Domino's Pizza

980 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 987-5550

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Incredible SS

I made an order last month with thin crust.. today I made another order but did not tell them I needed thin crust so they didn’t asked, they assumed and sent me thin crust. I called back and told them I didn’t order thin crust and they said they would send me another... when it came it didn’t have the seal on it like the previous one..... also the pizza wasn’t presentable. This was 980 portage.I am very disappointed, especially since the box wasn’t seal.

abhijeet brahmbhatt

We came around closing time. First we thought they wont make pizza for us, but surprisingly employee name Ali took our and the pizza that he made was so delicious. After that day Ia visit same place to eat pizza and its always has same quality and standard.

Kathy Pacheco

I love the philly steak pizza with Alfredo sauce. My go to.

John Fair

Fast service. Good eats.

Doug Thevenot

After having less then satisfactory service from this location I called to speak to the manager. Pamela's customer service with respect to trying to make a bad situation better was less then what one should expect from someone in a position like this.

Jenn wolfe

Very disappointed, I have ordered pizza from dominos for office events, for customers and staff. I called and prearranged two drop off times and both were late. The first one was 20 mins late and the second one still isn't here and it's going on almost another 20 mins late.

abdhul Jabar

Ive been ordering from this location for approximately six years due to living extremely close to it. I love pizza so I usually order once every other week. I guess they must be under new management because as of late The customer service has been horrible and the pizza quality is noticeably diminished. This evening I just had a driver show up to my residence without change on him for an order that I placed online indicating I would be paying with cash at the door. I gave him money plus a tip and asked him to return with My change (since he wasn’t prepared to do his job professionally). 40 minutes later, even though I’m only a four minute drive away, a different driver showed up with my money. When I phoned prior to receiving my change the attitude I got from the manager was “yeah yeah we’ll send them when we send them”. A horrible experience combined with poor quality pizzas that barely have any cheese on them and come with HUGE dough bubbles and are overcooked Have made me Want to never order from here again. That’s six years of 2 to 3 pizza orders per month that I will now be taking somewhere else. The managers seem immature, standoffish and confrontationally defensive To requests & inquiries about orders. Don’t waste your time ordering from this place, you will not be satisfied with the quality of the food you receive nor will you be satisfied with any communications you have with anyone who answers the phone. Making a frequent Long-term customer Wait 40 minutes for his own money to be returned to him is absurd. Especially when the proximity of the pizza place to me is literally a four minute drive away. Completely unprofessional and a horrible experience. That’s what this location is: An unprofessional place that seems to be managed by apathetic young people and owners and operators who don’t seem To care. Don’t waste your time, money or energy in the frustrations you will experience ordering from this location.

Justin Anderson

Unbelievable service from the staff and manager working tonight. A simple request that has been done countless times without any issue or hesitation was met with aggression and attitude. Absolutely not impressed as Ive regularly ordered at this location for the past year and a bit and it's never been an issue untill tonight.

RJ Accardo

Usually hit up this dominos when I'm picking up. The pizza and wings are always great. This location use to deliver to me, but now I'm under Osbournes location.

Monica F

We all got food poisoning from this location. We narrowed the culprit down to the ground beef or the bacon. Dont order from here.

Joshua Halvorson

I've been ordering here for a couple years now and it's still great service and good reasonable pizza I havent had no complaints since switching to here

Jeff Normand

As always....great pizza!

Mr J

One of the best pizzas ever...and the service was beyond ...the guys went out if their way....Bless Jim

Joachim Gauck

I always have a good experience at this location when we pick up food on Fridays.

Debbie Mckechnie

Great. Dropped in to place my order. Fascinating to watch them make the pizza.They make a Lot of pizzas.

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