De Luca's

950 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 774-7617

Recent Reviews

Chris Gaudry

I like the premade pizza dough, it always rises nicely and tastes good.

Judy Undiks

Great selectionGot some hot pasta for takeout. Fabulous!

Patricia Garrod

A local landmark. Best place to get specialty foods. And it always smells amazing in there. The only downside is every time I go in, I spend more than I planned because it all looks so good haha. Love this store and always looks forward to going there.

Chris Sleeva

I can't say anything bad about this place. Good food, good staff , and lots of ingredients for cooking etc. I'm gonna have to start hanging out here more because I heard Pierre Luc Dubois shops here, and I wanna see him (from a safe distance of course).

Angie Atkinson Atkinson

love italian food and cook Italian? This is your place , be prepared to spend a little extra then you anticipated

Ken Neil

The wine store offers expert advice and a selection that you can't find anywhere else.

Maryanne Mutch

A great place to get specialty items you can't find other places. They also roast their own coffee and it is our go to place for espresso beans.

Ashley Macdonald

I have been thinking about posting the last few days.I had a very long day Saturday and was not looking my best to say the least. (Bag lady chic)I went into De Lucas during a walk to pick up a bottle of wine for the night.They were advertising a wine that I love in the window, I looked for it but could not find it.It took forever to be acknowledged by an employee and when I was the employee told me that that wine was out and she would help me find something else. The employee then went on to help other customers and at one point when I was in her way I moved ,apologized and she did not say anything to me. I left feeling judged and that I did not fit into the aesthetic of the establishment.I always leave very good reviews if I leave reviews at all. However this really stuck with me. maybe because of my privilege I'm shocked that I was treated this way.It seems very old school turn your nose up to customers. I feel I was judged by my appearance.

Verónica Ruiz Badía

Excellent place, a little over priced but you get what you pay for. Their bakery and butcher are amazing.

Marina Havard (Marishinka)

Seriously the best food in Winnipeg during the pandemic. Fresh and no supply chain mess like restaurants. Great ingredients and awesome cheeses, fresh chicken sausage is amazing. Overall amazing beef lasagna and amazing Alfredo sauce. My personal favorite Napoleon cake slice. Upstairs the cashier you pay for the hot food is super rude and made sure she got NO TIP from me. Other staff upstairs deserved it the tip, sorry ladies.

Noah Valant

Really amazing place. Super fresh and high quality. The only place to get decent basil in the winter

Connie Lester

I highly recommend Decula's for their specialized italian food, fresh deli, and fresh bakery foods. The value is absolutely in all their fresh food! I have never been disappointed!

Moira Jones

I just love this store. My go to when having an Italian meal. Their veal scallopini is the best in the city and prices are fair for a specialty shop.

Xena Maki

Great qualities, and quantities of food. Always fresh, and delicious. Bakery is amazing too!

Susan T.

The best place in Winnipeg for great Italian food supplies! And the Deluca family are wonderful, honest and caring people!  The local meats, cheeses are no match against the Italian imported foods, but they are the best you can get in Winnipeg. And the variety of Italian products is very substantial from meats to cheese to cakes to spices and even gluten free pasta!

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