The Crusty Bun

1026 St Mary's Rd, Winnipeg
(204) 257-7311

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Sean Duncanson

The Crusty Bun might just might be my favorite bakery in Winnipeg. Lots of German influences and so fresh. Real JamBusters! Love eating their food. They have bunwiches to go that are delish. So much bread! This is a must try. Great job!

Ruth Clare

This is the most delightful bakery/cafe. Very clean, great staff, wonderful and delightful breads, baking that isn't overly sweet but if that is what you want, they have a few options. It's a European style bakery with no donuts, cookies or icing covered cakes. There is a dessert square that is commonly called 'a bees sting' and is a custard filled yeast dough style pastry.I love there rustic style breads and especially the burger/hotdogs buns.A treat everytime. Oh. The coffee is the best.

margarett hillius

Well organized and friendly. Delicious breads and pastries.


Best Pretzel Buns in the City! Also love their variety of German pastries.

Kathy Pacheco

My saturday morning breakfast place. We always go there for some coffee and sanduiche, with ham, cheese, jelly... so yumii

Donald Hooper

Great bakery and restaurant. Always busy, come early or somethings may be sold out. We love the pretzel buns and the baguettes.

Francine C

Have been here many times and their soups and sandwiches are amazing. There is a girl there by the name of Enna who is amazing always happy and smiling and knows all about her products! Makes you want to return!

Chris Harwood

Fantastic baked goods. The streusel cake is easily my favourite

Sonia S

Today was my first visit here - I came here for lunch with two colleagues and we had a great experience! Excellent professional service, they had vegetarian options as well as meat, soup if you don’t eat bread, and delicious pastries. There’s not a huge selection but if you’re looking for simple, fresh ingredients and excellent quality bread, it’s the place for you! I didn’t have the coffee here but maybe next time will try it. But I bought some pastries to take home and they were a hit - super fresh, European-style, flavourful. Also, the place was bustling-busy and I bumped into two other people I knew!

john paul Tavares

Yeah, I went in there before Christmas. They have some nice breads. It looks like they make sandwiches.

Dimitris Protsios

When it's on my way, I just never miss a stop there. Very good variety of baked goods, fine ingredients and baked to perfection. It's mostly busy and there is a lineup but moves fast and it's definitely worth the wait. Stuff is friendly and polite.

Rebecca Kozak

This food was uplifting! Homemade soup in a bowl the size of a dinner plate! The buns are fresh and desserts are fabulous!

Bob Davies

Very good but a tad bit expensive. However, prepped fresh in front of you, good old fashioned homemade soup and, once you tasted the bun, the price of the sandwich was forgiven. Wonderful tasting bun.

Rod Salm

Nice place. No outlets nor wifi, but lots of seating, awesome breads and sandwiches. Hidden gem in St. Vital.

Ian L

We went looking for specific cookies. They had them but not the same as my mom’s! However we found many more delicious treats to take home

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