

Open late and always a healthier option if you want. A common go to when we are at the office late.

K Daly

Portions are great. Never a bad meal to date and go there frequently

Jaimee Leibfried

Able to make vegan options with locally sourced ingredients for best environmental impact!! Seriously loved going here. They even switched gloves without me asking them to do so 😍

Rhianna Browne

Good food, good price. Very quick to get your meal and lots of seating. The seating and the bathrooms are very clean.

Matt Capper

Burrito bowls are awesome. Great value, friendly staff.

Brock Merrill

Fantastic. Makes tortilla instantly in front of you...ends up great. Best I've had.

David P

I've only ever ordered Burrito Splendito at this location through online takeout but the food has always been good. The pulled beef is rather tasty and you can add all sorts of options from vegetables, beans, lettuce, cheese, and salsa or varying spice levels, etc. The con queso dip is ok, but not amazing (i.e., lighter, less salty, not very creamy flavoured). The burritos can be quite large and filling so don't order anything beyond one burrito per person unless you are wildly hungry.

Caz Morgan

Had a negative experience with DoorDash and our order being delayed for a long time. We called the Regent store and talked to Ash who was more than willing to help. We reordered through Skip the Dishes and received a little note and voucher in our order from the store to apologise on behalf of the delayed order. Was an annoying situation that was made a lot better by the sincerity and hospitality of Ash and the Regent store so thank you. The food was great!

Craig Smith

Decent and delicious great for lunch

Toni Skoglund

It's a great burrito, way better than Burrito del Rio (who have really gone downhill) and Taco del Mar.

Joe Goldman

Huge burrito. The flour tortilla was made fresh in front of me. Tasty but a bit too much stuff in it. Tasty but not authentic Mexican.

Tina Keane

Great burrito, so filling and the price is very reasonable for the size you get. I had a regular chicken burrito, and it was lots!!!!

nanyi henriquez

Excellent costumer service and Food was delicious! Just a bit slow but I still recommend it.

Daniel Soliven


ScottandDebbie Dick

Friendly staff. Delicious food. Messy serving station.

Marlene ackman

Burrito was awesome. Staff was well informed offerred great suggestions and very filling. I would definitely go back for another burrito!

Michael Jarrow

Amazing. I didn't expect to get a free burrito so that was awesome (10th visit, can I get a heck yeah?) I have a great chat with the owner also. Very friendly. Always a pleasant experience at Splendido 😊👍😁🙏🔥👌💯

Logan Gauthier

Never had a bad burrito from here, glad to come here every time I do

Kirsten Matyus

Order to go at the st.marys location and all I can say is VERY disappointed. I ordered tacos and a quesadilla and I couldn’t even identify that it looked like a taco. It looked like it had sat on the counter top all day. My taco wasn’t even in one piece, it was ripped with all the toppings on the outside of it. On top of that while I tried to piece it together to try and it eat, it was soggy and ice cold. Was really looking forward to tonight’s dinner and I can say I won’t be back.

Sandra Van Bruggen

They make the burrito shell fresh and you pick your own toppings like Subway. Very delicious.

Angela Marie

Professional staff, healthy clean eating food. Love it.

Sean O'Rourke

Knocking on the door of being the best local tacqueria in Winnipeg. High quality, local ingredients coming together as delicious food. Superb burrito architecture (I barely need a napkin). The King Edward location is a well-oiled machine on the lunch rush and it’s kinda fun to watch. 4.5 rounded to 5 because the tortilla press is hypnotic, the staff is very friendly, and the ad signage is funny.

Chris B.

I actually went to the portage location but I'm sure they are all very similar. I had the Carnito Burrito and it was fantastic! I had the mexi slaw on it which gave it a nice crunch. Probably the best burrito I've had in Winnipeg.

Sarah Cockle

Definitely 5 stars. The best staff ever and the best burritos you could ever eat!!!! I even have the “I heart BS” shirt. Also, great music is always played at the Regent location

John Yaremchuk

I do a low carb high fat diet. Tortillas, rice and beans.... I can't get a burrito. WRONG! Burritos can be a low carb destination, just like burgers...