Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

981 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 774-4849

Recent Reviews

Kristin D

It was good. Could always be a little faster but all and all good

Anmol Preet Pawar

Great place and great staff (the 5th ? is for the staff?)


Got an ice cream cake. No one liked it except me :p

Tyler Sadowiak

Fries were hot chicken was tasty. Thanks and gonna definitely go there again

O Honey S.

We ordered through skip the dishes it toke 35 mins witch is fairly quick but when it got here. my burger was cold and the cheese I wanted was not what I asked for, nor what I paid for the chicken rap I got was also cold and smelled like fish. The milk was sour and the kids meal chicken fingers were hard and hurt to chew. I'm calling the health department in the morning to make a complaint I called them the dairy queen and they said there make everything fresh, I don't believe that but ohwell I guess.

M. Black

They have really good chicken fingers! Who doesn't like the icecream cakes. Staff always friendly!

Maxine Utsunomiya

Yummy ice cream products???

Gabriel Hofer

Ordered 3 small soft ice cream cones. Fast drive through service but over 3 dollars a cone.

Jordan Fisher

Burger was completely cold and had no lettuce but a piece of tomato that was ¾ if an inch thick, asked for a poutine and got cold soggy fries instead. I have been a long time customer at this location but am never coming here again. Supremely disappointed.

Daniel Silverthorne

Fast service. Mediocre safety. Ice cream was ok.

Debi Primrose

We were shocked to see the staff at this location try to give a customer with 3 children their order,after they had given the order to a man inside the store. The man opened all the order at a table across from the lady and her children. Then he returned to counter. The staff then called her up for her order and when she said no..make me new food..they refused. They argued with her! We will never go back.

Jake Mills

Went through the drive through. Ordered 5 items - 3 blizzards and 2 peanut parfaits. The girl at the window starts handing me indiviudal items even though she could see there were only 2 of us, so we requested a tray. She put the parfaits and 1 blizzard into the tray and as I was grabbing it informed me that the parfaits do not fit properly, as it was falling into my truck. No lids, no napkins nothing, just laughter from the girl from the window.After about 30 seconds I asked if we could have napkins, which received a laugh and napkins. Then a "have a good night please drive forward" as we are trying to clean up the mess that could have been avoided. I asked if I could have another as she clearly saw it fall into my truck, which was met with an eye roll and "oh. Sure"Ice cream was good when we got home and got to enjoy it. Wouldn't recommend the drive thru, and would hope a bit of suggestions to the staff regarding empathy would not fall on deaf ears.

Morris Omand

Its a good place when it hot out side

Shaner G

The service is always very excellent. Yesterday they were very happy to make me a random and delicious customized chocolate surprise sundae (Meaning I didn't know what to order so I just asked for something delicious and they made me some random thing) and it was delicious. I wish I would've gave a tip but I forgot. They definitely deserve tips though.

Romeo Hizon

Quality is good. Service is a little slow. But otherwise DQ satisfied my craving.

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