Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company

859 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 783-5097

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Rob Brown

Love tall grass prairie always fresh Baking and friendly staff

Ramona Pfiefer

Very disappointed. I saw on their Facebook site that you could order pies for Mother's Day and left a voicemail at the number they said to call. They called me back and said they couldn't because they had none left which I totally get, I mean they sell great pies. What I think is very disappointing customer service is that after I asked if I could order a Prairie Pie for the week after I got told no they can't place any orders for me for next week yet a lady I work with who called AFTER me and left a voicemail got a call back saying they were full for Mother's Day but left her place an order for the Monday after. Seriously? Is it just based on how the person who phones you back from the store is feeling at the moment? It's a small city and people may find out that this is happening so I probably wouldn't say yes to someone for after Mother's Day when you just said no to the same request for someone who called BEFORE that person. I buy so much baking for them and now I'm left with a sour taste in my mouth. Please do better customer service in the future for your LOYAL customers.

Chantel Los

My daughter and I have been coming to the forks recently just for the delicious cheese pockets and cheese sticks! I tried a piece of the apple pie last week and it was amazing. This evening we went in and I picked up a whole apple pie, and was greatly disappointed. I asked when the pie was made and was told today, but the hard and stale crust says otherwise. I am also disappointed by the lack of honesty when I specifically asked before buying the pie, only to find out otherwise when at home.

Nancy Dean

I’ve never got the “warm and fuzzies” from wait staff at Tall Grass Prairie Bakery. And today, the girl serving me wasn’t even going to pack my purchase in my bag for me that I put on the counter before my transaction. Am I missing something? Are they putting in a self-serve checkout soon? If my husband didn’t insist on spelt bread I wouldn’t bother stopping. Thanks

Choudhury's Fro

I really like the almond croissant, but the cinnamon bun was a little on the dry side. What really dissapointed me though was the use styrofoam trays for all their packaged pastries. I don't know how a business in the heart of Wolseley can still get away with that...

Rhonda Morden

They have the best cinnamon buns and we eat them every Saturday morning!


Fast service and good prices. Cinnamon buns are delicious and baked fresh daily. Nice places on a tree-lined street.

Michelle Mouflier

Today I bought Lemmon Cookies at the Forks. They were seriously the best cookies I have ever had. I love everything I’ve tried from this bakery, but those cookies... are beyond words.

Alex Rybak

Coffee was ordinary. Should only be focused on bakery products. Brewed coffee is not really good coffee from a global perspective. Strategically positioned on a quiet street, welcoming but more focused on the bread products and the ubiquitous cinnamon bun

Shelly Morris

Cinnamon buns are absolutely delightful

Catherine Hewson

Food, interior of bakery, and exterior seating were lovely in a quaint neighbourhood... and the warm sunny day made it almost perfect...but we were sorry to find that no customer washrooms were available. Those living nearby might manage this but cross town or out of town visitor's might not...

Heather Hill

fresh baked goods and a very casual outdoor patio in the beautiful quiet neighbourhood of wolseley

Carol Baker

Found Saskatoon jam, which is hard to find in Ontario. The breads, cakes and baked goods looked amazing. But I resisted :)


The best cinnamon buns I've ever had.

Elsa Wang

Love cinnamon roll

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