360 Main St Unit B-8 Shops at Winnipeg Square, Winnipeg
(204) 947-9476

Recent Reviews

Jaime Chinchilla

Great Starbucks joint with everything Starbucks should have: great coffee.

Nick Arseny

Fast and friendly service

Alexandra Morin

Fast paced and high energy! Great drinks every time.

Robert Lechow

Did not attend?

Tanya G Wilkins

Coffee can be expensive for a chain. They have rewards system to keep customers and provide discount. Coffee and food taste good generally. Lattes and frappuccinos can be too sweet.

Shima Fran

I used to love this place, although busy around 7:30-8:00am, staffs are well trained, quick, good service and friendly but recently they have hired new people. I understand it will take longer to get my coffee but I was surprised of what happened to me. I order my usual dark roast, paid and waiting, then I was shown a half filled cup and I was told they mess up the brew and do I want to top it off with something else? People who drink coffee knows if you drink dark roast, you don’t want anything else, vice versa. Why would they even suggest something like this? Common sense should be: I am sorry, blah blah happened, it will take 5 min to get a new pot, would you like to wait or can I get you something else or would you like a refund ( most people won’t ask for refund for $3.00 coffee and it is after Christmas so not busy at all). So I said I will wait. The wait time is okay, but when they handed me over the coffee, there is no eye contact, no communication ( it feels like I don’t wanna work and I don’t wanna be here, so here you go). I am not a fussy person but I will never visit this location again. This is not about insufficient training, people need to have common sense.

Tom Zychowski

Finally someone can make my drink correctly! Thank you James!

Canada Best

I love this place though I hate the mobile order, but now they made a small adjustment. So I might wanna use mobile order again. Agree with another comment that Mark make the best machiato

deanna T

Love their new caramel ribbon crunch

David Rojas

Nice location, friendly staff.

katerina cucheron

Amazing as always

Wayne Thompson

Good service. The coffee was ready right away, but the line was also short at the time. Starbucks flavor as you expect.

Terry Schonauer

The app wasn't connecting to the stars, A bit of a line, and the barista was extremely slow but it was still Starbucks

Andrew Hudson

This is a really great Starbucks location. Nice atmosphere and always bustling!


Best Starbucks I've been to in Winnipeg. The staff is great, they remember the orders of regulars and they make the queue move very quickly.


Bagels here are just yummy 😋

Bee S.

Pretty average for any Starbucks. Baked goods are shipped in and are somewhat dry, and the coffee is just decent. I mostly come here because it is close to my work, and it's easy to pay with the phone app. I do love the staff here though. They are always friendly, deal with with the huge rushes they get, and have memorized the names of most of my coffee group. This may be standard for Starbucks, but it is something I always appreciate.

Duane Nicol

Ask for Fair Trade and if they tell you that all their coffee is fairly traded, remind them that Fair Trade is a certification and that most of their coffee is not Fair Trade.

Ian McCausland

Make you sure near the guy who sing mumbles loudly to his iPod

Audra Kalenchuk-Cullen

This Starbucks rocks! It has a plug in the west counter side where you can sit in stools and charge up!!

Susie Parker

Visiting the Square with baby can be challenging. Not very stroller-friendly. But this Starbucks is great because they have a change table in the washroom! Hurrah!

Amanda Yusishen

Multi grain bagel with light cream cheese is a much healthier choice than all the other foods here... and it tastes pretty darn good too!

Mary Malabanan

Their lemon raspberry loaf is so good it will give you an orgasm!